Tuesday, July 30, 2019

View From The Bridge 7/31/19

By Muncie

Two-time Grammy Award winning Choir “The Crossing Choir” from Philadelphia, PA will be performing in the lobby of the Grand Union Hotel on Wednesday July 31, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss this fantastic performance.

It is here at last with huge heat waves. Are you finding that “the livin’ is easy”? Several folks said to me that they would like to bottle up the heat for next winter. (I’ll buy some stock in that if you come up with the solution.) There is not much moving around in town. Readers must be holed up with their air conditioning, if you are lucky enough to have it.

For several weeks I could not figure out why my Weather Stations were reading the same temperature outside as inside. I finally realized that the outside gadgets were inside because I brought them in to install new batteries and hadn’t taken them back outside. They were immediately up to par when I returned them outside and they now read the same as the weather on the Fort Benton web site. I have a difficult time keeping up with this modern day tech stuff. (I enjoyed my new computer until we came to odds about spell check. Did we older folks spell words differently than today? I always end up in my old dictionary. I also have trouble with words like apps and, download, and help. I can never find the help that I need. Oh well, I am so fortunate that I have Bethany, Conlee, Zack, and Sharalee who edit for me. (Keep up the good work with my sincere gratitude. 

Last Friday was the best turnout for Cinnamon Rolls at the Golden Age Senior Center ever. Betty baked 3 huge baking sheets of the rolls and there was only one left. You are Queen of the Cinnamon Rolls Betty and we all love you. I am not taking any credit but several people did tell me that they were there because I wrote about it the week before. Thank you Bill for showing up because of the View. I will remind you readers next month

I have five bird feeders but I only fill one of them.  It is located in the front of my living room window. The others four are off the deck in the back of the apartment. I stopped filling those a long time ago because large black birds would come to feed and chase the little birds away. For several months this past spring I did not have any birds at all. Then all of a sudden they began visiting the feeder every day.

Again the same problem arose where the big black birds would chase the little ones away. I finally realized what was happening. I was filling the feeder with a pint of sunflower seeds and a pint of regular bird seed. One day I forgot to put in the sunflower seeds and no big birds came to feed.  The little finches, sparrows, and barn swallows fed easily. I really enjoy watching them fly in and out. I just wish that I was able to hear their songs like I used to hear the meadowlarks while on the mail route.

This yearly entertainment in the Fort Benton Park is on its way. On Thursday August 8th at 6:00 p.m. the performance will begin. At 5:00 p.m. Farmer’s Market and a Taste of Chouteau County, with lots of food to enjoy, will also be in the park. You can enjoy all the great food while you enjoy the actors and actresses do their thing.
So, come on along with your lawn chairs and a good appetite. If I remember correctly there are wonderful pieces of pie available amongst other good food to please everyone’s menu choice.
Do you realize how fortunate we are here in the small town of Fort Benton to have events going on all the time?  I hope that you are taking advantage of the work that goes into getting these events together. It is all volunteer work and many hours are put into the planning. A huge thanks  to all those events planners because without you no events would be happening.

I checked with one of the regular volunteers at the Visitors Center and he seemed to think that Visitors (some call them tourists,) have increased this year. If you did not know, the Visitors come from all over the world. I miss my time at the Center because of that reason. (I retired this season.) I miss their stories and adventures. I still have the pleasure of talking to Visitors when I am downtown. If they have the museum tags on I engage them in conversation. I spoke to a lovely young woman, now from California, but born and raised in Shelby, Mt.
She had a Montana Map and said she plans to visit every little city in Montana. She had always wanted to visit Fort Benton but had never had the opportunity. She was so interesting and I wish we had a longer time to visit.
She like so many people went by us on Highway 87 but never dropped down to the best kept secret in Montana, that being Fort Benton. I hope that our new signs on the highway interest Visitors to drove down a few miles to see how beautiful the “Birthplace of Montana” offers. However, the best way to get the word out is by word of mouth so talk it up readers…loud and clear.