Tuesday, September 20, 2011

View From The Bridge 9/21/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie

After last week’s “Garth and Me,” anything that I write will be anti-climatic. It was a wild week with phone calls and e-mails. The story went global because Wally’s daughter, Darcy, has two sons in Afganistan. They told their buddies who in turn told their parents. Two of my friends put the story on Facebook. The E-Edition did its share of getting the story out. I have friends in low and high places in almost every state in the U.S. and they were all informed.

I took the guitar to the First Security Bank twice because Jackie was out to lunch the first time. She wanted a picture for her daughter. Talking about pictures…I appreciate the picture that Tim took of the guitar and me…and that he put it on the front page. I cannot complain about the coverage. I still cannot believe that it happened and how it happened. Awesome.

Have you tried the internet for the E-Edition of the River Press? It is amazing what technology has accomplished and to think about what will be in the future. Give it a try as it is free until the middle of October. At first I could not bring up the site on my computer, (it is an old one.) I called Tim and he said to go to www.riverpressonline.com. That brought the River Press up immediately. I am sure that this site is going to be very convenient for many readers but especially those out of town.

The Visitors Information Center, the two Museums, and the Fort Benton Fort Tours all end next week at the end of the season. I will have figures on attendance soon but I have no idea how it went. I had to give up volunteering at the Center this summer and as a result the “View” has not had very many “Small World” stories nor have I been able to talk to any of the visitors…local or foreign. The one thing that I was told was that Canadian visitors were in large numbers.

If you have never been to the Museums or have gone through the Fort Tour, you are really missing an historical adventure. Visitors are amazed that a town the size of Fort Benton put together those sites with volunteer labor. Make it a point to take your family before the closing. It is awesome.

We made the trip to Chester last Friday evening with the aid of Harry Buckingham driving and getting us into the stands. We really enjoy that ride and we saw many fields that had been seeded with winter wheat. One farmer was in the field seeding with a slight dust cloud raised by his tractor. Now, if it would only rain.

The Longhorns played hard and it looked good in the first half. However, the last half did not go our way at all but we still love our team. This coming Friday the Longhorns will host Simms and it will be Senior Night. We always enjoy that night when the parents come onto the field with their football playing sons and their cheerleading daughters. They deserve the honor bestowed on them for Senior Night. Be there and give them a great round of applause.

I forgot to remind the readers about Pie Day last Friday and there were not as many pie eaters and coffee drinkers as I would have liked to see. Even my “Gang” (as I call my friends,) that consists of nine people had only four there. Some had appointments, others had commitments, and others were out of town.

Next month, the 3rd Friday of October, mark on your calendar right now because we do not want the Golden Age Senior Center to discontinue Pie Day. It is a tradition and although they did not bake during the summer months, we are now going to enjoy those great pies each month from now on. Next month on the third week, it will be all about Pie Day. Garth will be old news by then.

Next week Wednesday, September 28th, will be the first performance of the Chouteau County Performing Arts. Pam Drew Phillips is a pianist and that instrument is one that can hold its own and does not need accompaniment. Pam plays a great variety of music and I know she will begin the season with an excellent/enjoyable show.

Support the C.C.P.A. They are giving you 8 shows this season. The Christmas Concert is now set and for the money, you have a real bargain. It averages out to about $5.00 a show. Most places you cannot see a single show for $40.00. For those of you who do not participate…think it over quickly and buy your seasons ticket. Even if you cannot attend all the performances…support the C.C.P.A.

I know that I am always asking you to support this, that, and everything. The point is that we are Fort Benton, MT and we are getting entertainment that you would pay a fortune for in Las Vegas. The bonus is that you are not fighting great crowds and you do not have any cigarette smoking in any area. You have a beautiful auditorium, cookies, lemonade, coffee, and time to chat with friends. You cannot find that anywhere except in a rural community. So again, let us fill that auditorium. It seats approximately 400 people and I believe that a little over 300 has been the high attendance. Let us make it 400..

The C.C.P.A. will have an article in this edition also; however, it does not hurt to report in the View too. I can scold you about attendance and the Committee would never do that. They are too kind but I do not mind telling it like it is. Get off your seat, forget about the TV for an evening, and get over to the Elementary School to listen to Pam play the piano. You will not regret it.

I received an e-mail from Dusty Kuehner about that title. The definition is “Figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected.” I would like to share one with you each week. Let me know if you like them.

“Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.”


It is difficult to read the paper these days with all the bad news and happenings around the world. Let us be thankful for our beautiful town and its people.