Tuesday, February 5, 2019

View From The Bridge 2/6/19

By Muncie

It was called the Full Snow Moon by the tribes in the north and east because it is the month with the most snow. (It is holding true this year.) It is also called the Full Hunger Moon because hunting conditions were difficult.

The next full moon will be Tuesday the 19th.   

In the last few years the phone calls to me about the first sighting of robins and meadowlarks have fallen by the wayside. The calls I did get were too late for first sightings. Please call me when you see these welcome beautiful birds.

It was reported to me that there are some robins that stay the entire winter. True? Keep me posted.

The last weeks have been filled with music, and I have loved every minute of it. The previous weekend was the Consortium in Great Falls. That was a great start for the following week. On Wednesday the Sound Exchange performed at the Missouri River Medical Center at 10:30a.m., and I was able to attend. They also performed at the Elementary School at 1:00 p.m. and I was not able to attend as I usually have. Randy and I had dentist appointments in Great Falls. Why are there always two events at the same time?

We heard a story about a 6th grader who immediately called her mother after the performance to tell her she must attend the show that evening. She told her mother that it was the best CCPA ever. 

You may have heard at the show that evening that the group drove from Minneapolis where the temperature was freezing. I was able to talk with several members of the Sound Exchange and just one of them was not at the Consortium here in Fort Benton last year. I told him that I would have like it if he could see our beautiful town in the summer time.

The show that evening was a smashing success. I walked up and down the hallway at intermission and asked everyone if they liked the show. It was an overwhelming “YES”. The other great thing was that the count was 200 in the audience. The word had gotten around about how good the concert would be and it was.

The next music time was on Saturday evening. I was taken to see “The Wizard of Oz” in Great Falls. I am still over the rainbow about that show. Yes, it was good to get back to where “there is no place like home.” It began snowing in Great Falls as the show ended, but by the time we reached Carter it was doing a good job of covering the highway.

On Saturday of this week, the 9th, we have tickets for the Geraldine play at noon. We always look forward to these wonderful shows every year and if you have ever attended one, just do it.

Another performance added to our entertainment schedule is on Tuesday the 12th. There will be another CCPA presentation, Spectrum, and it has been reported that this will also be a spectacular performance. Don’t miss it. That will end almost two weeks of music, music, and more music. See you there!

On Sunday the 3rd there was an Open House at the newly built facility on Front Street. Our count of visitors to view the new facility numbered about 35 to 40 people while we were there for about an hour.

It is a great addition to our community and I have several friends who now reside there. Check it out if you have someone close to you that can no longer take care of themselves or a loved one you have been taking care of but can no longer continue doing so. Living there is a great option because the atmosphere is like family.

 It is spacious in what I would call the family room. A large TV and comfy furniture also make it like home.

I know how difficult it is to leave a home that you have lived in for years. You raised your family there and the memories never end. However, there comes a time when a decision has to be made and wouldn’t you rather make it then have your family do it?

Giving up a home that I lived in for 25 years was my decision. It was difficult, but not as giving up driving. At Assisted Living you have everything at your fingertips. You do not lose your independence. You do not need to drive. You are able to shop and do errands in Fort Benton once a week. You can go to Great Falls once a month. What more can you ask?

You still have the Community Bus available every week and you could be picked up at the door. Life becomes a little easier and you can begin to see those “Golden Years.”

Now that I have given you my take on assisted living, think about your choices and options. Think of todays’ world and not about how it used to be. Think about all of this now while you are still in fairly good health and able to think for yourself. You just need a little help so go for it.

I know this must sound like a commercial for assisted living. Visiting there on Sunday makes one stop and think about what would be best for me. I do a lot of thinking these wintery days when I work on my cabin fever. Let’s talk about it.

I have already written too long and I will write about the Heritage meeting next week. It bears talking about.