Wednesday, January 2, 2019

View From The Bridge 1/2/19

By Muncie 

I just cannot believe that we are into another year. Twenty years have gone by since the whole world was worried about what would happen to computers when 2000 rolled around. Do you remember the turmoil about that? It all worked out with no problem at all for us unlike those tech people who worked on getting it all together.

Even though I am not in love with my computer, I am grateful that it gets the View from the Bridge to those at the River Press who know what they are doing. I have lost track of the times that Bethany had to come to my apartment to help me with Windows 10. It could not be done with the little Apple I began with years ago in 1993 when I moved to Montana.

I was very disappointed again on New Year’s Eve when I watched the “Time Ball” on TV come down. There was so much smoke that I could not see the Ball on its way down. Perhaps I was watching the wrong channel.

I remember not too many years ago when all eyes were on the “Time Ball” 5 minutes ahead of time. About a minute before midnight the Ball would begin its journey and there was a count down. It was very exciting and you really felt like you watched the New Year come in. What happened to all of that excitement? I wonder if other readers had the same impression. Perhaps most of you did not even stay up to watch as it actually is just like any other night.

My Christmas Eves, for years, have been spent watching this wonderful movie. I have a copy of the movie on VCR and a DVD but it was more enjoyable to watch it on TV. In my memory bank it seems to me that last year the station that showed the movie said that they were giving us a Christmas gift. The gift was to show the movie without commercials. This year there were commercials and that was a disappointment for me. 

Do readers remember from last year? If you see me here, there, and everywhere, could we discuss it?

I did not pick up on any particular Christmas miracle stories except on TV news. If you have a special story, would you let me know? I am asking about stories in Fort Benton and Chouteau County and other surrounding areas. There must be some as the Christmas Spirit would not forget about us.

There were several names for this moon and the first of these was the Full Wolf Moon because the wolves howled hungrily outside the Indian villages.

Several other names were the Cold Moon and the Moon after the Yule. Those names explain them-selves. The final name was the Full Snow Moon but the Tribes applied it to the next t month.

The next full moon is on Monday the 21st.

A week ago, the Saturday before Christmas, I sat eating my breakfast in front of my living room window. Dozens of little birds were also eating their breakfast from my feeder. I enjoyed this sight because I have not had any birds visit since I started filling the feeder when the weather turned a little chilly. I did have many doves but they feed on the ground.

I have not seen a bird since. One of my friends said that perhaps the birds came to the feeders before I began moving around in the morning. I do not think that is true since the feeder has remained full. So, get the word out to the birds that my feeder is ready and waiting. What is wrong with my feeder? Don’t you like the feed that I lovingly fill for you? It is a labor of love because I have to reach up high to fill it. I want you back again as it is such fun to watch you flying in and out to where ever you take the feed. Perhaps the birdwatchers that read the River Press may have some suggestions. Please let me know. I’m in the phone book.

Basketball games are at the head of the list in the next few weeks. It is the talk of the town and every conversation is about the 6 and 0 record. It certainly is small town event and bigtime excitement. You had better get to the game early because it is going to be crowded. Enjoy the best hamburger in town and support whatever group is working to serve you. See you there although I sit downstairs now. It takes me too long to get up the stairs.


(So many people need help financially so pick your charity and just do it. The TV ads say that 10,000 people in Montana do not have enough to eat. Do what you can because very little bit helps.)