Tuesday, February 5, 2013

View From The Bridge 2/6/13

 “VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I spent a wonderful hour listening to Herbert’s music last Friday evening.  If you remember, Herbert comes to Fort Benton twice a year.  He did have his three little puppets along and when he was about to put Pepe back into the box, I shouted “No.  I wrote in the View that I wanted to hold him.”  Of course, Herbert knew nothing of what I was talking about, however I did hold Pepe for the rest of the hour.  I kind of worked my hands inside his mouth and he gave me a couple of kisses.  I believe that Wally and I were the only ones outside of the Bluffs residents that attended.  Some excuses that were explained to me where that they forgot.  Please go through your River Press and write the dates on your calendar.  Then all you have to remember is to look at your calendar every day.  Good Luck.

 I was able to attend the Tea Party held at the Community Bible Church last Saturday afternoon.  Very special music was played on the guitar and songs were sung by the lovely and talented Jamie Carrier, much to my delight.  Bonnie Lewis presented a power point about her Mission trip to Southwestern Asia.  I am not sure if she was the photographer but whoever it was, did a fantastic job.  There were pictures of places that I will never see in my lifetime.  There were 54 women who enjoyed the presentations.  Next on the program was, Dawn Colby, who is the author of a book titled, “Testimony on the Love Ignited.”  There was a story to be told and you will have to read her book to get the whole story.

 Afterward we went to the basement community room where we were served many kinds of tea.  Each beautiful teapot was labeled with the flavor of tea.  Each table was set with a linen tablecloth and there were the most beautiful napkins I have ever seen.  They had crocheting around the edges and they brought back memories of my Mom.  She lived to crochet.  I can still picture her sitting in the living room crocheting every evening after supper.  We did not have TV in those days but listened to the radio.
I inquired about the napkins and was not able to find out where they came from.  (Perhaps someone from the Community Bible Church will remember and call me.)  However, I was told that the Church has a good supply of them in their pantry.

I had to bow out early because I was leaving for Helena at 4:00 p.m.  There was a Football Banquet being held at Carroll College and I have a grandson, Bryan, who plays football for Carroll.  He was recruited from C.M.R. in Great Falls and is a Nursing Student.  It was very interesting to hear about all the graduating seniors.  Even though Carroll did not make it to the National Championship, there were still lots of kudos to go around.  The “Saints” love their athletic students no matter what, just as we do here in Fort Benton.  It is all about loving the games and doing the best you can.  Go Longhorns.

P.S.  Even though I departed early, I won a door prize and it was delivered to my home on Sunday morning.  How great is that!  Oh, it was a beautiful plant in a neat basket and I will enjoy it.

I read and reread the article about the double overtime game of a few weeks ago.  We did attend that game and reading about it was like living it over again.  What an exciting game!  I do not believe we have had an overtime game for a long while.  I was enthusiastic about going to that game because our caretaker/helper, son Randy, was out of town.  We found, as usual, there are many caretakers everywhere we go.  Kind and caring people were quickly attentive to helping us get seated by carrying the stadium seats up the stairs and placing them.  After the game, they were there helping Wally down the stairs.  I was very happy that I was at that game because it would be the last one we could attend this season.  I will miss the games and hope to be there when the next season rolls around.  Go Longhorns and Lady Longhorns.

Do not forget to recycle your newspapers and cardboard on Saturday the 16th.  Details in last weeks River Press.  Most important is the Community Recycle Meeting on February 7th.  It is so important that you readers be there at the High School Library.
The next edition of the River Press will be February 13th and perhaps you will not read my reminder until after Valentine’s Day.  It is all about “LOVE.”  Tell everyone you know how much you love him or her.  “What is love means,” belongs here, and so read on.
7.     “Love is when you kiss all the time.  Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more.  My Mommy and Daddy are like.  They look gross when they kiss.”  Emily – age 8
8.     “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”  Bobby – age 7 (Wow!) 
A biggie is also coming up two days after Valentines Day.  The Chouteau County Performing Arts is presenting on February 16th, “VEGAS NIGHT IN FORT BENTON,” at the Ag Center.  The show begins at 7:00 p.m. and because this is the most popular of the Performing Arts programs, be sure to arrive early.  It is going to be a blockbuster show starring Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin  You will not believe that they are not Monroe and Martin.  (A few years ago a group of us went to Helena’s Performing Arts to see Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra.  It was fabulous.  I wonder how long the actors/singers have to practice to sound like and do the body language of those famous stars.  Perhaps I will be able to talk to Monroe and Martin that evening and they will give me some answers.  An interesting fact is that Susan Griffiths, who plays Marilyn, is so good at what she does, played in the TV movie, “Marilyn and Me.”

Winter is now half over and the days are getting longer.  Not long ago it was dark at 4:30 p.m. and now it is almost 5:45 p.m. before it is dark.  I just checked the Inter-Net and found that Daylight Savings Time begins on March the 10th.  That is just a little over a month away.  I think that I told you about a clock that I have in my kitchen that is a Westminster chiming.  It is very touchy to set and reset, so I decided the last time I took it to The World of Time, that I would just leave it alone.  There are only four (4) months that I have to remember that clock is an hour ahead.  I am doubly overjoyed when Daylight Savings time starts because I will not be early for appointments for the next eight (8) months.  There are some great moments in life and this is one of mine.  I am easy to please.