Tuesday, December 3, 2013

View From The Bridge 12/4/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It is here at last.  Coordinators have been working for weeks on the Chouteau County Country Christmas and Bridgeport Station.  I know that the River Press is full of the schedules about everything that is going on, not only in Fort Benton, but our entire countryside.

Do not forget to take that walk along Front Street to visit all the shops.  You get free treats there as a bonus.  I promise there will be no standing in lines, pushing, shoving, or having someone grab, just in front of you, an item you wanted.  That would always turn out to  be the last one.  Ho, Ho, Ho. 

It will just be a wonderful day for seeing friends and saying “Happy Holidays,” in case you may not see them again before the big days.

Then there is Sunday afternoon for the Christmas Concert.  See you there and everywhere.

It’s all about me as in the story below.  I went to the Benton Pharmacy on Friday to purchase a birthday card.  As I walked into the gift room, I encountered two women and for some odd reason, (actually being nosey,) began a conversation with them.  One woman was from Great Falls and the other from California.  As was my habit when I volunteer at the Visitors Information Center, when people tell me they are from CA, I always say, “I’m so sorry.”  It most often gets a laugh and this lady did laugh.  The other lady from Great Falls then said to me, “Are you Jennifer’s mother?”  I said, “Yes, and how did you know.  (I do not look anything like 5ft. 10in. tall and blond.)  She said, “I am a friend of hers and when you said Information Center, I knew who you were.  Jennifer always talks about you and the Center.”

The reason these women were in Fort Benton was the woman from California had asked her friend to take her to visit the small towns around Great Falls.  Of course the woman from Great Falls thought about Fort Benton first.  The word is getting around about our wonderful town for a shopping and dining experience.

 I believe that you all know by now that I have a grandson, Bryan Graupmann, who is a defensive end for the Carroll College Fighting Saints in Helen.  There was an article about him on the front page of the Tribune Sports section several weeks ago.  Today, (12/1) there was a picture of him with another team mate tackling an opponent?  All credit for yesterdays win was for the defensive team.  (I am more proud though, that he is in the nursing program.)

On Saturday last, the Saints came through again with a 27 to 3 victory.  I was fortunate to be able to be driven to Helena each week there was a game on their own field.  I also went to Spokane and Billings with my daughter, Jennifer, to witness winning games.  I hope that I am as happy next Saturday afternoon.

We have been so fortunate with the road conditions.  Interstate 15 has always been clear and dry each trip.  The weather was also perfect for football games.  Those of you who traveled for Thanksgiving, must have found the same conditions unless you went east.  They were not so fortunate.  I would like to hear if any of you have snow stories.

It has been a very exciting fall for football.  It brings back all the memories of the Utterback boys and the winning of the Class B Championship in 2001.  Fans came from all over to watch great football.  Hey Geraldine-Highwood Rivals;  are you off your high yet?  You must go over that win time and time again.  Congratulations big time.  

In a previous View some time ago, I wrote about yielding to the driver on your right.  What I did not know and learned from TV a few weeks ago, was that even if you arrive at the intersection before a vehicle on the right, you must yield to them.  It does not matter if you get there first.  If there is a vehicle on your right, within sight, you must yield.  I learn something new every day and may it be to your advantage.

We are back to history this week.  Q.  What was the growth rate of Montana in 2000?


A.  0.2 % as compared to the national average of 1.2%.  Neveda is the fastest growing western state with a 5.4%.

Muncie’s view on this as seen on a bumper sticker in Great Falls.  “Montana is full.  We hear North Dakota is nice.”  If anyone knows where I can find that sticker, please let me know.