Tuesday, April 5, 2011

View From The Bridge 4/6/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

What a fun time we had. My friend in Loma (Chandee) saved a dozen donuts for me and they were quickly consumed. How good can it get? A cup of coffee and a fresh donut cannot be beaten by any other breakfast dessert. We shopped until we almost dropped, (I got some great buys,) and then we had a roast beef dinner. That is the second Sunday in a row that I did not have to cook. I wish Loma would have the Flea Market more than once a year.

Do any of you readers watch “The Antiques Roadshow” on PBS Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m.? The show was in Billings, Montana last summer and will be airing the first of three shows on April 11th. The second and third shows will be aired on April 18th, and 25th.

On April 25th at 8:00 p.m., our PBS guide reads to join them during this encore broadcast of the first episode in Billings and we will visit with people who were at the event and have fun stories to share.

The guide also listed some of the antiques that were brought to the show. Those that I thought were interesting were two Montana antiques. They were a long lost 19th century Arthur Brown watercolor scene of Yellowstone National Park, and an 1843 artillery sword and belt.

It should be interesting to watch, especially the one at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday the 25th. We enjoy the Roadshow, and have been looking forward to these episodes. We did not realize that there would be three shows and it was quite a surprise to read the schedules. Try to remember to tune in. You may see someone you know. If anyone from Fort Benton was there, please let me know.

The musical talent in our extended family is Greg Bonilla (the other grandfather to grandson Grayson.) He plays a mean guitar and on Sunday past, he played with his band (from Great Falls,) at the Sunrise Bluffs. It consists of three accordion players, a pianist, and two guitar players. They play old songs (from the dark ages as my kids used to call it,) and it calls for dancing and singing along.

We had a great time just listening and watching the dancers. Look for a picture in the River Press as I did see Tim there with his camera. I will ask Greg to let us know the next time they have a gig at the Bluffs. Perhaps you would like to join us and I know that you will enjoy yourselves.

We remember when Bonnie and Ken Morrow did a regular song and dance time at the Bluffs. I met Bonnie in Great Falls last week and she would like to find someone to accompany her organ music. I suggested that she call Greg to see what could be worked out with the group he belongs to. It would be wonderful to see her at the Bluffs again as she is a very entertaining performer. I am sure you all remember her.

The Bluffs are quite a swinging place since the new company took it over and hired Karla Ayers as manager. She keeps everyone on his or her toes with fun activities. If you have friends that live there, you can have lunch or dinner with them. It is a very small fee and do not forget to call in ahead of time. They love to have visitors and the atmosphere is so pleasant. If you have wanted to visit there, do not put it off any longer. Just do it.

From the Bluffs, I went directly to say so long to Janice and Pastor Hunter. It was also a very nice get-together at the Methodist Church. I visited with many old friends and we all lamented about the loss of the Hunters.

I cannot blame them for wanting to retire and move to be near their family. However, it is very difficult to see them go. They will be in Fort Benton until the end of May and Billings is not that far away.

I received a phone call this morning, (Monday,) that Pastor Todd and his wife Teresa are also leaving Fort Benton. At the moment, I was confused, thinking that Toni was talking about the Hunters. No, not at all. She was talking about the Todd’s. Their last service will be on Easter Sunday and they will start a missionary assignment.

You can get more details at a farewell get-together on Sunday the 17th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church. This is surely a double whammy for Fort Benton. The Todd’s, as well as the Hunters, will be sorely missed.

Lives in our community are taking many turns and twists these days. Change is very difficult to accept especially when you grow older. Young people adapt more easily and quickly. However, no matter what age we are, change affects each of our lives in different ways. We will look forward to the next turn in the road and wish the best for the Todd’s. They walk the Lord’s road of acceptance and change.

Fort Benton has had many great Chouteau County Performing Arts program, but The Perfect Gentlemen (no contest,) was the best in the opinion of the many people that voiced their views. What great talent and the whole show was totally entertaining.

I was at the Price Rite late on Monday evening and on my way to the register, I heard barbershop singing. There at the register were The Perfect Gentlemen checking out with their breakfast for morning. I said, “Hello Perfect Gentlemen and welcome to Fort Benton.” They asked how I knew them and I said I knew a lot about them. The cashier said, “She is a reporter for The River Press, our local newspaper.” Now, how great is that. I have been promoted to reporter status. I wonder what Tim thinks about that.

The Gentlemen said that this was their last show and they had been on the road for four months. They had performed in Helena the night before and there were actually people that came from Helena to see them again. There was also a couple from Calgary that sat in front of us. They had been at the Governor’s conference and talked to the Fort Benton delegation about The Perfect Gentlemen. They decided to take in the show on their way home and they stayed overnight at the Grand Union.

Another interesting item is that about 240 seats in the auditorium were filled. That was one of the best turnouts ever. It is all about getting the word out how great the C.C.P.A. presentations are. Invite everyone you know to come to the next and last performance of the season on Wednesday April the 27th. Tim Ryan with Rob Quist and Christian Johnson will be performing. See you there.

I will have to postpone this report until next week. I found I could not call seven people who attended from Fort Benton on Monday and expect them to give me a report. I have only reached three out of the seven and so I will report next week. From the three that I spoke with, it was an exciting conference.

The Montana Office of Tourism's marketing plan for the next several years is “Geotourism", which the speaker from National Geographic, Jonathon Tourtellot who visited Fort Benton, said that Fort Benton had been doing all along. I will explain more next week about what Geotourism is all about.

Saturday evening at the Elementary School will appear the Missoula Children’s Theatre. This is always such a fun thing even if you do not have children at the school. Please plan on attending and show your support of their efforts.

No other events have been reported to me. You will have to find your own entertainment this week. Next week many meetings will take place. I will just mention Friends of the Library because it will be held on Wednesday the 13th at noon and you will not have gotten your River Press yet.

Friends is a great group of people and their motto is, “Be a friend and bring a friend.” If you enjoy reading, you will enjoy The Friends. Just show up and you will be welcomed. (An incentive is that they have great treats and snacks.)

As I was looking at my last year’s calendar, (I copy birthdays and other important dates from last years to this year,) I saw that on April 15th our apricot trees bloomed. The bees were hard at work and we had a bumper crop of apricots last summer. On April the 17th, the blossoms began falling off. I do not believe that is going to happen this year. I asked Mother Nature for a break but obviously, she did not hear me. I am going to try to keep busy and not think about it.