Wednesday, March 15, 2017

View From The Bridge 3/15/17

By Muncie

I think that everyone in town turned out for Wyatt’s Fund Raiser on Tuesday the 7th. The food line was long but passed quickly. It was an excellent dinner and there was the most delicious cheesecake for sale for dessert. (I would like that receipt.)

The auditorium was a wonderful mad house of activity. The old fashioned games were run by the Fort Benton High School students and a good time was had by all.

I found a quiet place in one of the classrooms to play bingo. Students and their parents went in and out and I saw a few regulars. My friend won once and she got a little green St. Patrick’s notebook and a wooden snake. She would give the snake to her great grandson. (I wonder if it will show up in her bed. Don’t read this to him to give him any ideas.)

It was a wonderful community effort and I hope to hear how Wyatt is doing.

Today is the day, the Ides of March. I just put Ides as a Latin word in my internet search and it came up as Ides is just a day of the month. If you remember when I wrote of it, there are 4 months that is on the 15th and the rest of the year it is o the 13th. I realize now that to beware on of Ides of March was because that was the day that Julius Caesar was killed. (He should have “bewared” of the Ides of March but how could he have possibly known.)

Since I learned of the Idles of March many years ago I have not been killed so I think that I am quite safe. However, I would like someone to watch my back.

I didn’t have to reset any clocks last night or this morning except my microwave.  My cell phone, land phone, weather stations, and computer reset themselves. (I love this part of technology.)  I have two clocks that remain on daylight savings time year round because they are too heavy to work with. Since we have about 8 months of savings and 4 months of regular time II know they are 1 hour off and I live with it

Did you know that it is in the Montana legislature at this moment to become the 3rd state in the union to do away with Daylight Savings time? Whatever is your preference, contact your legislator to let him know.

I mention this only so voters will get more involved with what is going on. I only hear things from the grapevine. I watch the local news but have never seen anything about what is going on in Helena. My main concern is that you to let Helena know how you feel about issues. (I approve this message.) (My joke of the day.)

Next Tuesday is CCPA night at the Fort Benton Elementary auditorium at 7:00 p.m. If you like an artist playing the piano and show tune music you will really enjoy Thomas  Pandolfi. He does magic on the piano. I will see you there.

Learning to play the piano is the first step to learning everything you want to know about music.

I admire all musicians but especially pianists. They are entertainment all by themselves. They can sit down at a piano anywhere and take you into LaLa Land.

Last year, or perhaps it was the year before, at the Tuesday night once a month dinner, the entertainment was the Stensland family from Great Falls. The children all played the piano and when I spoke with their Mom afterward, she said that leaning the piano was not an option. I thought that was the most positive thing I have ever heard. (We miss you Ellie. Come visit soon.)

To take lessons and practice at least an hour every day is not something that most kiddos want to do. It is only a little later in life when they can entertain that they will appreciate it. GO PIANO STUDENTS!

At out meeting last Wednesday we discussed Caleb’s Crossing and chose Cutting for Stone by Abraham Vorghsz for next month.

I am encouraging all members to attend the April meeting. We have new officers to elect and have several very important decisions to make. You will be hearing from our secretary, Judy. I would just urge you to put the dates on your calendar and plan to be there at noon on the second Wednesday that will be the 12th of April.  See you there.

This morning I saw a commercial for Talking Books. I have written about that terrific organization many times and I have been with them for 38 years now.

I know people in Fort Benton who could use this service but I do not know why they are not taking advantage of it. Is it because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? (Another of my jokes of the week.)

Just give them a call at 406-444-2064. They will set you up with a machine, a catalog for tapes, and mail it to you. This is a free service even when you send the tape back.

I have some brochures about this program at the Golden Age Senior Center. If you would like to talk to me about the ins and outs please call me. I love to talk about Talking Books.

“How is that that we could put a man on the moon before we would figure out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?”