Tuesday, November 22, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/23/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie’

There were over 50 people with expectations that they would win one of 24 turkeys. It was funny when there were 2 or 3 bingos and the winners had to choose between a turkey and cash. There was a lot of screaming and chapping. A good time was had by all.

Connie and I went at a time we thought was early so we could get supper before the games began. Ha-ha! The room at the Club House was already packed with players. Very quickly there were more tables and chairs brought in. The extra places were soon filled. The place was abuzz and when the games began, Nate had to ask for quiet so he could hear the winning numbers.

I wanted to keep track of the winners but since my back was to everyone I soon lost track. No matter, it wasn’t really that important. Besides, there were a lot of new faces, and welcome to them. I hope that they continue to frequent the bingo games on the 1st of 3rd Mondays of the month to support the VFW. Watch the Community Calendar for the dates.

No matter what the occasion, I always seem to learn something. On Saturday Nate was again explaining about the “Hot Ball” number. For a year now I thought he was saying “Hot Dog” number. I even wrote about it and no one corrected me. Which do you like better? I am sticking with “Hot Dog” number.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for. Each of you have your own thoughts and I am sure all of them include family. That is what it is all about. My sons live in eastern states and it has been years since we spent the holidays together. I am so thankful for my daughter who lives in Great Falls and for my extended Morger family.

I am thankful that our country is holding together and that everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction.

I would be most thankful if this terrible war would end. It has been almost 70 years since WWII and yet wars go on and on. If those billions of dollars were spent on education for our children or cancer research we would be so far ahead.

These are all my opinions, of course, and I have yet had anyone call or confront me with a different opinion. All I can say right now is God Bless America.

Were you able to see the large, bright moon on the 14th? I went outside at 7:00 p.m. and it was overcast. I went out at 8:00 p.m. and I thought that I could touch the moon. It was huge and bright but didn’t last long. About 10:00 p.m. I went out and it was overcast.  At least I was able to see it for a few minutes.

November has continued to be so enjoyable during the day. It does get a little chilly toward evening.

It was supposed to snow one day last week but it did not happen. It snowed in Great Falls but we were spared. I am not quite ready for snow. I do not have to worry this year about who is going to clean my sidewalks.

I am asking if you have an elderly neighbor and see him or her out shoving snow, please help them. Someday you may be in the same boat. I know it would become another chore for you to do but it would be so helpful. Shoving snow is the worst thing elderly people can do because of heart attacks. Besides it is very exhausting.

Two years ago my snow was cleared 8 times and last year only 1 time. Perhaps we will be lucky again this year, (with global warming,) but we will just have to wait and see.  At least we know for sure from the old timers that Montana doesn’t have weather like it did in the ‘20’s and 30’2. Just ask Grandpa and Grandma.

I now have a garage the truck would fit in, but I am not going to use it for that purpose.  That truck is 19 years old and has been out in the weather for 19 years. It can stay out a few more years while the garage is being used for storage.

Falling snow is beautiful and everything is pure and white. That is all well and good as long as you do not have to go out in it. Right! So drive carefully, slow, and be safe.

There was a great article in last week’s River Press about waiting to do your Christmas shopping until you have been to the Chouteau Country Christmas.  You will find something for everyone on your list and you would not be supporting the “big guys.”  Shop local and you do not have to drive miles to do so. Your local merchants will appreciate it as they give us such good service all during the year. Our local business has to survive for rural communities.

Gift certificates and Levee Gold are a great way to go. That way the recipient can get what they want instead of returning to a store miles away. Several of our businesses have a great display of children’s toys. How about Longhorn clothing? The possibilities are endless and it would save you endless hours of shopping. Just Do it!