Tuesday, October 18, 2011

View From The Bridge 10/19/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Wally, Randy (our son,) and I had the privilege of touring the Montana Capitol Building last Friday. What a magnificent structure it is. I was in Helena at the Capitol Building several times during the renovation, but not since it was completed. I urge you, in the event you are in Helena, to go on a tour of the building.

The whole building was restored, as it was when it was originally built. The paintings, the marble floors/columns, the stained windows, and the historic artifacts are a history lover’s heart beat a little faster.

Of course, the two houses of representation are not in session now but will resume in January. They were in session one of the times that I visited and it was exciting to hear history in the making. That is the reason that we should all keep in close contact by phone or e-mail to our representatives. They are influenced by what you think. Their numbers are in the phone book. Take a few minutes to do that phoning as it has so much to do with your future, your children’s, your grandchildren’s, and your great-grandchildren’s. Once laws are made (whether right or wrong,) they are not easy to undo.

I know how busy your lives are and that you say to yourself that you should make a few phones call but never get around to it. I am the same way. Since I learned such a good lesson from my visit to the Capitol, I am going to try harder to be more involved with what is going on in Helena. We, unfortunately, do not get the televised programming of the sessions but with some pressure to your TV provider, that may become a reality.

We also visited the Historic Museum and we learned so much that we had never realized before. The addition to the Historic Museum was one of the failures in the Legislature to appropriate the funds. The Museum needs expanding desperately. There is so much history that there is no room for displaying. Perhaps this piece of legislation will come up in the next session. I understand that all expenses are being cut and an addition would be very expensive. In the meantime, you can support the Historic Museum by a small private donation. Yes, I also know that every organization is asking for funds however, set your priorities and if history is a priority in your life, just do it.

Just a reminder that Friday, October 21st, is Pie Day. The change will be that it will begin at 2:00 p.m. instead of in the morning. Instead of pie for breakfast, you can now have pie for lunch. It is a wonderful social hour and meeting old friends is such a plus to that afternoon. See you there.

On Sunday October 23rd, at 7:30 p.m., Herbert the Entertainer will be appearing at the Sunrise Bluffs on his return visit to his home in Saskkatchewan. He puts on a very entertaining program and the public is cordially invited. You will thoroughly enjoy his electric piano, his accordion playing, his singing, his own composed songs, his ventriloquism, and his sense of humor.

Come on over to the Bluffs next Sunday evening and we’ll see you there.

The next evening Monday October 24th, will be the second in the series of eight programs held at the Fort Benton Elementary School. If you enjoy a good laugh this is a show that you should not miss. “Suds N’ Suds” will fulfill a promise of a laugh a minute. It is all about overcoming a life of Montana travels in their newly inherited laundromat with songs and witty banter. Who doesn’t need a good laugh these days with all the bad/sad news on the TV and in the newspapers?

Come, join the C.C.P.A. for your season’s ticket, and enjoy seven more shows. We’ll see you there.

We said our so longs to Clarence last Saturday. He was a long time friend and on our rural mail route for years. He was a man who boasted 9 children, 30 grandchildren, and 47 great-grandchildren.

The service was held in the Fort Benton Elementary Auditorium and a luncheon afterward in the gym. We estimated there were about 250 people at the reception. It was truly a celebration of his life. We will remember him always and the memory of the great farmer he was.

I really am proud of our Elementary and High Schools. They are as well maintained as to my standards of being clean and tidy. I had occasion to visit the High School this past week and that building is also in perfect condition. A fresh paint smell is in the air and there seems to be a place for everything and everything in its place. Appearance is everything and if you perchance would visit the schools, you would be proud too.

I was always a room mother in Michigan and visited the schools often. I saw hallways with papers scattered around, lockers wide open with trash inside and a general disorder. I have been to the high schools in Great Falls and visited college campuses. Here in Montana it seems to be the same story. Tidiness and cleanliness seem to be the norm. Perhaps the difference is the number of students in these schools. We have small enrollments and they are easier to keep track of. Whatever the reason…we can be very proud of the Fort Benton and Montana schools.

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS. Be kind and do a good deed every day. . .