Wednesday, May 30, 2018

View From The Bridge 5/30/18

By Muncie

A week ago Tuesday evening Randy took me to Loma for the BLM program on Grizzly Bears.

There were about 36 people in attendance and was most informative. There were several new suggestions of what to do in case of a grizzly encounter. It was a program that I wish everyone could see.

The meeting was held at Ma’s in Loma because of the location. There are three (3) drainage areas within sight of Loma and these are places grizzlies may head for. It was once their area and they are returning without any hope of reclaiming it. I’ll check with the BLM to see if the program will be repeated. Thank you to the BLM for putting on this program and to Ma’s for sponsoring. (There have been bear sightings near and about Loma.)

On Saturday afternoon the Shriners held their annual fund day at and around the Pour House. It was a lovely day but a little too warm to sit in the sun. The dining areas were covered and my friends and I sat for a couple of hours just people watching. There were many games for children as well as a ride with the clowns. On my way home they passed me on Front St. several times. I wanted to ride with them but the heat was getting to me. This will be my fourth (4th) summer for heat exhaustion. I was told that it affects many people. Be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and rest when you need it which is often. It will be the lazy, hazy days of summer again.

The Accordion Band showed up at the Bluffs on last Sunday and entertained about 225 of us seniors. A relative of one of the musicians came with two (2) youngsters and they seemed to enjoy the old time music. We did have some dancers and enjoyed watching them. The band calls out for requests and come up with the melody. I can’t believe that it has been a year since they were here last. What a pleasant way to spend a lovely afternoon. Thank you to all involved.

Last week I told you about the robin and dove demanding that each other leave the nest. Well the dove won as the robin disappeared. Tonight I will check the colors of the eggs, but my friend who reported it to me said she would not be surprised if the eggs turned out to be “rob-ova". We’ll just have to wait and see.

There are two Killdeer bird nests in my neighbors and my driveways.  I had company after the ceremonies for Memorial Day and they discovered the nests when they parked in the front driveway. It is all stones and the eggs are the same color as the stones.  Mama bird was doing her usual thing to keep us from her nest. A large rock was put in front of her next so no one would park there. I used to see these birds on the mail route but never in town before. I want to assure her that we will provide her with the care and caution to protect her and the nest. 

I placed a couple of American Flags in the hollow tree this past week. The rabbit and carrot are still there. Please, “WHO”, come and pick them up because they are so precious. I do not have room to store them and I am sure you do not want them to end up in a resale shop.

Not last year, but the two years before, on Memorial Day I put a note with the River Press phone number on the wreath. With the help of the VFW, who sealed the letter in plastic, the note was attached to the wreath and thrown into the Missouri.

The first year the wreath was found about 6 miles downriver. I cannot remember where it was found the second year as when it was found it was thrown back into the river. Last year I did not make the arrangements to attach a note.

Yesterday I was told that a wreath was found in Nebraska with my note on it. The wreath ended up at the BLM office and a letter went to the VFW Montana Commandant that no plastic flowers or wreaths were to be thrown into the river.

At the Shiner’s fund raiser on Saturday I was told for the first time that the wreath was found in Nebraska. The River Press does not remember being called but the BLM became the recipient of the wreath.

I tried to track down the story but did not get very far. The announcement that was made at the last VFW meeting mentioned about not throwing plastic into the river but did not mention that the wreath was found in Nebraska. I’ll keep on it because I would actually like to know what happened. Will it be another mystery that I will never know what actually happened?  (That drives me crazy.)  I’ll keep checking tomorrow when everyone is back to work. If you have any information, please call me.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS, POLICE OFFICERS, FIREMEN/WOMEN, AND EMT’S. With another school shooting this past week it is beginning to be the norm. Thank goodness for those brave individuals who are risking their lives to stop the shooters. I would rather see it not happen again but only time will tell.