Tuesday, October 12, 2010

View From The Bridge 10/13/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

At the Research Center on Tuesday the 5th, a mystery person left two sheets of photocopied photos of the Graceville Post Office and photos of two men. Bill and Fred Payne’s names were on the backs of the sheets. I looked up the Payne in the telephone books that I have, but found no Payne names.

At first, I thought it was a schoolhouse but further examination of the papers, found the information that it was a Post Office. If someone called me about Graceville (perhaps it was a schoolhouse before it was used for a Post Office,) I cannot recall the conversation. I have a good memory but it is short.

The papers were given to me because none of the other volunteers claimed them. They do not remember anyone dropping them off. Until I hear from whoever left them at the Research Center, it will remain a mystery. Come on…fess up.

The program is really rolling now. Last weeks total rounded out at thirty-seven (37) pictures which Ken Robison has scanned and are permanent records at the Research Center. Pam Schoonover has volunteered to do the labels, gold on the front of the photos (with rank, name, and service,) and white on the back with more detailed information. Joellen Benjamin Clark phoned to volunteer to make the signs, (example WWI.) That was a load off my mind. I am so grateful to all these volunteers and to all of you who have gone out of your way to provide the pictures. Karla Ayers reported pictures dropped off at the Sunrise Bluffs and I have had drop-offs at my house almost every day this past week.

I purchased another dozen frames and will probably fill those on Tuesday. I anticipate there will be over fifty (50) pictures by then. It is only a month until Veterans Day and we would like the pictures we have, hung and ready to be viewed. God Bless Our Veterans.

We did not know what to do with ourselves on Friday night since there was not a football game. Oh well, we rested up for the big “Homecoming Week” ahead. It looks as though the weather is going to cooperate by turning warm again after Tuesday’s cool-down. GO HORNS.

No. 8 on the list of simple things you can do to help protect the earth is…GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR ROOTS. PLANT A TREE! Good for the soil, good for the birds, good for reducing climate change, and good for the air you are breathing!

The two big “Dumpster Weekends” are coming up soon. On these nice days, clean up your yards, clean out your garages and sheds. Get rid of what you can recycle or dump those things that are useless and taking up space. From what I read, those clothes items that you have not worn for a year…GO. Those items that you have been “going to work on someday,” should GO but you have a little longer time on that…five years. If they are valuable, try to sell them. Another suggestion would be to have a garage sale with your neighbors…perhaps a block sale.

I am a “Garage Sale” addict. Where I came from, although I would rather not think about living where there are four million people in an area the size of Chouteau County, there were subdivision sales. Every household joined in and you would spend the day going from one home to another, one street to another and not only found treasures but visited with your neighbors.

There were people who sold coffee, lemonade, lunch, and snacks. It was more fun than a circus. They had lawn chairs set up so you could take a break. We dragged a wagon behind us and it was filled with items that could easily be sold at next year’s sale. If an item was too large for the wagon, you could come back with your car when the sale was over to pick it up because the streets were closed to traffic during the sale except for emergency vehicles.

If just one block in Fort Benton would start this “tradition” next spring, it may catch on. Is there anyone who would like to organize that project? There would be a whole lot of No. 3 of the simple things that said…GO FOR SECONDS. It can mean using things for a second and third time. That’s what garage sales are all about.

Because October the 1st was on Friday, Pie Day will be this coming Friday, the 15th. Mark your calendars and be at the Golden Age Senior Center at 10:00 a.m. (until gone.) You will enjoy the variety of homemade pies and a great cup of coffee…hot and they keep it coming. In September the first Pie Day of the season was held and enjoyed very much by the regular customers. I asked for a rhubarb pie and there were two, one by chance and the other by my request. I really appreciated the gesture and could I be so lucky this coming Friday? See you there.

I am really enjoying the writing of Ken Robison, Hank Armstrong, Becky Aaring, Sherry Eddy, Dennis Nottingham, Bo Sparks, Dale Krause, Ken Knudson, Superintendent Scott, and Mary Frances Mousel…hope I did not forget anyone. Becky and Sherry were kind enough to mention my Veterans Photos project in their columns. Every little bit helps.

I am not a hunter but I enjoy reading about the experiences. I did go Pheasant hunting once, as I knew I was a good shot. Remember those machines we had in the “Old Days.” For 10 cents, you could aim at a target and shoot for about 5 minutes. Hey, I used to get a higher score than all the guys. No kidding. Couldn’t do that today as the old eyes ain’t what they used to be. That’s my hunting story. What do you think Bo?

I have not heard from the “Schoolhouse” photographer as yet. She was supposed to return in October and we will be almost half way through it by the end of the week. I will contact her this week and if you have any more information about your schoolhouse, please contact at me. Check my number in the phone book. I have quite a list of names compiled and it should be interesting to see the results. What a history there is in those old buildings. If only they could talk.

Take good care of yourselves, do a good deed, be kind, and be happy. See you around.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and our surrounding area. We need all the blessing we can get.