Tuesday, November 24, 2015

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

A recent Support Our Troops program has begun to put a green bulb in your porch light socket. It is called “Operation Green Light.” If you see a green light on a porch or window there is a good reason. Green is the color or hope, renewal, and well-being.

I mentioned this program in the November 11th issue of View from the Bridge and just this past weekend looked for it on the inter-net. More than a million and a half homes already have green lights on their porches or in their windows. In Washington, D.C. there is a great showing of green lights in government office buildings as well as office buildings in New York City.

I installed the green bulbs on my front porch and side entry over the weekend. I also purchased green flood lights for my security fixture. So I am up and running to support our troops especially with what is happening in the world today. I have known nothing but war in my lifetime. My Christmas wish is that the youngsters of today will know only PEACE. Please make it your Christmas wish too. My Hallmark Christmas movies all tell that you do get a Christmas wish.

I spoke with Ed Lehman of True Value and he will order green bulbs. The cost is $2.98 and that is the least you can do to Support Our Troops.  Call Ed at 622-5042 or pay a visit to the store to place an order. If you order in the next few days, he will have the order in the following Monday. Please participate in this program. It is a nation-wide program just as the wearing “Support Our Troops” t-shirts and wearing red on Fridays.

The Wreaths across America is also nation-wide and have you purchased a wreath yet?  The actual program will take place on Saturday, December 12th at 10 am at Riverside Cemetery. Nancy Lachapelle is letting me put my wreath on my WWII Veteran Wally Morger’s grave. That will make my Christmas a little happier.

Just as Santa is busy at the North Pole, everyone in Fort Benton is busy with community events and their own family events. Keep a sharp eye on the Community Calendar in the River Press and the Chouteau County Country Christmas flyer so you do not miss anything. I find conflict with two events at the same time but try your best to visit each of them.  The Chouteau County Country Christmas, Bridgeport Station, the Christmas Tree Lighting, and events in our sister cities all are packed with the Christmas Spirit. They are all there for your convenience.

My biggest enjoyment is the entertainment. I love music and especially Christmas music.   As you look over your CCCC program, you will not know where to go first. Be sure to invite your family and friends from out of town. It is a great time to get together to spend quality time at an easy pace.

One thing I would especially like you to attend is the Christmas tree lighting. It will be held on Saturday at 5:30 pm at the Circle. (I hope you all know where the Circle is?) I watch too many Hallmark movies and the town’s tree lighting is the biggest event in town. Last year was the first year of the tree lighting and as with all first events it did not go as planned. This year is a different story and I would like to see a huge crowd in attendance. Santa will be there and the most inviting thing will be the refreshments.  Sounds like a Hallmark movie to me. I’ll see you here, there, and everywhere.

I only have another month to wait until the days start getting longer. It actually will be another two months after that when we noticed the nights are shorter. I can hardly wait.  These days of 16 hours of darkness are not helping my attitude. I just wish I could hibernate like the bears. The only problem with that is eating enough to sustain me until the middle of March. On the other hand, it might be enjoyable to eat anything (sweet) that I wanted to gain the weight. Oh, forget all that. It would be more trouble than it is worth.  Where do I get these foolish notions? It’s those long, long, long, evenings.

Thanks Bethany for the great coverage of the newly dedicated “Strand Room” formerly the Hornaday Buffalo Room.  It made us aware of importance of our Museums and Fort Benton’s heritage. Fort Benton is the most important historical city in Montana and it is the best kept secret. Word of mouth is the best way to get this secret out so do your part in promoting our town.

On the cover of the October issue of this magazine was a photo of Lost Lake. There is also a story inside that tells some interesting facts about the area. Until I read that article, I thought that it was a volcano eruption. Who knew?  The issues of this magazine are free and you can find them all over town. They usually have articles about local residents.

I receive a quarterly magazine from the Mt. View Co-Op. I have often said that I do not know what is going on in town and that I am the last to know.
In the fall issue of the magazine is an article about the Fertilizer Plant breaking ground in Fort Benton, MT. When I took some junk to the dumpster for Clean-Up weekend, I saw a man surveying the property. The magazine says that excavation and work will start before the snow flies. I made a phone call to verify the information and it may have to wait until next week before I find info.

I had a great time at the Club House last Saturday night playing, of all things, bingo for a turkey. I had a great time sitting at a table of eight friends. I won my turkey on the 10th game and after that three more people at the table won turkeys plus one person won some cash. I am not a die-hard bingo fan because the caller always calls numbers next to, in-between, and when I only have one number to go someone shouts BINGO. In spite of all that, it was a very enjoyable night out with a turkey to boot.  Go VFW!