Tuesday, October 23, 2018

View From The Bridge 10/24/18

By Muncie

For new Readers of the River Press who moved to the area in the last year or so, I will tell the story of “WHO”. A year ago this month of October a pumpkin appeared in the hollow tree across the street from my apartment. A while later a Snowman appeared and then at Christmas a Santa.

This was at this point that I got involved. “WHO” must have been gone during February, because nothing more was added to the hollow tree. I put in a Valentine heart In March I found a Leprechaun and he guarded the tree that month. In April I found the cutest little bunny that had “Peter Rabbit” on his jacket. By the time I got over to the tree, I found that “WHO” had already been there with a tall wooden rabbit and a tall metal carrot. Oh well! Peter didn’t mind sharing.

Spring came with flower arrangements and later in the summer a harvest theme appeared.

I have begged and pleaded for “WHO” to identify herself but she does not trust me. I stole her idea and she has a right to be upset with me. I would just like to work together and I would be pinkie finger sworn to keep it a secret.

That brings you up to date and now we are into October. I love the “Ghost” that “WHO” put onto the hallow tree. It looks so cute. Today I had a friend put on the Front Street side a Vampire. We also added a decorative pumpkin. It was not a real one like you put there just a year ago. What fun it has been.

The wind did a job on your Ghost and so it is now stapled to the tree so it can be seen better. The scary night is just a week away. I hope that the weather holds so it is just as nice as it has been the past week. No matter the conditions make it the fun night it is supposed to be. Boo to you too.

On my way home from dinner at the Golden Age on Sunday, I met two lovely young women. They were walking the Trail and reading the historic signs.

We chatted about Fort Benton and they thought it was a fabulous little town. One of the women was from PA and the other from CO. They work for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and were assigned to MT. They had never met before and were working together out of Havre. They are working on washed out bridges and roads.

I envy these young women as I never could have done what they are doing, travel and all, when I was there age. It never ceases to amaze me the opportunities young people have today.

I asked them to return someday to vacation when the museums and The Old Fort Benton are open. This is the kind of event that makes lifelong friendships.

The Shonkin Lasagna Dinner and Auction will be next Sunday, October 28th at 5:00 p.m.

If you enjoy a fun time and a lot of laughs be sure to drive out to Shonkin next Sunday. The dinner is excellent and the auction is the most fun I have ever had. Everything is donated and to hear the Lady Auctioneer is the funniest ever. Our Shonkin neighbors support many of Fort Benton and Chouteau County events and so let us support them.

You can wear a costume or come as you are. There are prizes for men, women, and children. A good time will be had by all. See you there. I have attended many times and it is one of my favorite events.

I know that many of the organizations have events but if you do not tell me about it, I cannot know to write about them.

The Lions Club is having their yearly raffle for “CASH.” The tickets are $20.00 and the first prize is $1,000.00. There are other cash prizes also. Winning ticket will be drawn at the Christmas Concert.

There will be more info next week on how to get a ticket. This has been a very popular raffle because of the cash prize just before Christmas.

The official name for the Community Van is now settled. I have been calling it a bus but I like van better. The latest update is that 6 people used the van last Tuesday and 5 are signed up for tomorrow, October 23rd. Another driver has volunteered and will be driving every other week.

Appointments now can be made for more hours when the new driver is driving. I will pass on his hours as soon as I am told what they are. They will be in the View next week. I will also have a schedule for those of you who are already riding or are first timers.

I have suggested that we have one day for residents who do not drive to be able to go to the post office, library, business, clinic appointments, and shopping. If you would also like this please call Kellie at 622-3022 to let her know. Don’t put it off. Just do it now.

I have tried to solve the disappearance of the agent of my Medicare Insurance. To no avail. He has disappeared completely. The sad part about this is that he used to bring a birthday cake to the Golden Age Senior Center for the end of the month celebrations of birthdays. Too bad, so sad.

I called the company and they set me up with an agent named Jill. She will be at the Senior Center next Tuesday, the 30th at 11:00 a.m. You are welcome to visit with her if you have any questions. (We talked about a birthday cake but nothing was set in stone.)

Here we go again with changes. I think the older one gets the harder it is to accept.