Tuesday, September 6, 2011

View From The Bridge 9/7/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE"
By Muncie

What could be more entertaining than watching little guys and gals playing their little hearts out at beginning sports? I remember going to a grandson’s soccer games and trying very hard not to let them see us laughing at their cute efforts to play the game. Not that my grandson did this…the child stands there and watches his teammates doing what they are supposed to do. . Another popular play is to get the goal for the other team. Ah, the joys of being a grandparent. Of course there is the heartache too when they lose. Telling them that it makes them a stronger person isn’t much consolation.

That brings us to the Fort Benton’s Little Guy Wrestling two fundraisers. They are drawing the winners of the raffle next Saturday at the Soccer Game that begins at 6:00 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the game. The prizes are a Wine Basket, a 2 ft x 3 ft Hand Made Mirror, a Detailing of your vehicle, a Haircut and Pedicure, a Toy Tractor, a Girls Basket of Toys, a Baking Basket, a Coffee Basket, a Scroll Art, and a pair of Felted Wool Purses.

For the second fundraiser you can purchase Longhorn decals for your vehicles. Please support these Little Guy’s efforts because they try so hard to be like Big Guys. You can reach Mariah Ball at 622-5819 for information about raffle tickets and decal purchases. GO LITTLE GUYS AND GALS.

I am winding up this series this week. All the material was taken from the Travel Montana classes held a few months ago. I am passing on this material because the ideal situation would have been if everyone could have attended. If you would like a copy of the sheet with all the information, I will run off a few copies and take them to the Library. It would be easier to study all four articles on one page instead of one each week in The River Press.

Through the Years began with a description of four generations…The Traditionalists (born before 1945,) The Baby Boomers (born between 1945 and 1964,) The X Generation (born between 1965 and 1980,) and The Millennials )born after 1980.) We have gone through the Quick Stats, General Characteristics, In the Workplace, and this week To Communicate and Engage.

Traditionalists value their loyalty, invest in their loyalty, and plug into their experience. They like shorter shifts or part time work, and job share. They communicate face to face and are formal and proper. They reward with more traditional items such as plaques, pins, etc. They sent personal notes that are hand written.

Baby Boomers acknowledge their contributions, hard work and use a personal approach. They offer incentives that involve visibility and public appearance. Offer them options as they reach retirement and give them perks. They avoid personal involvement such as Sir/Madam etc. They like to be recognized for their loyalty and long-term impact.

The X Generation offer professional development and help with career goals. They provide options and choices for benefits that will better suit their lifestyle. Reward with time away from work and allow them to decide how work gets done. Back off the rules/policies and help them build internal peer networks. Offer flexibility in scheduling and use technology.

The Millennials consider instant feedback, recognition and give them flexible schedules. Use mentoring programs and provide lots of learning opportunities. They ask for and want respect their input. Teach them to build credibility. Provide cutting-edge technology and let them use it. Get to know them personally.

Do you think that perhaps you understand other generations somewhat better now than you did before? I know that it opened my eyes to many of the statements about each of the four subjects. It is all about communication.

I know that you have been collecting Labels for Education and Campbell Soup labels since last spring’s collection. It is time to be aware of that project again and the Fort Benton Elementary School accepts your labels at anytime. Just drop them off at the school.

Just a reminder that they would like you to cut out only the Labels for Education and not turn in the whole can label. Each label is worth .10 cents and the money goes toward school projects. Let’s have a contest and turn in more labels than last spring. GO LABEL COLLECTORS.

A week ago last Friday, Ma’s in Loma had their 5th Annual Appreciation Nite at 6:00 p.m. This event is always one that we and our friends look forward to every year. It is a potluck with the meat provided by Ma’s. Greg and his beautiful wife Maria, are very gracious hosts and they seem to enjoy the evening more than anyone else.

In previous years Greg hired a small band, however this year he hired a guitar player who was fantastic. He could and did play every kind of music. We requested a song and when he tried humming it I thought perhaps he did not know it. When he began playing it he not only knew the melody but all of the words. Amazing. A young couple also entertained us by dancing one selection. We all wanted more but they sat down.

It seemed to us, and those around us, that there were about double the amount of folks there as were last year. The pot-luck was fabulous as there were about the same number of salads as there were desserts and lots of them. I think that next year one of the requirements would be for those that bring pot-luck dishes also include the recipe.

How quickly September came around. All the meetings begin and routines of our daily lives. In my circles the General Federation of Women’s Clubs begin on Thursday and Friends of the Library is a week from Wednesday, the 14th. Now that summer activities are over, you can think about volunteer work. It keeps you “young thinking” to keep busy There are many projects that need help or start some project of your own that would benefit others/our town. If you attend a Community Improvement meeting, you would find many projects that are on-going. You are welcome at any of their meetings. Check the River Press Community Calendar.

Have you purchased your Chouteau County Performing Arts tickets yet? The first performance is three weeks from now. You still get a discount.

The VIRGILLE FERRY has a spot in the Sunset Magazine for September on page 41. I only learned of it from an e-mail from the woman (Susanna Solomon,) who came to Fort Benton about a book she had written that started and ended in our town. I may have missed it as it is a very small picture.


Please do not forget the FREEDOM WALK next Sunday, 9-11. In conversation with Ken Knutson (American Legion,) several months ago, we agreed to work together to promote all households to fly the American Flag. Ken put a name to it in last week’s River Press. He named it “Fly the Flag.” Make an effort to cooperate with this project.

In a recent V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars,) magazine there was an article that said patriotism is dying. Please American people, do not let that happen. Just think about what happened 10 years ago and how you felt. Think about today and all those young men who are fighting overseas to protect us. GOD BLESS AMERICAN AND OUR TROOPS.