Tuesday, March 18, 2014

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I seem to spend a lot of time lately at the Benton Pharmacy.  Chris and I spend time discussing the affairs of the world and our solutions. Several months ago he revealed that the gift side of the store was to be renovated.  The plans were just in the beginning stages and Chris said that he would let me know when they would begin.  It seems that Chris followed a saying that I have hanging in my computer armoire. “Speak Less of Your Plans.  You Will Get More of Them Done.”  Right on.

Last week, while drug store shopping, Chris said that they were about to begin.  In fact, I saw several areas that were already beginning to be cleared of products and goods.  Although change is not something I will ever get used to, I will tough out the drug store changes.  Actually, I am looking forward because change is so interesting.

So we look forward to a grand opening of the left side of the store as you enter.  When I find out the finish date, I will let you know.

With the advent of spring, Easter approaching, and the warmer weather, do you feel the ambition of starting projects that you have put off all winter?    Since Fort Benton was voted one of the prettiest cities in the Nation, we have to live up to that title.

The City of Fort Benton will be having spring clean-up days soon.  Go through your homes, garages, sheds, barns and other buildings you may have on your property and get rid of anything that you have not used for a year.  If you can recycle it, please do.  Let Fort Benton be not only the prettiest city but the tidiest and cleanest.  Appearance is everything.

When the Lewis and Clark Bi-Continual was in progress, I suggested that every household in Fort Benton buy and fly an American Flag. That idea did not fly very well with about 10 new flags flying.

I would like to suggest again that you purchase a flag and have it flying by Memorial Day.  It not only shows your love of country but support of our troops.  If you do this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wore my “Support the Troops,” new t-shirt last Friday and no-one seemed to notice.  Have you purchased yours yet?  You can ask at the Club House for information as to how to purchase one...  Please do.

Their new building is going up right behind my house across the alley. It is a beautiful structure and a great addition across the street from the Court House.  New buildings and renovations are so productive for our community.  It is the best way to attract new families to Fort Benton.  Good luck to all those who engage in beautifying the town.

Yes, it’s Friday at 2:00 p.m.  Remember, if you want a pie to take home, you can call a week or so ahead and order whatever you want. Last month only one pie was ordered and it was a special apple pie. So come on over on Friday and help support the Golden Age Senior Center.

Another reminder about the Center.  Their “Meals on Wheels” is a wonderful servicer to the community.  They have dedicated, faithful volunteers who will deliver the meals right to your door.  They will even come in and put it in the fridge if you re napping or out of the house.  This is done at lunch time although the meals are like dinners.  They are reasonable priced and so convenient.  Betty and Merlinda are great “Chefs,”

These meals are served 6 days a week at 12:00 p.m. and on Sundays at 1:00 p.m.  If you are not feeling well, have surgery, or just do not feel like cooking, the Meals on Wheels are your answer.  You can purchase a ticket and they will keep track of what you use.  You will get a menu and pick and choose which meals that you want.  Make it easy on yourself and let those who are able do the work.

Last week I attended the American  Legion meeting for the purpose of having the flag that was sent to Wally from Afghanistan folded in a triangle.  As so many of the organizations in Fort Benton, they are diligent and hard workers.  We appreciate that you are here in our fair city.

I did not receive one (1) phone call about anyone finding  one of the seven (7) traps that are missing.  Come on folks, they have to be out there somewhere.  Please check again.

When I did have a trap, I was called by the Dedman to return it.  A farmer wanted the traps to trap the cats around the farm.  He wanted them spade and neutered.  I called the Dedman about a year later and the traps had not been returned.  Someone on a farm has the two traps.  I ask again to please check to see if you just forgot about them.

I think that you will all know the answer to the geography question but perhaps you will not know by how much.  Q.  With its headwaters in Montana, what is the nation’s longest river?


A.  The Missouri, which is 2,450 miles long, 200 miles longer than the Mississippi.