Tuesday, August 10, 2010

View From The Bridge 8/11/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Please do not say that no one told you. Because of the renovations at the City Hall building, the next Council Meeting will be held on Monday, August 16th, at 7:30 at the AG CENTER.

Several ordinances will be discussed concerning junk cars and messy lots. If you are interested in either of these ordinances, now is the time to learn what they address. You can put in your 2 cents worth and talk to your councilperson about your opinion. It is my hope that I am not the only person attending the meeting. You live here, you pay taxes here, your children go to school here and on and on. You have the privilege of expressing your opinion so just do it. If you cannot attend the meeting, at least call your councilman/woman with questions and opinions. Let your voice should be heard.

Did you know that you are allowed to ride your small scooters on the street? We had no idea that perhaps it was against the law when informed this past week that we could be arrested for riding our Go-Go cart on the street (misinformation all the way around.) I called the Police Station to check it out and was told that anyone who is handicapped or disabled is exempt.

I remember something a few years ago about this subject. The reason one does not ride on the sidewalk is that Fort Benton does not have handicapped sidewalks, which would make travel much easier (but be careful that you do not hit a pedestrian.) So travel safely, obey the traffic laws (like stop streets,) and remember that you can always see them (cars and trucks,) but sometimes they cannot see you.

We traveled to Bozeman this past weekend for a rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony. We took the Helena, Townsend, and I-90 route to Bozeman and returned to Fort Benton by way of White Sulphur Springs. That, by the way, is a beautiful ride and very little traffic. The wedding was an event that joined old families in Fort Benton. Jordan Miller, the grandson of Wally Morger was married to Adrian Button, the granddaughter of Edna and Steve McSweeney. Jordan is the oldest son of John and Lisa Morger Miller of Missoula and Adrian is the daughter of Diane McSweeney Bishop of WA and Cameron Button of Fort Benton.

Adrian was raised inn Fort Benton and graduated from the F.B.H.S. Jordan was raised in Alaska and came to spend the summer in Fort Benton one year. Jordan and Adrian met in the Wake Cup Coffee Shop. The shop will always be near and dear to them.

The reason I titled this story, Home Sweet Home, was that it was so wonderful to be back home to quiet, small, one yellow blinking light, next to the Missouri River, City of Fort Benton. We cannot handle all the hustle, bustle, traffic, freeways, noise, and shopping centers. Although they have beautiful mountains surrounding them, we have the bluffs and mountains only a few minutes away. We have the same sky filled with stars, and we can see them more clearly. We have better weather as the area between Bozeman, Livingston and Billings was described to us as the “Bermuda Triangle of Montana.” Talk about dark clouds rolling in, threatening rain, thunder, and lightening.

I had this article in my head before we arrived in Fort Benton in the late afternoon on Sunday. We were informed, after arrival, that a storm hit on Friday and again a fierce windstorm on Sunday afternoon with about five minutes of heavy rain. Well, I had to admit to it because no matter what, it was wonderful to get home.

Another week gone by and the hazy, lazy days of summer are upon us. Schools start at the end of the month, the football schedules have been posted, and the C.C.P.A. program is set, (have you purchased your tickets yet?) Usually September and October are pleasant months so we can look forward to about three months or so before the chilly weather sets in. Those of you who are Snow Birds will be leaving us soon and every year we have said that perhaps we might join you. We never have though because of the sports seasons and the long ride to get there and to get back home. So enjoy every minute of every day and GOD BLESS AMERICA.