Tuesday, April 21, 2015

View From The Bridge 4/22/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

This past week my computer was attacked by a SCAM. I am passing this on to make you aware because I know two friends who had the same thing happen. I was working on the View last week when the computer screen froze. I could not do could not do anything including shutting it off. There was a phone number and I called it. I listened to instructions for an hour. When we reached the end of the instructions, (which we did at least a half dozen times,) and the final key was to be pressed…nothing would happen. I was totally washed out, told him I was just going to hang up, and shut my computer off manually. He said that I should not do that because the hackers could still get into my computer.

He then said that he could get me out of it for $99.95. I said absolutely not. He then said that he could do it for one year for $49.95. I hung up on him. I then called Its Triangle Phone Company and was told it was a SCAM. Their instructions were to just shut the modem off and everything would be back to normal and it was. Confusion reigned and because I believe that everyone is honest and above board, I am easily blind- sided. (I learned that term from a commercial on TV.)

Here is another suggestion to anyone hiring work done around their home. A handshake or just because we are friends does not cut it any longer. Get a written contract or bid on exactly what is to be done and how much it will cost. Both parties should sign it and the date. Just use caution because it is not like the old days any longer.

Last Thursday evening I walked over to the Elementary School for the evening’s performance of the Chouteau County Performing Arts. I sat in my usual spot that is the second row from the front, middle section, and the first seat.

There was a young boy sitting in the middle seat and he was alone. Since we had about 20 minutes to show time, I called to him and asked him to join me. I had questions to ask of him. I asked how old he was. He said he was 11 years old and in the 6th grade. His name is Sean and he is a Fort Benton native.

I asked why he was alone and he said that his parents were working. He rode his bike to the school.  He loves music and plays the saxophone in the school band. (Sean, I hope that I remembered your info correctly.)

Sean, I am sure that the C.C.P.A. Board of Directors are apperceive of your attendance and that you will be an “always patron,” of the Arts programs.

Last week I reported that the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs had contributed the Las Vegas trip raffle ticket money to the Fort Benton Cancer Support Group. I should have said that the Daffodil revenue went to the Cancer Support instead of the raffle ticket money. This report is just for the records. Sorry about that.

Do you remember a long while ago when I wrote about how fortunate I have been to meet authors at the Visitors Information Center, the Research Center, and actually on the Levee Walking Trail?

Last week was a rough one for me but Sunday made up for it with two happenings. My routine on Sundays is to have dinner at the Senior Center, take a ride to the cemetery, take out the trash for pick-up on Monday morning, and feed the birds.

I was headed across the yard to the house when I was finished with the chores and I heard a voice call, “Muncie.” There was a man on the sidewalk and I walked over to the block fence. He introduced himself as Bob Jefferson and that he was an author with questions about Fort Benton. He has already written and published a book and is writing a second one about his grandmother coming to Fort Benton on a steamboat.

He stopped in to the Senior Center and two women there had ancestors dating way back. They said to ask Muncie about historical questions. (Little did he know how little I retain about history?) That is the reason he knew my name. We sat on the fence until it became too warm and then retreated to the deck.  (All this info for the next story.)

I could answer several of his questions and invited him to come to the Joel Overholser Research Center, JORC, on Tuesday when the historians would be there. Bob said that he would like to have his wife Fran meet me. They live in Washington State and are touring in a motor home. They are both retired teachers.

He went to get her and Fran and I chatted for about a half an hour. I asked her to come to the Center on Tuesday to see our Schwinden Library and JORC. Bob will be excited about the pictures that he is looking for. Hank Armstrong has been a volunteer for years caring for and handling indexing of photos. We will look forward to Bob’s book.

I wrote an article not long ago about checking on your neighbor. It was concerning checking your friends or neighbors if you did not see them out and about, their garage door may be open for some time, and anything amiss in their yard.

On Sunday afternoon, while I am visiting with Bob and Fran, on the 14th St. side entrance to the deck, Jim Cummins appears. He was doing a “neighborhood watch” check. He saw Bob in front of the house with what looked like a map. Then Bob disappeared, later reappeared with woman in tow, and disappearing again behind the house. We had a great laugh about that and I felt much protected to think that Jim was so observant. I love that small town feeling with older folks making it more of a retirement community. “Be a good neighbor, your neighbor is there for you”…not State Farm.

The former volunteers at the Visitors Information Center will be meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the VIC next Monday, April 27th. Stacy Bronec will be the co-coordinator this year. I am not certain, because I did not ask her, that the VIC will open the same day as the Museums and the Old Fort at the end of May.

This is an important meeting to sign up for a shift at the Center. It will save Stacy having to make many phone calls to fill vacancies. It is also a great time to meet friends you may not have seen all winter.

If you have not volunteered at the VIC, consider it. It is so enjoyable and interesting. You will meet Visitors from all over the world and everyone has a story. Just do it and see you at the meeting.

“If God had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.”