Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I have never been to any Memorial Day services before I moved to Fort Benton.  It is a must-do for us starting at the Old Bridge.  The Color Guard and Firing Squad Ceremony begins precisely at 10:00 a.m. where a wreath is tossed into the Missouri and there is a 21-gun salute.  We then proceed to the Cemetery for the ceremony that includes the flag raising up and down, a prayer, and the touching sight of the American flag on each of the Veterans graves. 

A visit to our family and friends graves is also in order.  Fresh flowers, artificial flowers, lilacs, and crosses are in evidence across the entire area.  It is truly a memorial service that brings back many memories.  Our cemetery is such a beautiful area and we appreciate the care that is given to it.  Thank you.

It’s time Folks!  The plots along the Levee need a spring cleanup.  They are looking a bit shaggy.  Try to get to your adopted plot this week before the holiday weekend.  Because of the Visitor season opening next Saturday, I know there are going to be many Visitors in town.  I called all of the plot care-keepers last fall and found that there are many plots to be re-adopted.  If you feel an inclination to get your hands in the dirt, then please call me for information, (899-1380.)  I have said it before and I will repeat that the Levee Walking Trail is high on the list for things to do in Fort Benton.

I did not hear from the woman who offered to take over the Hanford plot.  She took care of it last season faithfully, however I do not remember who she was.  Ask around town for me, would you?  Perhaps the mystery woman will be identified.    

Love that rain, as it was the soft kind that soaks in slowly.  We traveled to Missoula on Saturday for two grandkid’s graduations from University of Montana  From Fort Benton to Missoula it rained, then the sun came out with our beautiful Montana blue sky and white fluffy clouds, then it rained, and again the sun came out and it continued all the way. On the way home, it was the same pattern but the bright spot was the sighting of two of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. They were huge and luckily on my side of the car.  It made for a happy conclusion of a great day.

Yes, the rain did keep a few people away from the Annual Levee Plant Sale.  However, many of the contributed plants and gardening items were sold to raise $400.00.  I missed the event again this year because of the graduations.  This event seems always to be a Saturday that I am not in town.  Perhaps next year the timing will be better.  I am sure that those who participated were very happy with their purchases.

I know personally some of my friends gardens, (veggie and flower,) that are, as you would see in Better Homes and Gardens.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if some organization would put on a “Garden Walk?”  It would be a great fundraiser.  I know what you will say, “Well why don’t you do it?”  You know what!  These days I am great on ideas but very slow on implementing them.  Have patience with my great ideas and me.

Another great idea, which I stole from Michigan, is a community garage or lawn sale.  The small subdivisions would all have the sales on a Saturday, (all day,) once a year.  You would spend the whole day walking from house to house.  There were entrepreneurs who would serve coffee and donuts for breakfast.  Others would offer lunch, perhaps grilling burgers on their front lawn.  There were offerings of water, soda, lemonade, and juices to keep you hydrated.  This is the kind of event that pulls communities together.

My friend, (who lived in that particular subdivision,) and I pulled a wagon behind us with a couple of lawn chairs.  It was the most fun I have ever had at garage sales.  Those were the days when I could find great treasures and had a place for them.  “Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end.” Actually, they did end, thank goodness, because I would have never ended up in Fort Benton, Montana.   

I am looking forward to this weekend when the Museums and the Old Fort will be open for the season.  The staff have been preparing for several months physically and mentally for many more months.  I know it will all come off without a hitch and a good time will be had by all.  It is a completely new show that will satisfy all your history expectations and art appreciation. Plan on spending a whole day because that it what it takes to see everything those buildings have to offer. 

If you happen to visit on any Tuesday, stop in at the Joe Overholser Research Center in the Schwinden Library and visit with the Research Team.  We enjoy visitors and their surprise at seeing what we have to offer.

A friend of mine was shopping on Front Street and when she was pulling out of the parking spot, a vehicle turned in from the opposite side of the street into the parking spot next to hers.  My friend backed into the vehicle causing an accident.  She had to pay a great deal of money to her insurance company because there was no double yellow line painted on the street.  Insurance companies can use their computer to check for yellow lines.  That is the story of how the yellow double lines were painted 

A couple of weeks ago, I was parked in front of the Wake Cup Coffee Shoppe.  The same sort of situation happened as I began to pull out.  As I was looking to the right for oncoming traffic, a flash of a red vehicle, pulling into the driveway along the side of the building, flashed into my peripheral vision.  It was a matter of a few seconds and I could have backed into whoever it was.  It shook me up for the rest of the day.

Please be reminded that you cannot cross that double yellow line to park on the opposite side.  Please tell your visitors that it is a traffic violation.  I am aware of this “across the street parking,” because of my friends accident.  I would say truthfully, that 50% of the times I drive on Front Street, I see a vehicle crossing the yellow line.  Please be aware and cautious as you drive Front Street.  Watch carefully for back-up lights.  Be polite and let the person back out.  It is so difficult to do, especially if you are next to a truck.  Thank you.

Oh, one other thing.  Please turn your lights on when you are driving the highways.  New vehicles are automatic but old vehicles, (like ours,) do not have that convenience.  Make it a habit because it is definitely a safety feature.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and OUR TROOPS.  WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS, (especially this Memorial Day weekend.)