Tuesday, April 9, 2019

View From The Bridge 4/10/19

By Muncie

Hello “Who”. You did a terrific job decorating the hollow tree for Easter. Now, if you are the same “Who”, who was the “Who” last year who decorated the hollow tree last year, than I want to tell you I put your rabbit and metal carrot in the tree. When it is time to decorate for Memorial Day, please take your rabbit and carrot back to your home. I have been storing it but can no longer do that. It is so adorable and I enjoyed looking at it for a year. Thank you “Who” for all you do with that hollow tree. I am the one who enjoys it the most because I am just across the street from it. Happy Easter to you and I am all “who-ed” out.

Kind Kate called and offered me a ride so I could attend the luncheon in Geraldine. We had a wonderful time and it saddens me to realize that there is only one more luncheon left and if you did not remember it was on Wednesday the 10th, then you missed it.

We had a delicious salad luncheon that complimented the arrival of spring. These luncheons are very inspiring and thank you to all who put together the luncheons and to those who attended. I believe that we have the best cooks in the world.

My daughter, Jennifer, and I had an absolute great time at the Flea Market. We found too many, treasures that we just could not live without.

Many friends came up to tell me who they were and to say hello. The vendors were anxious to show off their wares and handiwork. They come from far and near and just to set up seems like an impossible chore. I know that they work all year for the flea markets and I am looking forward to next year.

This annual event is just around the corner and as I am a member of the Lions Club I know they have been working on it for several months.

Look for all details in the River Press and let us hope for good weather. We would like to order sunshine, warmth, and a  possible rainbow without rain. Wouldn’t that make Easter special?

So, Happy Easter egg hunt and see you there.

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” There is such a beautiful story that the above phrase came from. It was in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book many years ago.

I have mentioned it many times in the years gone by because it brings to mind the many kind things that have been given or said on me. Just a smile and a cherry good morning is what makes my day. Try it…one good deed a day is all you need to feel fantastic.

Susanna Solomon arrived in Fort Benton on Sunday morning after having a book reading at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. Her book is about Fort Benton and the Missouri River.

We had dinner at the Sunrise Bluffs on Sunday to hear the Accordion Band. (More on the Band  below.)

Susanna is from CA so she enjoyed the small town approach to entertainment. Afterward we took a ride to Loma and she climbed the hill at Decision Point in the wind. Then we checked out the Buffalo field. We also took the short ride to check out the Blue Heron nesting place. Susanna counted about 10 nests but did not see any birds. They were probably deep in the nests with their eggs.

On Monday we had lunch at noon and then a hop, skip, and few jumps to the Elementary School for the outreach program of the O Sole Trio. Then a bit later to the Library for her first book reading at 4:30 p.m. and then I was off to the CCPA performance at 7:00 p.m.

I had a great weekend and the weather cooperated very nicely. It is so wonderful to be able to get out and about and especially without a heavy jacket, coat, hat, and gloves.

This was the best turnout ever to spend a delightful couple of hours listening to old time songs. There were over 20 people there and 6 couples dancing. Also dancing was the Danrather Gramma with three of her grandchildren. The girls kept us entertained with their dancing. The leader of the Band asked for requests and I raised my hand. I asked for “God Bless American” and everyone stood and sang. It was the most heartwarming few minutes of the whole day. Thank you to the Accordion Band and thank you to all of you who showed up.

On my way home last Friday on my GoGo I was just in front of the Little Museum on the new River Road that was recently redone. (It is so nice and smooth with no gravel or rocks to give me a bumpy ride.)
I talked to a man who had just come from walking his dogs up on the hill and he mentioned he saw a Meadowlark. My limited knowledge of these birds is that they do not hang out in town. It was not actually in town but close enough. I cannot remember the man’s name but I want to say hello to his wife, Agnes, who reads the View and told him about me wanting to know who spots the first Meadowlark. Thanks a millon!