Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I cannot imagine that Ireland is much greener than Montana is today.  We had a meeting in Great Falls last Wednesday and it was green all the way.  We went to Square Butte for dinner at the Square Butte Country Club on Friday.  We had with us two women guests from Great Falls.  Both women and had never been on the Geraldine Highway.  Both were  overwhelmed with the view of Square Butte and Round Butte.  We visited the restored jail but it now is without windows because it was too much trouble to replace broken ones. 

We took a ride to the Four Sisters ranch and drove up to the house.  There is a sign posted about entering the property, however I have a standing invitation to visit.  One of the Tanner Sisters was there with a nephew and grandchildren. The Tanner Ranch story was enjoyable to relate to our guests that had never heard it before. 

The quarry also intrigued them and the their camera was being used big time.  Every historic marker, the quarry, the jailhouse, and the Country Club had to be photographed.  Smart phones are a fantastic invention if you are smart enough to work them.  Anyway, it was a great get-a-way evening and we were happy to share our part of the country with visitors.

On Friday evening, we heard a huge crash.  I searched the house thinking that a picture or some other heavy object had fallen.  I found nothing.  I walked the Levee Trail on Friday morning but did not manage a Saturday walk.  This morning, (Sunday,) I took my stroll early in the morning for my time schedule. When I reached the corner across from the Grand Union where the Levee Trail begins, there laid a huge limb that had broken from the corner tree.  It was hollow.  I realized it was the crash we heard on Friday.

This afternoon I called the Grand Union to verify the limb fell on Friday evening.  Dorothy, the new manager, told me a bizarre story that she said I could pass on.  A couple was visiting from Canada, they were on Front Street when the limb fell, and it was quite a scare.  As they reached the Pastime Bar, they spotted a rattlesnake.  The snake was dispatched and the visitor from Canada has the rattle as a souvenir.  The woman visitor said they would always remember this trip and their two close encounters with disaster

I have had two experiences with limbs breaking from trees.  I cannot remember what year this occurred, but the memory of it is very clear.  At that time, I would include the Old Bridge in my daily walk.  It was a very hot Sunday morning about 9:00 a.m.  I decided not to walk the Levee but to walk on the street where there was shade.  When I reached the spot across from the Price Rite, a limb fell in the exact spot where I would have been had I walked the Trail.

The second limb story happened a few years ago and perhaps you remember it.  The Morgers have a Memorial Bench where the Trail makes a left to go around to the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center.  A limb from the nearest tree broke off and crushed that bench to rubble.

I also could match the rattlesnake story over many times but I will not go into that today.  I would just like to say to be cautious when you are walking anywhere in town.  Those rattlers have been seen everywhere in town.  If you see one, please call 911 and an officer will be there promptly.  Please do not try to handle it yourself.  One of our experiences had us trailing the snake across Front Street onto the Triangle Street, (cannot remember the new name,) so we would not lose sight of it.  We stayed a safe distance away.   I would assume that the snakes are also enjoying this nice warm weather.

It is two weeks from Friday and seems to roll around faster and faster each year.  I had a sneak preview of the Audra Morger Bonilla Fun Run shirts this past week.  They actually are a Fun Run shirt, (wait until you see it.)  You can register early for the Fun Run by going on line to www.FortBenton.com/sumcel or pick up a form at most of the businesses around town.  If you register by Sunday, June 16th, you are entitled to  a discount.

Registration forms for the other contests are already available at the same locations.  Schedule of Events for Summer Celebration will also be available after Wednesday of this week.  Be sure to mail them to your out-of-town family and friends.  It would be helpful for them to plan their activities.

I also had a preview of the Summer Celebration shirt this past week..  It is  a shirt that you will want to own.  It seems as though everything is rolling along smoothly but then Connie Jenkins would never say otherwise.  Go Connie and we can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us.

Actually there is not any other news.  I have not heard about any events that are going on this coming week  If you have family reunions planned, high school reunions, or any other personal events…let me know.  It does not hurt to have information in two different places.  If you miss one, you may catch the other.