Monday, August 10, 2009

View From The Bridge 8/12/09

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie Morger

I know this is the news that you all have been waiting for…the first 8-man football game of the new ’09 season. It will be at Centerville on Saturday, August 29th and that isn’t a long way to travel. On Monday, the 31st the J.V. will play Centerville here in Fort Benton. On Friday, the 4th of September, there will be a home game with Chinook. Go Horns. We all support you. Everyone in town will be rootin’ for you because we know that the team is a powerhouse. You are the best entertainment in town. Mark your calendars.

Grandmother, Ruth Carlstrom, has taken her grandchildren on a trip to Costa Rica. Those of us at the Visitors Information Center miss her and although we know she is having a grand time, we will be happy to see her back in Fort Benton. Stella Scott, president of the Chamber of Commerce, has been covering for Ruth and that is a huge shoe to fit. The best part about going away, for whatever reason, is the coming back home. There is no place like home.

Having come from the “big city”, the sound of the County Fair is exciting to me. I loved all the “entries contests,” including the Art Exhibit, the Flower Exhibit, the Garden Exhibit, and the Elementary School Exhibit of last year. The Pig Wrestling was hysterical although I thought the little and younger kiddos should get a little more time. Then it is time to eat and we come to the food vendors. We cover them all in three days and you are at liberty to eat anything you want with no thought about if it is good for you or not. It is not that it is not good because it is all too good to the taste buds. Go at it friends.

The Rodeo is drawing more participants and more audience each year. Go, enjoy, and be glad you are not on that bucking horse. We finally get to Sunday evening (so happy that changed it back from Saturday) to the Demolition Derby. When I moved to Fort Benton sixteen years ago in June, the Fair was as usual in August, and Wally said we were going to the Derby. I had never in my life had seen one or even heard of one. I tagged along unwillingly because I could not think of a reason to get out of it. Well, guess who yelled the loudest and continues to do that every year. I actually have a sore throat from the event. Well, see you at the Fair and “don’t tell me the lights are shining anywhere but there.” (I just watched “Meet me in St. Louis” last weekend with Judy Garland.)

When the Memorial Bench program began a few years ago, I mentioned that another idea would be to purchase a cottonwood tree. I was on the Tree Board at the time but the idea did
not seem to catch on as the benches did. A couple of years ago I asked again at a Council meeting if money could be appropriated in the next budget to replace about five (5) spaces where the trees were needed. Nothing transpired and this past week I talked with a member of the Tree Board and asked again about the cottonwoods. I was told that because of the pine beetle a great deal of money was used to either protect trees or cut them down.

Therefore, my original thought about a tree for a Memorial has come back to mind and I offer it as a suggestion once again. We are working on a price that would include the tree, the planting, and a plaque of some sort. Just think about it and if the time comes that you would consider it, contact me.

Do you remember Connie Wood Thompson who used to write the above article for the River Press? We went to Conrad last week for a funeral and afterward tried to locate Connie. We found her residence but in conversing with a neighbor, we were informed she was at the nursing home caring for her husband. Connie very faithfully went to the home every day when Vernon (Wally’s classmate from Class of ’41) was there. Now she, having remarried, is going every day to do what she can to take care of Roland Thompson who is 100 years old, and has been in the home for nine (9) months.

We tried to call Connie that evening but the number is disconnected. If any one knows how we can get in touch with her, (she may have a cell phone now) please call 622-3217 after 1:00 p.m. (I am hoping that Kippy Schuler gets the River Press because she would know. We miss hearing about you too Kippy.)

As most of you know, Audra, Greg, and Grayson Bonilla are moving to Helena next weekend. If ever there was anyone in Fort Benton who loves our town…it is this family. Audra was raised in Fort Benton, graduated from Fort Benton High School, and graduated from the University of Montana where she realized her ambition to teach English. She and Greg moved to Berkley, CA while he attended law school. They returned to Fort Benton and settled down to raise a family. Grayson was born in 2001 and made life very exciting not only for our family but for the “other grandparents.” Hilda and Greg Bonilla moved to Fort Benton in 2003 and we share Grayson’s adventures. Audra and Greg love Fort Benton very much. Who would not when six hundred and seventy people showed up at the Ag Center for Audra’s cancer fundraiser? Only in Montana and only in Fort Benton.

Grayson wanted me to tell all of his friends from the First Christian Church Pre-school and Fort Benton Elementary that he will miss them. He would like to keep in touch by phone or e-mail (I will let you know the number and address later.) He will come to visit often (Audra promised at least once a month,) and if you are in the Helena area give them a call. They will be happy to hear from you but you will have to get in line after the grandmothers.

The sixth line is, “If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous. Be happy anyway.” Mother Theresa.

God Bless American, Montana, and Fort Benton.