Tuesday, October 16, 2018

View From The Bridge 10/17/18


It is Saturday afternoon as I begin working on the View. It is the dullest day so far this fall. It was raining most of the night as I can hear the drainpipe emptying outside my bedroom window. It is trying very hard to snow but so far it has not become what you would call a real snow fall. I just checked and it looks as though whatever snow fell has now frozen on the deck.

I spoke with my daughter in Great Falls and she said that they got two inches of snow and it was nasty outside. I know what most of you are thinking. We have about 5 or 6 more months of this weather. However, I would not want to be anyplace else in the world. I am lucky that I can stay put and feel empathy for those of you who have to go out every day to work. Bless you for doing your jobs and especially those who do service to the community. There are Angels among us and you are those Angels.

For those of you who are new to town and Chouteau County, I want you to know that I love trees and birds. For the last few years I have not fed the birds in the summer as I was told they can fend for themselves. I filled my feeder on the first day of Fall and just saw a small flock of wrens at the feeder yesterday. They flew in and flew away. They flew in again and away and I have not seen them since. Usually the birds were at the feeder early in the morning. I went out and checked the feeder thinking that perhaps the birds had been coming and I did not see them. Not so. The feeder was still full. It has never taken so long for them to discover that there is free food in the feeder. I hope that they return soon because it gives me a great deal of pleasure watching the birds come and go.

For four weeks I have watched the trees begin to turn color, change into full color, begin to lose their leaves, and finally give us “a yellow leafed sidewalk, road, and lawn area.” I ride downtown almost every day for one thing or another and so I see the changes day by day. On a day like today I will not be going out but will just watch the world go by my living room window. It makes the time go by and I always enjoy the view before darkness sets in. I look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then I will be looking forward to when the days begin getting longer and 3 months to Spring.

The Sunday dinners have been growing slightly larger each week but not quite fast enough. Please…will all of the diners who used to fill the room before the dinners were postponed for a while, come back. It is such a shame that the wonderful special Sunday dinners are not eaten due to the lack of a lot of hungry people.

Spread the word around. Call you family, friends, and neighbors to come on down and not only enjoy dinner but have social time with them. We do not get out as much during the Fall and Winter months, so make an effort to make Sundays the best day of the week.

I appeal to the women who read the View to enjoy their Sundays more when they do not have to cook and do dishes at least 1 day a week. For me that sounds like the best thing ever. It is so nice to be waited on instead of waiting on everyone else. OK. See you there.

The Bus is official a Community Bus. It is available to any organization as long as they have a qualified driver. This is great news for our community. It opens up many possibilities as far as getting participants to and from events that they could not otherwise attend.

I know from personal experience that many Senior Citizens cannot drive at night or not all. This may lead to bad cases of cabin fever. Am I just speaking for myself? I wish there were some way to take a poll to see if our community would participate in this program. There has been a lot of talk about the subject but when it comes to the nitty-gritty is where it ends. Please let your organizations, Churches, and whoever else can use the bus as long as they can drum up a qualified driver.

For any questions or arrangements please call Kellie at 622-3022. She is the woman in the know and you will find that she is a sweetheart to deal with.

Part of the sidewalk between the Old Fort Park’s north-side and the swimming pool was removed when Front St. was straightened. It is now being worked on and will be poured soon. When I Go-Goed past on Friday, Vance was working on it and said that the road will be finalized in 2 weeks. Although traffic has been using the road since the Homecoming Parade a few weeks ago, it will be great to have it finished. I do not know what the next City of Fort Benton project will be but like one day at a time, we have one project at a time. There are lots of leaves to be disposed of and sand to be prepared to use on icy roads. Then there are always, as in your homes, those unexpected problems that show up. Just when you think all is going well along comes Murphy’s Law.

This charming little store had an open house last Friday. When I spoke with Jean today (Sunday,) she said that 50 or more people visited the store.

Jean called me on Saturday morning to tell me that I had won a door prize. I asked what it was and I had a choice between chocolates and a flower arrangement and it wasn’t a difficult decision because I am allergic to chocolate.

Today on my way home from dinner at the Senior Center I stopped in front of the new business. Jean came out immediately with the flower arrangement. I was so thrilled to find that the flower arrangement was in a darling ceramic blue Ford truck. Now I am a Ford person from Michigan. My town was next to Dearborn where not only is the Ford Motor Company plant but the home of the Ford Museum, The Village, and Henry’s home called Fair Lane. My father retired from Fort Motor after 44 years. Two of my brother-in-law’s also retired from the company. I worked in the corporate offices for 5 years.

I have many stories about Ford Motor Company but not for this time and space. If you want to hear more then seek me out because I am out and about much of my time.

I would like to thank Jean for the lovely door prize and wish her the best of luck in her new business. Welcome to Fort Benton.