Tuesday, December 18, 2018

View From The Bridge 12/19/18

By Muncie

Check out the full moon on Saturday the 22nd. Let’s hope for a clear sky and no overcast. This sight is only once a month for us to enjoy. I really enjoy the full moon when it brightens up the landscape as if it were daytime.

Not only this happening this week but the first day of winter on the 21st. That means on the 22nd the days will begin getting longer. Oh, happy day! I will be celebrating. Would you like to join me?

The hollow tree looks so beautiful and festive. Where are you getting all those decorations? I have asked several women if they are Who? They have all denied it. Oh well! Not telling the truth seems to be the norm these days.

Who, I am not saying that you are not telling the truth. It is just a little side-tracking to protect your privacy. I understand and agree with you all the way. I just want peace in the world and it all begins with me.

So, thank you for a job well done. I enjoy that hollow tree more than I could ever tell you. Let’s go into the New Year celebrating all the holidays.


I remember the days of wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards, baking cookies, and all the rest of Christmas chores. For me those days are long gone and it is gift cards, very few Christmas card writing because most of my friends are gone, and very little baking.

It is still about family and the love of all of them. That makes me very happy. So, at this time I would like to wish all of the View readers and all the readers of the River Press, the best and happiest holidays ever. If there are rifts in relationships, make them up. Time is too valuable. Christmas seems a good time to do this because it is a time of joy.

If you do not have family near and dear, do a kind deed a day for someone. There is a lot of controversy about the homeless people. Yet, I saw on TV last week a story about the man who hands out $100.00 bills to strangers. He was set up as a homeless man dressed in a Santa suit. Most people ignored him. For those who dropped money into his pot, he gave them $100.00 bill or more. It was quite a touching story and a lesson for most of us.

On the news I saw three stories about people who were blind. The first was about a 5-year old and how his classmates helped him.

The next was about a young man whose dream was to play football. I do not know all of the details but he was on a team and was the kicker. He was positioned by his teammates and kicked the ball every time through the goalpost. Amazing!

The third inspirational story was about a swimming coach. He was blind from birth and swam on a team. He became a coach after graduation. The head coach said about him that he heard but I could see. All of these stories were proof of the saying, “Follow Your Dream.” and “Anything is Possible.”

I hope that most of you readers saw the same programs and correct me if I didn’t get the stories correct. I think I did get the basics and hope that the news programs follow up on these three lives.

Check the Community Schedule in the River Press for the place and times of the school concerts. They are truly enjoyable and make parents and grandparents proud.

What a wonderful program the music department puts on. Our music director, Eric Lenington, must have the patience of an angel. I played the piano for 8 years during elementary and high school and remember I always left practice for the last thing each day. But at least I learned the basics of music and that is just as important as the ABC’s. GO MUSICIANS.

I made it to the game in Big Sandy last Friday night. Randy and I arrived just in time for the girl’s game. Just as was predicted, the girl’s team is on its way to the state tournament. I am not saying they will go all the way but it is going to be very close.

I really enjoy these games because my grandson, Grayson Bonilla, was in that class of Juniors. He moved to Helena 1o years ago and I still remember the Kiddos in his 2nd grade class.

Of course, it is not only the Juniors that make that team. The Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors are great also and do their shore in the wins. GO LADY LONGHORNS.

The boys did well too and I wanted you to know how much we enjoy the games. There is a lot of talk at the Golden Age Senior Center about basketball. It is actually the center of small towns. All across the country the basketball games on Friday nights are packed with fans. From the minute I hit town 26 years ago, I have attended almost every basketball (and football) game. (How I wish I had that energy.) So, keep up the good work.

While I am on basketball game stories, I would like to mention about clapping for the High School Pep Band. (I was the only one who clapped at the Big Sandy game. As I have said many times before…clapping is done for the players and the cheerleaders. Why not for the band? Let’s hear it at the next game…loud and louder.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS, POLICE OFFICERS, FIRE FIGHTERS AND EMT’s. I am adding from now on that God Bless our government nationally and locally. They need all the help they can get.