Tuesday, November 20, 2018

View From The Bridge 11/21/18

By Muncie

As I have said every year, the only ones who won’t be happy are the turkeys.

We all have so much to be thankful for that it makes it more difficult to hear about people who are suffering. Those people in CA who have lost their homes and all their possessions are primary in our thoughts. Add those who have lost loved ones and those who have not been found.

We enjoy our turkey dinners while millions of people, especially children, are starving to death. So count your blessing again and again every day.


I wanted to congratulate Chris Halko for his award from the University of Montana. It was well deserved. I discussed it with Chris and he said that it was a complete surprise. He was up at 4:00 a.m. to drive to Missoula for a meeting and had intended to leave the meeting early. He was talked out of it and was totally taken by surprise when his name was announced. Congratulations Chris. You make us proud.


A second congratulation to Allie Wallace on her accomplishments on the Track Team.

I was able to attend the fund raiser for Allie on Thursday evening at the Community Bible Center. Did you read the article about her and her trip to Australia? She is a deserving young woman. She came up with an old recipe “Sconoco” and with lots of help sold them to supporters. Randy and I got there about 7:30 p.m. because of a previous meeting. We were alone but Allie said that they had sold out. There were 6 or 8 women in the kitchen busily trying to catch up.

Since I will never be able to pronounce the name “Sconoco,” I am going to nickname them “CoCos. They were delicious, so much so that we each bought a bug of 3 but wished we had purchased more.

In case you were wondering and were not able to make the event, I will try to describe. I asked Allie what was inside the wrapped dough. She said it was ground beef and cheese. The wrapping was somewhat like thinly rolled fry bread. The “CoCo” was then fried. Yummy!

It is very labor intensive. (It reminds me of the Vikings that was sold by the Senior Citizens at the Great Falls State Fair. They are also labor intensive and believe me I know. I made them from the recipe in the Tribune. It took me all day and not nearly as good. Why does others cooking taste better than mine? (That is why I gave it up.)

Allie said they would be having another fund raiser in January and March. (Be sure not to miss it.)


I just returned from the Senior Center Sunday dinner. It was announced by President Earl that we should invite more people to the Tuesday night dinner because only 16 signed up. I remember years ago when the 48 places were set up and filled.

By the time dinner was over I was told that Tuesday night dinners was cancelled for now, but will resume in January. We all realize that Thanksgiving is two days away and many seniors have gone south already.

So think about January and inviting another couple or single person to sign up for the dinner. Remind us because we often forget as we grow older. Please do not let this dinner fade away because of lack of participation 

This is just my observation and I can see where the Sunday dinners disappear again because of lack of diners. There are 6 tables with 8 at each table. Today there were 2 ½ tables empty. There are so many variables that it is difficult to define the lack of participation. If you used to be at the Center on Sundays, please come back again. We miss you.

Connie Jenkins just delivered a well-done schedule of this event. Be sure to pick up a copy and enjoy reading about what will be going on. It is filled with events from A to Z. If you cannot find a special gift for a special person then you are not trying very hard. Just kidding! I know you will check out everything.

See you here, there, and everywhere.

I had an appointment with my Eye Doctor last week. In the waiting room was a couple, Pat and Ivan who were longtime residents of Fort Benton. They moved to Great Falls years ago after retirement, but still have a subscription to the River Press. They asked if I would say hello to everyone.

I was also told that Lyle was in the waiting room. I did not see him although when the nurse came out from behind closed doors, and called Lyle, two men stood up. What are chances that two men named Lyle would be in a waiting room at the same time?

It reminded me of the time I won a prize and the winners were announced at the Christmas Concert. Cheryl Gagnon announced my winning raffle ticket as, “You know it is a small town when the winner only has to put her first name.” (I do not think there is another Muncie in the whole state of Montana.)

So Lyle, I say I am sorry for not seeing you but that is the reason I was at the eye Doctor.  (My joke of the week.)

Don’t forget to purchase your Wreaths Across America to honor your loved one at Christmas. Read the ads in the River Press for instructions.

The River Torch Tribute 2018 is another of my favorites. Candles in sand bags will line the Walking Trail on Saturday evening. The names of anyone can be put on a bag that you cherish. Many of those would be those who are Angels. It is a beautiful sight to behold and I know you would want to be involved.