Monday, May 4, 2009

View From The Bridge
By Muncie Morger

Well, do you think that spring has finally arrived? Most of our family went “rock hunting” today (Sunday) and were greeted with a remarkable sight. Traveling out of town on the Chester road, the top ridges on the right were snow covered. On the way back from Loma, turning on the Airport entrance, we saw more snow on the Highwood’s than we remembered seeing all winter. It was a beautiful sight and as Murphy’s Law would have it, my camera broke last week.

Visitors have been walking up and down the Levee for several weeks (except Tuesday and Wednesday last). Traveling up or down Front Street there always seems to be people around Shep. That story is still alive and many Visitors come to Fort Benton (not knowing all the other attractions we have), just to visit the Shep Memorial and his burial place.

If you have not heard any of what is happening at Summer Celebration here is a little scoop. The Celebration this coming June is going to feature the IRISH (if you are not Irish, and do not have even the smallest amount of Irish blood) then you are what are called “Want-A-Bees). There will be Irish music, Irish dancing, Irish t-shirts, and the dedication of the Meagher statue in front of the Baker House where he had his last meal. Be sure to talk it up with all your family and friends.

Video Courtesy of Fort Benton Chamber of Commerce

If you have thought about or planned to purchase a cement bench or table to be placed this spring and summer, then give me a call this week. The order is ready to be called in but I will wait one more week as I have not mentioned a deadline before. Thinking about doing outdoor projects with the weather we have been having is like thinking of planting your garden or flowers. This coming week is going to be a perfect time to get plans rolling. Give me a call at 622-3217.

To all the participants in last Saturdays performance of the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Hansel and Gretel…bravo. You were all the best actors and actors and all the talk afterward was about the effort that you all put into the practices and the performance itself. We know that you had two hours of practice after school and how hard that must have been for the lst, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Please know that you brought a lot of pride and joy to the audience and especially to your parents and grandparents. We had a group of children sitting in front of us and it was a show in itself watching them. They were so excited and reacted to all the characters as they came on stage. What a great experience for everyone. We have never missed one of these performances and they get better and better each time the Theatre comes to Fort Benton. We will look forward to the next time.

On Tuesday, May 12, at 7:00 p.m. at the Ag Center in the Old Barn, will be featured Four Shillings Short. You will not only be entertained but you will see the recent renovation of another building in the Old Village.

On Thursday, May 14, at 7:30 at the Grand Union Hotel, Chouteau County Performing Arts will present Piatigorsky Foundations artists. Soprano Raquila Sheeran and Pianist David Shimoni are both alumni of Juilliard so you will hear the best of Classical Music.

Friends of the Library meet on Wednesday the 13th at 11:30 a.m. this month because it is the spring luncheon with Russell Rowland as the guest speaker.

Fort Benton Woman’s Club meets on Thursday the 14th at noon.

“Pie Day is Friday” the 15th at the Golden Age Senior Center at 10:00 a.m. until the pie is gone (I just made that up). I am not sure how long the pie is served but come with your friends for a social hour beginning at 10:00 a.m. It does not hurt a bit to see a lot of your friends after being house-bound so much this past winter.

On Saturday the 16th a group of thirty Antique Car owners from the Absarokee area are coming to Fort Benton for a special visit to the Museums and the Fort. They will also preview their automobiles at a yet undecided location for your pleasure. The autos are from 1933 to l953 vintage. Gosh, there never seem to be any autos from my birth-date. I guess, like myself, they cannot be restored.

I did receive three stories from readers this past week and I am very elated to fill this column with interesting news. The first one was about Four Shillings Short, the second about the Antique Cars and the third was about the Dedman Foundation. A very faithful volunteer asked that I relate how the Dedman needs adoptive families immediately. They are over-run with animals and all those animals need to be feed and cared for. It must have something to do with the economy and needing to take care of self and family first. If you can see it in your heart and pocket book to take a trip to the Dedman, you are sure to find a small (or large) something to take care of and to love. Let us see how many takers they might get from this column. It is a desperate situation and so if you have even a one small thought about adopting…do it now. One more thought…a donation would be a tremendous help…do it now.

This week I have been thinking all week about “Don’t blink.” I am sure that you all understand that I mean if you blink it may be next week, next year or that time is up. Time goes so quickly and if you 20 and 30 years olds think it goes fast for you, wait until you are 60 and 70. You look back and think what I did with my life. I hope that you all did well and that you have no regrets. If you do then it is not too late to change them. (I did not really make all of this up…I read it in a book but thought I would pass it along.) Have a wonderful week.