Tuesday, January 19, 2016

View From The Bridge 1/20/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

As much as I worried about the long nights, I cannot believe that January is half over. Yes, it stays light a little longer, but not fast enough for me. By this time next month it should be getting dark about 6:30pm. I was reminded by one of my friends that Day-Light Savings time begins in March.

Now I know that about half of you readers do not like Savings Time and the other half of you like it. There is something about darkness that I find hard to handle. It may be because I cannot spend enough time outdoors. Most of us Seniors Citizens do not drive at night.  Most of us do not go out at night. Fortunately, I do attend functions at night but only if they are close in proximity to my walking there. One would think that after all these years, one would bet used to the day and evening hour changes. Whatever! I will welcome spring with open arms.

I greeted Toots Hayden in the hallways of the high school on Monday a week ago. She was told that she needed to walk and is taking advantage of those very safe hallways. With all the ice and snow around town, the school hallways have become a great way to get walking in your schedule.

I have seen walkers from the bank about four times in two years but they must walk at a different time. Toots showed up about the same time as I walk and that is 4:00pm on Monday through Thursday and at 3:00pm on early out Friday. Many residents have said that they need to walk. Just do it!

Toots called the high school to check out walking permission. You have it and can come and join us any time. There is always parking right in front of the school. I walk from one doorway to the other four times and that is about 1 mile. How long it takes me depends on the book I am listening to. If it is an exciting part, I walk faster. There are benches in several places that you can rest on if need be. I am really thankful that I can utilize our wonderful high school to do something I love to do. See you there!

I am really enthused about the several organizations who are writing for the River Press. The “Letters to the Readers or to the Editor” are also very interesting. Thanks to those who take the time to do those things.

I talked to one of the basketball coaches, in of all places, the grocery store. He said that he will try to get someone to write about the games. I will look forward to that. As I have said before, the games move so quickly that I cannot follow the action. It would help a great deal if the games were spelled out for me. I know this is selfish of me but I know there are other people out there who have told me the same story. Go Longhorns and Lady Longhorns!

A week from Friday it all begins. Music Artists will be pouring into town for the big day on Saturday. Every accommodation in town is filled. These people have made it known that they love Fort Benton because of the welcome that is displayed. So, if you see them on the street or in a store, give them your biggest smile and say “Welcome to Fort Benton.” A smile goes a long way at anytime, anywhere to anyone. I can hardly wait.

It has not gone unnoticed that Snow Angels are cleaning my walks. It gets more and more difficult each year to take care of that chore. Not only does the sideway get longer and longer each year but the cold gets to my fingers more quickly.

It is enough to get outside to feed the birds and fill the squirrel feeder. I know the birds are visiting the yard but I never see them anymore. The squirrel feeder is not visited either.  I wonder what happened to him. Even the feral cat has disappeared.  With all the fresh snow I have not seen cat prints for several weeks now. Perhaps the cat has found a warmer place to reside other than under my deck.

I went to the Sunrise Bluffs one day a couple of weeks ago and picked up the Bio books. There are two and they are heavy. I deposited them at the Research Center with about a dozen more pictures that have to be processed. I organized piles of the work to be done when the two volunteers come to the Center to give me time to help me get caught up. There are pictures to be scanned, records put in the computer, framing, and finally hanging at the Bluffs. This is my favorite volunteer job.

However, this will be the last of this program. Everything has to come to an end and this will be the end. There are about 250 pictures that will be hanging at the Bluffs. You are welcome at any time to view them. That is the reason the photos were hung there. It is open from early morning until late at night. I am so grateful to Karla for a great space to hang the photos.

I will let you know when every detail is in order so you can make a trip to the Bluffs to see your loved one honored in the only way I could think of. We treasure them as those men and women who kept and still keep us free.

“If you sit for more than 11 hours a day, there is a 50% chance that you will not be around in the next 3 years.” (Oh my!  That is an eye opener.)