Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

If you want to get out of the house, check out the Community Calendar that is printed weekly in the River Press.  There are many meetings scheduled such as monthly meetings of Friends of the Library, Woman’s Club, City Council (twice a month,) Commissioners (every week,) School Board, Chouteau County Performing Arts, and American Legion.  (Get involved.)  For entertainment there are basketball games, wrestling, Bingo at the Club House, and Pinochle at the Senior Center,  (DON’T VEGETATE, ACTIVATE.) (That’s my own stuff folks.)

A few weeks ago I quoted the Weatherman at KRTV.  I wrote that he said that he considered Memorial Day as the beginning of spring.  NOR! What he actually said was that he considered Memorial Day the beginning of summer.  Actually no one but Editor Tim brought it to my attention. My wish is that summer not only begins at Memorial Day but that it would start at Easter.  How about that?

At this writing it is Sunday evening 5:45 p.m.  It is fairly light outside and is about 6 degrees above zero according to my weather station. Forecasters have been telling us for days that it was going to warm up last Wednesday, then it was Saturday and this evenings news says Tuesday of this week.   We are then supposed to have five consecutive days in the 40’s degree range.  I’ll believe it when it happens.  How I long for those days that I do not have to put on my down coat, a hood, and gloves.

Actually, I am making more of this then necessary.  I love Montana weather with its four seasons.  I have always lived in this kind of weather so what is the big deal.  Just something to talk about I suppose.  I have seen more snow than Montana gets here and more biting cold because of the humidity.  Now I’ll count my blessings.

Q.  What time was it in Fort Benton for 115 years after money ran out in 1884 as the courthouse was being built so a fake clock made of plywood was installed in the clock tower?
A. Below.

Asking this question about the Fort Benton clock in the courthouse brought to mind that a week ago Saturday, Back Roads of Montana was about Fort Benton.  First was shown the Shep burial place on the hill, the Shep bronze, the courthouse, the Grand Union, and the Old Fort Benton Bridge.  Stories about these places were narrated and it was a nice tribute for our town.

I receive a monthly program guide from PBS but since the Fort Benton program was on the first Saturday, I did not know about it in time to give you a heads up.  Last Saturday the show included the House of 1,000 Dolls in Loma.  I hope that you were able to visit the Doll House before the dear woman who did all the collecting passed away.  Each time we go to Loma, we take a ride around town.  We like to see the old grain elevators, the small herd of buffalo, the old schoolhouse, and the house with a collection of horns built into an unique arch over the driveway.  Your tour can end with a short drive to see Decision Point.  Near the turnoff for the Point, there is monument honoring the woodsmen who were killed in that area.  The fur trapper, who lived in the cabin that now on display in Old Fort Benton, heard the gun shots.  He found the bodies when he went to investigate.  His cabin was close by in that area.  Now this is the way I heard the story and it may be completely wrong.  If you know it differently, please let me know.

Oh, by the way…you can take a short ride in the other direction and see the blue heron’s nests.  That is a very interesting sight and the children seem to enjoy it the most.  Try to go there before all the leaves are on the tree as their nests are then difficult to view.  It is a fun tour and a very informative ride around Loma.
They are our closest neighbors and they visit Fort Benton often.


A.     12:20—until the schoolchildren of Fort Benton raised $750.00 for a real clock in 1999.  (You knew the answer didn’t you?)