Tuesday, February 9, 2010

View From The Bridge 2/10/2010

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Chouteau County Performing Arts brought in an act that knocked our socks off last week. They call themselves “The Foothills Brass” and are a Canadian group from the four corners of North America. They all had degrees in music and had attended well know universities. They played some classical music and made it very interesting by telling a story with each piece. They played a variety of instruments and would weave vignettes into the songs that were very humorous at times. There was a good crowd so the word must have gotten around about how awesome they were. That pleased the Board of Directors immensely.

We had a guest with us who declared at intermission that he would support the C.C.P.A. since they brought such first class entertainment to Fort Benton. We invite all of you to consider CCPA season’s tickets when they become available in last part of summer. The entertainers get better and better each year so take a break six times a year, sit in comfort in the Elementary School auditorium, and enjoy music as it should be heard. You will not be sorry how you spend your hard-earned dollars.

I am looking forward to Pub Night in April, as the presentation will be “Rave On Buddy Holly.” I checked Buddy out on the inter-net and he was the first Rock and Roller in the early ‘50’s. I did this prior to watching “The Buddy Holly Story” on TV. I brought his name up on my computer (I just hooked up with high speed and it has opened a completely new world for me) and learned about his life. When I returned to the front room, I told Wally that he might not like the movie because Buddy dies in a plane crash. After the movie was over, I went back to the Holly web site and listened to all of his songs. It was amazing and then I went on to other singers that have been killed in plane crashes such as Jim Croce and Patsy Cline who were favorites of mine.

Do you remember Dan Seals? He was here in Fort Benton a while back singing at the Chouteau County Fair. I do not know how a person or persons managed to get him here since he was a big star and entertained all over the country. It was the most beautiful evening ever in Fort Benton. Dan was singing a favorite song of mine called “One Friend.” One of the lines is “If I had but one friend left, I’d want it to be you.” Well, Dan is singing, the sun is setting casting red light on the bluffs, the Benton Belle is going downriver, andit was a magic few minutes.

On Friday night at the Cancer Support Fund Raiser, I talked with Lisa who had introduced me to Dan’s music. She said she heard on the Grammy Awards that Dan had died. I went to the computer and found he had passed away last March of cancer. He was 61 years old. Sometimes I do not like what I read but otherwise I would never have known.

I did not want to become a slave to my computer but I have spent several evenings listening to some favorite artists and all of my favorite songs. I have learned what artists did what recordings and something of the lives of those artists. Music has so much love attached to it and with Valentine’s Day so close, it seems appropriate to be listening. Happy Valentine’s Day.

It was an exciting evening of bidding by family members, neighbors, and friends. This was after a satisfying supper of your choice/or all, chicken vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup or chili were all made by Karen Giles. There were also corn muffins (by Trish Eklund,) homemade rolls (by Jodi Butler), fruit and home baked cookies (by The Geraldine Women’s Tuesday Club that Trish Eklund coordinates.)

There was a very good crowd when the auction began with Scotty Peters donating his time as auctioneer. What a great job he does. The artists who donated their paints and time did a super job of decorating their chairs. Most of them also included a background story (all you wanted to know about the painting.)

Leone Cloepfil painted her favorite flowers that she has planted in her gardens over the years while her husband John decoupaged animals on his. Ron LaMotte (Thrift Shop owner) put leather trademark labels on his chair. Brian Morger’s chair had been refinished by Wayne Hampton and was a folding wooden one with two panels on the front side. Brian painted an angler on the right panel of the chair and a trout on the left side. Bernie and Wanda Diekhans handcrafted their chair into a wine cooler and rack stand. (There was a picture of it in last weeks River Press.) Wayne Hampton’s autoharp chair drew a lot of attention. He demonstrated how to remove the harp and how to play it. A camouflage-covered chair was very interesting, painted by Matt Patrias. A very clever “Tea for Two” (a bird feeder) was put together by Glenda Quick, Lauri Bumgarner and Lauri’s son Daniel. Holly Ebeling must have a favored pet cat because a beautiful one adorned her chair. Monica Winderl must have spent a lot of time on her beaded chair (very unusual.) Last but not least was Terri Baker’s poker chair ready for a gambling man was decorated with poker chips and playing cards. Just wanted you to know Terri that your chair will reside at Wally’s Board Meeting place. After that auction the leftover soups, chili, rolls, and muffins were auctioned to end the evening. The cleanup committee went to work and most of the rest of us were home by 8:30 p.m. It was a very delightful evening and a good time was had by all.

See, I told you last week that I should not write about the weather because I would jinx it. Well sure enough, it turned cold again. I promise I will never mention the weather again. That is…unless I learn more about Rodger Hankins’ work on the weather station.

When I called Rodger for a count of the people who checked the web-cam this past week, he was not in. Since I have to have this article in by 6:00 p.m. on today (Monday) I will get that information next week.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and just think…by next Sunday half of the month of February will be gone. Then it will be another five weeks to spring. Will the first person to see a robin or a meadowlark, please call me? My cell phone number is 899-1380 after 9:00 a.m. I have a small prize for the first person who calls and even better, you get your name in the paper. Actually, perhaps that is a deterrent. Well, just try to make my day.