Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A View From The Bridge 8-23-17

By Muncie

For those of you who missed out buying a commemorative “SHEP” shirt at Summer Celebration or ordering one afterward, there is still an opportunity. You can make a trip to the Visitor Information Center at the old Fire House. Possibly there will be a shirt in the color and size that you would have liked.

These shirts are savers because 25 years from now, when Sheps 100th anniversary is celebrated, you will have the 75th shirt all ready to wear again.

That is my joke of the week Folks. You can wear your shirt as many times as you want. I am also sure that there will be many shirts that will provide the historical significance of the legendary story of our famous dog.

On my shift at the Visitors Center last week a man came in who used to live here years ago. At one point he said that he needed to go to a gift shop to make a purchase for his 8 year old granddaughter. I suggested that he go to the Pharmacy and look at the Shep earrings. He thanked me and said he was grateful for the idea and that his problem was solved so quickly. Later, when I went to pick up a prescription, I found that he had indeed walked across the street to the Pharmacy and purchased the earrings.

Sales are still going well at the Visitors Center for the “CHARM TRAIL.” Please remind your family and friends about this program and the enjoyment gained when buying a new charm.

As I said about Summer Celebration, no one should have as much fun as I did. The following comments are mine as I experienced them and hope you enjoy reading about them and comparing to your own.

I volunteered for the Lions Club to collect donations for Fair parking from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I always asked where the Fair Goers came from and told those from Big Sandy, Geraldine, and Highwood that the Lions scholarships went to each of those schools. Most of them already knew but it doesn’t hurt to mention about the $3.00 donation again and again. Everyone is so cooperative and were only too happy to contribute. I had a great time and I see so many friends that I have not seen for a while.

I watched a Juggling show, a Magic show, and a Hypnosis show. They were all very entertaining and done by professionals. They were each about an hour long and very scary at times when some of the juggling was done. How many hours did it take to learn how to balance like that? All the shows included those from the audiences to assist. The kiddos loved that. They were assured that they would not be injured or hurt in any manner. What he said was true and a good time was had by all.

I then played a couple of hours of Bingo and sat next to a woman who said that she would love to move to Fort Benton. She said she and her family came here often but because she worked in Great Falls she could not imagine what commuting would be like in the winter.  I also did an OOPS again in last week’s edition by saying that it was sponsored by the VFW. All proceeds from Bingo go for the maintenance of the Swimming Pool. (Sorry Diane and other members of that group. You did a great job.)

I enjoy events when someone I know is participating in it. I recognized several names in this contest but I did know one person who has helped me many times. Now, you would know him as a mild mannered Kent Clark kind of guy. Once a year he becomes a strong Superman and that is Bryan Cartwright. During the day you will find him at the Missouri River Medical Center but evenings are filled with being a husband, a father to three boys, and working on an old car to enter in the Derby. You would never guess, looking at him, that he could be a rough and tough guy. (Hope you don’t mind the teasing Bryan.)

I still cannot believe it, but I did win the Best of Show in the baking department for my Lemon Bars. They actually are not my Lemon Bars because I got the recipe from Judy Hazen. (I am forever grateful for the recipe and also I inherited the Hazens apartment at the Sunset Apartments.) I am sure you all remember Judy, Herb, and Don Hazen. They were owners of the Greenhouse. Judy always baked hundreds of cookies for the Christmas Stroll. I had a Lemon Bar one year and could hardly wait until the next year to experience that delightful treat. Judy had the recipe out on the table and that began my baking Lemon Bars. I changed the recipe slightly and it is the only one I’ve memorized because I make them so often.

I entered three kinds of bars and another item. I made a mistake and learned a lesson. I put three in the freezer and I should have made them fresh like the Lemon Bars. Well, I also told several people that my friend Beverly Grass, who is the world’s best baker, and Valerie Morger had won Best of Show and now it was my turn. Imagine my surprise on Friday afternoon when I found that I had indeed won “Best of Show.” Next to getting Garth Brook’s guitar, this was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I had another fifteen minutes of fame. A huge thank you to Vicky for filling out my forms for the contest. I could not have done it myself.

I have another event to tell you about and that is my daughter, Jennifer, is on the cover of Lifestyles magazine this month. She is a fisherwoman and caught a 14.1 oz., 33 in. walleye at Tiber Dam. There is a contest for just women at Taber each year and she won in 2015 and 2016 for the biggest fish. However, this year she and her husband, Mike, went early to get a good parking spot for their camper. The contest is on Saturday and they got there on Wednesday. They went fishing in the afternoon and she got this whopper which was almost a record catch. On Saturday Hope Good, who is editor or the Lifestyles was there, heard about Jennifer’s catch.

I thought this would be of special interest for all fisherwomen in the area and for Greg at Ma’s in Loma. We have always had great conversations with Greg about fishing.

I know that this View has turned into an I, I, I, me, me, me kind of column but bear with me because I just had to tell you about these events.

I would love to hear from you readers any exciting events in your lives including stories about your lives, cute ones about your children and your grandchildren.