Tuesday, October 11, 2016

View From The Bridge 10/12/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

You know that it is fall when The Freeze closes. Ice Cream Lovers still only have perhaps 1 more weekend to enjoy. My problem is that when I come by that dark corner I know that it will be a long winter before they are back again. So long for now to The Freeze, (Laurie and Murray,) and it will be a happy day when you return.

Because of the rain the streets are still lined with shiny gold leaves. No one is able to rake.   My friend in Great Falls reported to me that the leaves in the streets were swept and that it snowed one morning. We must be more protected down here in our small valley. Whatever!  I am happy to be living in Fort Benton and love the four seasons. (Well, perhaps I have a more difficult time with 90 and 100 degree temperatures.)

I really appreciate all the residents and organizations that are filling the River Press with news. I miss Lindsey so much and do not like seeing her desk without her sitting there. It will be interesting and I am looking forward to her impressions of living in Kansas City.

In the meantime, Bethany has promised that she will not be leaving. It is so great to see her smiling face and her camera at every event in town. I know there isn’t much chance for advancement but hang in there and someday when you are really old, you may be an editor.

Now do not let a rumor get started that Tim will be retiring or leaving. I am sure that he and Connie are here to stay and that is a comfort to me with the many changes that are going on today. The older I get the harder it is to adjust to changes but they are inevitable.

I know this only interests Bingo fans but perhaps “setting records” will be something to read about.

A week ago Monday was the beginning of the Bingo season at the Club House sponsored by the VFW. There were three records set. Last year when I went to my first Bingo game after the Turkey Bingo, a record of 5 numbers called when someone called out Bingo. On the first night this season only 4 numbers were called for a Bingo. That is amazing.

The second record had to do with a game called “the Hot Dog Number.” At the break, Nate calls a number that he picks randomly from the machine. It happened to be B8. If a player calls Bingo with a B8 you would receive double the prize. That very thing happened setting the 2nd record.

The third was a little more complicated and was the last “Cover All Game.”  If you got a Bingo with B8 in 50 numbers called, you could win $100.00.  That did not happen but soon afterward Bingo was called with B8 and the prize was double of the normal amount of a Bingo.
It was a fun night and there was an average group of Bingo addicts. It was so nice to see old friends who enjoy getting out of the house and away from the TV. I hope that I am not stepping on anyone’s toes. I just want more people to become active and do things, anything and just do it. You will live longer and be healthier so everything you read says. Don’t take my word for it, just try it.

Next Bingo at the Club House with the VFW will be Monday October 17th at 7:00 p.m. See you there.

Every Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. at the Golden Age Senior Center the games begin. I mention this again because a larger crowd would be helpful for the Center. Take a few hours off in the afternoon and relax. Bring your friends and neighbors and give that a try too.  See you there.

I love Pie Day on Friday. Come on over to the Golden Age Senior Center for another support event. Gosh, those homemade pies and coffee or tea are the very best. Of course, rhubarb is out of season, Lori Tacke has moved, and her Rhubarb Custard Pie will not be available, but I have other favorites. Last month there were no pumpkin but I’ll bet there will be this month. There are always lemon, apple, and a berry of some sort. Is your mouth watering?

I do not bake much anymore so Pie Day is so welcome every month. It is also a Bake Sale and you can find some great desserts or breakfast treats like Banana Bread. It is a lot of work for those women members of the Center, so please support them.

I know that a lot of planning is going into the Chouteau County Performing Arts next two programs. The Beverly Belles, (Andrew Sisters,) will be here Monday the 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the MONTANA AGRICULTURAL CENTER, as it is Pub Night. Then just 9 days later, Wednesday November 2nd at the Elementary School will be the Fubuki Dkiko Entertainers.  I call them the Drummer Boys and the Kids are going to love them. There will be a whole lot of drumming going on.

One of my very observant friends noticed that the swimming pool building had been painted.  She said that it looks very impressive. The next time you are up in that north end of town, take note. Every little improvement adds to the beauty of Fort Benton. Thank you to the City crew and the Swimming Pool Board for their continuous work on improvements. GO SWIMMERS!

That event is also being worked on. A lot of conversations these days, not counting the elections, are how most of us do not like to see Christmas Decorations up before Halloween.  The Bridgeport takes a lot or organizing. The vendors, the food, and the entertainment all have arrangements made now. This is a very popular event and there are many people that look forward to it from all around the area.

By the time you read this the funeral for Michelle Robison will be over. Many of you know Ken Robison who is an historian who lives in Great Falls and comes to Fort Benton weekly to volunteer his knowledge and time to the Joel Overholser Research Center.

Michelle passed last Friday suddenly. It must be terribly sad when it happens that way because of not being prepared. When I think about the subject…you are never prepared.

Ken joins the army of widows and widowers in Fort Benton. I did have one piece of advice to give Ken that was given to me when my Wally went away. “Don’t make any decisions/changes for a year.” However, even after that length of time it is difficult.
We feel the sorrow Ken and know that those you know in Fort Benton think the world of you. Please continue your friendships with all of us that you have touched with your books and interest in Fort Benton history.