Tuesday, November 9, 2010

View From The Bridge 11/10/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

All the television programming, newspapers, and events, will be focused on Veterans this week. They will be honored with dedications, and speeches that are truly due them. Do we really honor them as much as they deserve? We owe our lives to them. What is that worth?

There is nothing in the world that would take the place in the hearts of parents who have lost their sons/daughters, or wives/husbands who have lost their husbands/wives in a war. Their grieving and loss is ours as well. Nothing will bring them back, but their courage and dedication should be a lesson every day about love of country.

Nothing brought this love of country to me so strongly as working on the Veterans Photos program. When I read and type in the computer the bios of these men and women, I have a completely new respect of their lives and what they went through..

We have photos of Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima and the Bataan Death March survivors. Reading about these events first hand makes our efforts at patriotism seem insignificant. Are you at all about the ending of these wars going on today, for these young men and women who are away from their families, lonely and afraid? They are not afraid of what will happen to them but of what is happening to their families. They are hundreds, thousands of miles away with no idea when they will be back in the United States and home.

If you have a Veteran in your family, see a Veteran on the street, spot one in a shopping place…tap them on the shoulder and tell them how much you appreciate them. We owe them so much…it can never be enough.

Many of you readers have thanked me for starting this program, which they say, needed to be done. Please…do not thank me. I want to thank you because I have enjoyed doing it more than any other project I have done. Just reading all the bios has been like the thrill one gets from reading a great history book. I have also talked to and met so many people. Now I can put many names to many faces. I really appreciate all of you who have joined in this program for all of your efforts.

Although there was a deadline for our Editor’s Veterans Supplement, (last Friday,) my program for Veterans photos has not ended. I would like to have put up the photos we received by 11/11, Veterans Day, but I cannot meet that goal. The program will continue indefinitely until the last picture is received, scanned, and the bios put on the computer.

The gold labels that Pam Schoonover ordered arrived last week and that part of completing the pictures will begin. The gold labels will go on the front of the pictures with rank, name, and service on it.

Be sure to include that information with your photos. Some of the bios (that will go on the back of the frames,) are very short and others are full pages. If you did not write a bio with your photo, please send it to me now. I am missing quite a few and will have to phone for the information if I do not hear from you. I would like as much information as possible. Please type and mail to PO Box 866 or e-mail me at muncie1929@itstriangle.com

I ordered special nails from Frames Unlimited in Michigan where I used to work as a framer for ten years. The nails used to cost .89 cents for a package of 25. The cost now is $1.89 for a package of 15. Will wonders never cease? We move on however and would like you to keep looking for photos and bring them to be scanned. Remember, the delivery points are the Ag Center Schwinden Library Overholser Research Center (10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays,) the Sunrise Bluffs (every day,) or my house (if I’m out and about, leave it on the steps in the entry way Main St. side of house. I am in the phone book. P.S. There are now over 100 pictures.

On Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m., do not forget the Appreciation Dinner for all Veterans and their families. It is the V.F.W. way every year of getting the Veterans together for some food and conversation. This is a wonderful event every year so take advantage, (Veterans wives…you do not have to cook that night.) See you there.

I thought that the Longhorns football game a week ago was a script that even Hollywood could not match. You Lady Longhorns outdid that one with your divisional games on Saturday. You came back through the losers’ bracket to win five straight matches to WIN the divisional championship. How proud we are!

Send this story down to the odds makers in Vegas and see what the odds would have been, (1,000 to 1.) Even more credit to you for never giving up. This puts meaning into Longhorn Spirit and the creed, “We Try Harder.” GO LADY LONGHORNS.

We love you no matter what. We understand your frustration. We all thought that this was our year. It was especially tough on the seniors…you were so close. Time will heal all and you must know that you did your best efforts. We all think that you were the best team, so go on with your lives knowing that your fans would like you to know how much we appreciate the great football you played for us. You made it a great season. Now live your lives with the creed and try harder with whatever life has in store for you.

The next Council Meeting will be Monday 15 November, (month will be half over.) According to schedule, the meeting will be held in the newly renovated City Hall.

At the last meeting, I brought to the Councils attention the complaints relayed to me concerning the cardboard behind the Seniors Center. Mayor Morris said that he would check into it and in the meanwhile, I did some checking.

The story that was told to me by Ed Lehman, was that cardboard dropped to .01 cent a lb. a couple of years ago. Before that time, there was quite a profit on cardboard. Everyone began storing their cardboard waiting for the price to go up. I also remember talk about that at the Recycling Workshop that I attended last spring. I have to talk to another man in town about taking the cardboard away but I was busy last week with the Veterans Photo project. I’ll work on it this week?????? (means maybe.)

Did you enjoy these warm days this past week? I writing this on Sunday evening and do not want to listen to the 10:00 newscast as they are predicting rain turning to snow tomorrow. Are you ready for that and have you winterized? Oh well, I will get those windows washed in the spring…no use doing it now.

It will be a busy week with Ladies Tea Party on Tuesday (if you weren’t there…you missed it,) Friends of the Library on Wednesday (did you miss this too?), Woman’s Club on Thursday, and Veterans dinner on Thursday. Those activities may keep our minds off the weather.

Have a great week, do a good deed, and GOD BLESS AMERICA.