Tuesday, February 15, 2011

View From The Bridge 2/16/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

As a result, of the Visitors Information Center Volunteers trip to Philipsburg last spring, a new organization is on the books. Fort Benton has the C.I.A. (Community Improvement Association,) and the new organization is calling itself the F.B.I., (Fort Benton Idealist.) who think of themselves as visionaries. They will be under the auspicious of the C.I.A. Unlike those organizations in the U.S.A., our C.I.A. and F.B.I. will be working together cooperatively for a common goal. There will be no secrets kept from each other.

The F.B.I. goal or purpose is to promote ideas to beautify Fort Benton. The Volunteers, (on the way home from Philipsburg on the bus,) each wrote down one idea or improvement they learned from or saw in Philipsburg. These ideas developed into a core group to begin the F.B.I. The core group consists of Terri Baker, Keith Ballantyne, Ruth Carlstrom, Connie Jenkins, Dottie Meehan, Muncie Morger, Jody Roth, and Judy Salvas. It is a new and exciting group as great ideas and suggestions are being beginning to be put into place.

If you have said to yourself, as you walk or drive around town, something should be done with this or that, (whatever it may be,) please either join the F.B.I. or give your ideas and suggestions to one of the above members. If you would like to join, please call Dottie Meehan at 622-5743 with your name, phone number, and e-mail address. You are welcome to come to the meetings to observe what is happening, and to present your ideas/suggestions.

One of the first projects, under consideration, is the planter in front of The Old Bridge. I am sure that you all agree that it needs replacing. As more information is forthcoming, I will relate it in this column.

The next project is the painting of The Old Bridge side rails. This has become a major project with many ifs and buts. There are many factors to be considered and we have found that it is a long-term project. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please come to the next meeting. Call Dottie for the day and time as at this time it has not been scheduled. You will be most welcome as brainstorming is a remarkable tool for getting things done. “A lot of work can be done by many while a little work can be done by a little.” That is my quote, (I think, correct me if it belongs to someone else and I will give them credit.)

The month of February is half over and because it is the shortest month, there are only twelve days left. If your calendar looks like mine, every day of those twelve are full of activities. The month of March is not my particular favorite although it does have the beginning of spring within it. That is approximately four weeks and four days away. What is your guess as to how long winter can hang on? I would not take any bets because Mother Nature has the upper hand. Hang in there and hopefully we can put our winter coats away but again…do not bet on it.

On February 25th we have the “Singing Sons of Beaches” on the program. It is Pub Night at the Ag Center and have you purchased your tickets yet? It is not a prerequisite but it assures that you have a seat reserved.

The Sons are great guys with a sense of humor beyond anything you have heard before. Most of their songs are familiar tunes with their own lyrics. They told some of the C.C.P.A. board members last year at the consortium, held here in Fort Benton, that most of those lyrics were written while they were traveling from one gig (word used in music circles for programs,) to another. As Robbi K (who entertained on January 26th,) said about Montana towns, “The distance between towns is about 200 miles.” Right on Robbi.

You have until Friday the 18th, to get your labels to a drop-off box or jar, at the Benton Pharmacy, Price-Rite, or the Elementary School. From a report given at the Fort Benton Woman’s Club meeting last Thursday, it looks as though there are more labels collected than at the previous collection. However, every little bit helps. I cut off labels on packages; I have not used yet, this past week. It is a great program and brings the community together to help the schools and the Kiddos. That is what Fort Benton is all about.

It is now Monday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours at the Library this morning looking over the books, and choosing from the many selections of baked goodies. It was an amazing response from the Friends of the Library toward the sweets display. Awesome! They assured me that all the calories were removed. What a deal. You will not find it anywhere else. Hope you were in on it. I will know, (too late for this weeks River Press,) how many books went home with happy owners. I will check it out for next week.

I received several more Veterans photos this past week. I was also made aware that several of the photos were sent because of word of mouth. Some of the Veterans can no longer read because of their eyesight, and as a result did not know about the program. Several others had not read about it and were told about the need for photos and bios by their family. Another question asked of me was, “Is it too late to send in a photo.” ABSOLUTELY NOT. IT IS AN ONGOING PROGRAM. IT WILL NEVER BE TOO LATE. The photos can always be added and we need them to be scanned into permanent records at the Overholser Research Center.

Friday is Pie Day. I’m really looking forward to those cherry pies.

How is your, “Kind Deed” program going? Remember that even a phone call counts, a smile/hello, and a thank you for a favor. Why is it that everyone smiles when the sun is out?

God bless our troops and GOD BLESS AMERICA.