Tuesday, March 11, 2014

View From The Bridge 3/12/14

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Have you noticed, in the evening, that there this is a light on the American Flag at the United States Post Office in Fort Benton?  I specify Fort Benton because I am told it is so bright it can be seen at the Geraldine Post Office.  (Just kidding!)

I had received several phone calls about the light on the Post Office building not being enough to light up the flag sufficiently.  Previous Post Masters would take the flag down late afternoon at 4:30 p.m.  You knew then that you could not mail a letter outside and you could still do so by going inside before 5:00 p.m.  Flag code etiquette says that there must be a light directly on the flag and it must also be able to go up and down in case of the necessity of it being at half mast.

The process has been a while happening.  The Post Office is not as quick with those kinds of projects as they are with delivering our mail.  (Ronda and Susan…I hope you8 can take a bit of joshing.  You are actually the best and know all of us.  If you have noticed lately they just put yellow slips in your mail box if you have a package.  It used to be that they put the box number on it.  That is how well they know every one of us and our box numbers.  I think that is quite an accomplishment.)

For the six years that I helped Wally with his Rural Mail Box delivery, I knew about 30 mail patrons and their box numbers.  I retained those for about five years after we retired and now they are gone forever.  I cannot imagine having to remember the hundreds of boxes that Rhonda and Susan have to remember.  Be sure to thank them when you collect your mail next time.

Just a week away.  I will not dwell on it but I cannot help but say these temperatures sure look good to me.

In previous years I received reports of the first robins sighted in the area.  Not so any longer.  Robins have stayed around the whole winter this past season.  I would like to hear though, if any more sightings have been observed.  If you could get a photo of one, it would be even better.  Send it to the River Press.  Their e-mail is listed in the paper.

I have always been envious of St. Patrick’s Day and the way that the Irish and their descendants celebrate.  The nationality that I come from has no such thing.

I will drag out of the Holiday closet, all the green things that I have accumulated over the years.  I’ll be all decked out next Monday with no place to go actually.  I can always jig around the kitchen as some excitement.

Whatever you do or whoever you are, enjoy the day and make it memorable.

On Tuesday, the 18th, another performance is coming up.  Randy Morger announced at the last performance that in five weeks there would be another Performing Arts.  What happened to the last four weeks?  I guess time flies when you are having fun.

The Trio Voronezh will put on a very interesting show.  It is very interesting kind of music and get yourself and family to the Elementary school to see for yourselves.  See you there.

Not your usual Fort Benton Senior Citizens Golden Age Pie Day.  It is National Pie Day because it is 314.  (Same old joke every year.)

The Volunteer Organization that I admire most is the EMT’s.  What a wonderful, dedicated, caring group of people.

Our call a couple of weeks ago had them waken from a sound sleep at 5:00 a.m. to get out in the cold from a warm bed to tend to our needs.  No amount of thanks could ever be enough.  How much can you thank someone who perhaps saves your life, calms your fears, and knows what to do at the right time.  They are the very special people in this world who know what it is to help someone in need.

Remember them every day with your kindest thoughts and best wishes that someone does something wonderful for them.    Bless all the EMT’s and keep safe for all of us.

I reported last week that the prizes for the Billy Swensgard Memorial were displayed in the Benton Pharmacy window.  They are being moved to the Pioneer Lodge windows this week.  In this beautiful weather, take a walk and see what your
purchased raffle ticket might win for you.

We appreciate your co-operation Susan.


‘Support Our Troops,” red t-shirts will arrive in town late Wednesday.  If you really want one quickly, call Diane Jones or me.  Our phones numbers were in last week’s River Press.  They will be available at the Loma Flea Market.