Wednesday, January 2, 2013

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It seems strange to be typing 1/2/13.  I wonder how long it will be before I get my checks correct by writing 2013 on them.  Somehow, 2013 seems like a strange year.  Is it the 13 or something else?  Are you looking forward to it or doing a great deal of wondering as I am?  By some miracle, will the conflict in the east end?  Will global warming continue and will storms/disasters go on at a greater rate?  Just as we all waited to see what kind of winter Fort Benton would endure, we now “wait it out.”

It is 7:30 p.m. on Saturday evening and as I look out the window, (I turned the deck light flood light on,) next to my computer, there is the most beautiful snowfall.  I know that it will not be so beautiful tomorrow when it has to be shoveled, but at the moment it is.  Our snow the last few weeks has usually been at night.  My “Mr. Snow-Cleaner-Off” person has already been here in the early hours long before I wake up.  I would hope that the weather has not been too difficult for any of you readers.  I have the luxury of starting the truck from inside the house and my trips are in a warm vehicle.  I do not have to arise early in the morning to go to a job.  I had too many years of that kind of schedule.  I can only assure those of you who have a job that the years will go so quickly you will look back and say, “What happened to them?”

In the past 15 minutes, the snow has diminished to almost nothing.  I would venture to guess that we have about two more inches on the ground.  It is like a picture postcard now with the snow sparkling in the light.  So enjoy, we only have about 10 more weeks of winter.  Oh, did you see the full moon on the 28th?  It lights up my bedroom as if it were daytime.  How beautiful is that?

I missed Winnie Appleby’s 90th birthday open house at the Pioneer Lodge on Saturday because I am entertaining a head cold that began Friday evening.  I wish you many good wishes Winnie, and honestly…you do not look a day over 59.  I should look so good when I reached 90.  I would also like to mention here how much I enjoy it when you play the piano at the Golden Age Senior Center.  You always play the old songs that we enjoy so much and actually know the words to sing along.  So Happy, Happy Birthday and many more.

Because the first day of the month is on Tuesday, the Friends meeting will be on the second Wednesday, which is January 9th.  Cindy always says, “Be a friend and bring a friend.”  Our membership is growing because the word has gotten around what a great group it is.  We all have a common love of the library, books, and just getting together once a month doing something we enjoy.  Books were available in December and we will be discussing the first book of the season at this January meeting.  If you are a fast reader, you will still have time to read the book.  However, do not let that keep you from attending if you are coming just to meet the Friends.  I encourage you to come if the only reason is to get out of the house.  The real world is still out there and has to be dealt with eventually.  See you there.

This meeting will also be an early one on January 10th.  If you like doing some volunteer work (they ask very little,) you should be attending this meeting.  The Fort Benton Woman’s Club is the best in the State of Montana.  I will beat their drum because they do tremendous amounts of charity work in our city.  They do not ask to be recognized for their work; however, I just want to let them know that they are appreciated.  They just finished the Thanksgiving baskets, the Angel Program, and the Christmas baskets.  In last weeks River Press, there was an article about how many baskets and Angel gifts were distributed.  Fort Benton could not get along with you General Federation of Woman’s Clubs.  You deserve so much more than my few words.  Great job!

I tried to reach the company for three days last week but could not get through.  I did connect with their web site but it only tells you schedules around the city.  There is no information there about a shuttle from Havre stopping at towns along Route 87 to Great Falls.  It says to call if you have any questions.  I will try again tomorrow (Monday) and perhaps have more information for you next week.  Today is Sunday and I have to submit the View this afternoon. 

Please call me if your family, organization, or other events have plans or have been planned that you would like to appear in the View.  I can only know if you tell me.  Please call 899-1380 after 9:00 a.m.  I would really appreciate it.