Tuesday, July 30, 2013

View From The Bridge 7/31/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
 By Muncie

I informed you last week that the Bing Cherries were on their way from the Flathead Valley on August 1st.  If you did not call Chandee @788-7246 or Connie @ 750-2918 to place an order, not to worry.  There will be plenty of cherries available.  Ordering ahead of time would be very helpful as they would have been packaged up for you.  Happy snacking time as it only comes once a year.

I love almost every kind of music and this charming “Couple,” certainly fill the bill.  It will be a delightful evening on Thursday the 1st, at the Old Fort Benton yard.  Bring your lawn chairs, picnic basket, beverages, and some Bing cherries.  (Also bring a disposable bag for your seeds and stems.  I know you would not throw them on the ground.)  See you there.

When son Randy moved to Fort Benton, he and I decided that we were going to co-author a book.  It would be titled, “If We Were Co-Presidents.”  It would contain the changes that we would like to make in the system.  Randy did not like my first suggestion.  It was, “No one under the age of 18 or anyone over the age of 80 could drive a vehicle.”  I see the nonsense of that statement as I am over the age of 80 now and I need to drive.  Also, it would have lost many votes from citizens over 80.  Thank goodness I do not have to worry about those under 18 who cannot vote anyway.

I love Randy’s first suggestion and I am very sure that most of you will too.  “Everyone will be required to wear a nametag.”  I love that one because these days I can come up with a name of a person I do not even know or hardly know.  Yet, a close relative or friend blanks me out completely. 

I do not feel too badly about that situation because it seems that everyone I talk to about it is in the same boat.  Someone told me that my computer brain is overloaded and that certainly is the truth.  I have to start deleting some of that overload.  I think I will start with cooking, cleaning the house, and writing bills.  How does that sound to you?  It probably will not impress the male gender.  However:  I will probably load up again with reading books I have put aside for a rainy day, catching up with working on photographs, and doing more puzzles.  Sounds good to me! 

I would like to hear from you readers your favorite so called quirk in the system.  We would add it to the book giving you the credit.  I am sure that the list will far surpass the number of pages we would have in the book.  It would make great reading.  Two catches…no politics or religion.  I do not get involved with those biggies.


The carnival is coming along with all the other goodies that the Fair provides.  It is another of my favorite events in Fort Benton.  I had never been privy to a County Fair when I lived in Michigan.  It is such a down-home event seeing family and friends everyday for three days.  Even though our Fair has slowed down a bit, I would encourage you readers to keep on or begin to enter items in the Fair.  There is a really great variety of items you can enter.  If you have never entered before, start with just one thing.  Booklets will be out and around soon that gives you “all you want to know about entering items at the Fair.”  It is especially fun for the youngsters to be owners of a blue, red, or white ribbon.  See you there and good luck.

I know you do not want to be reminded of that but the fact is that it is inevitable.  It comes around every year just like Christmas.  There is no getting away from it.  I enjoy when the kiddos are at the Elementary because I am only a short end of a block away and I can hear them in the morning on the playground and at all the recesses.  I miss that during the summer.  So humor me and be happy that you will be starting another year and a grade ahead.

There is a little booklet with that title at the Visitor’s Information Center.  I read it on my shift last week.  It is a Traveler’s Guide for visitors and locals alike.  On one of the back pages is an article titled, “MT – love it or leave!  There are 9 good reasons for loving or leaving.  I’ll give you one every week to ponder on.  No. 1 – Pull your droopy pants up.  You look like an idiot.  (Note:  that is a touchy one, they do get better, and funnier.  If you cannot wait for the next 8 weeks, you could make a trip to the Center and pick up a copy.  Be sure to sign the guest book while you are there.)