Tuesday, February 22, 2011

View From The Bridge 2/23/11

‘VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Lester and Kim Naeseth lost everything they owned in a house fire on Saturday February 19th. I am sure that Tim, (Editor of the River Press,) will have a complete story in this week’s edition concerning the fire.

It was a double tragedy as Lester and Kim, after the first fire alarm response of our Volunteer Firefighters, were able to enter the house to pack some belongings. Unfortunately, not having any idea that a second fire would flare up, left the boxes in the house. The second fire, in the early morning hours, destroyed the home and they lost everything.

A fundraiser is being planned for Sunday March 6th, at 1:00 p.m. A spaghetti dinner, donated by manager Cindy LaFontaine and her husband, will begin at 1:00 p.m. at the Club House. It will be a “Donation Only” dinner. At 3:00 p.m., a silent and live auction will begin. Donations to either of the auctions will be welcomed. All auction donations can be registered with Debbie Frieze at 781-8102. Please call as soon as possible so there will be adequate time for organization of the items

Fifty/Fifty tickets will be available at all the saloons in town and well as at the auction.

Cash donations can be deposited at First Security Bank under the Tree of Treasures/Naeseth account. Donations are then eligible for a deduction on your income tax.

I know from experience that the people of Fort Benton are the most generous, caring, and helpful in the whole of the State of Montana per capita. You are always right there the moment a situation such as this one occurs. I am so proud of Fort Benton, and I am so proud to say I live here. I would not want to live anywhere else in the world.

I know that I use the word AWESOME often, however how else could one describe the District C Basketball game last Saturday evening at the Great Falls Field House between our own Longhorns and the Belt Huskies. AWESOME!

I again, am sure that there will be a detailed account of the game but I would like to tell about the feelings of the folks that sat around and near us. We had no doubt at first that we had no concerns as the Longhorns had won two previous games handily against the Huskies. Not to worry, we thought.

However…, the Huskies had done their homework and had made some strategy changes. They came on like Gang Busters and it was touch and go through the whole game. We were on the edge of our seats, moaning and groaning with each basket, and not sure at all that we were going to win this one. However, we never lost hope and the last two minutes of the game were high blood pressure moments. We like close games rather than those that are not at all close, but this was a little too close.

The victory was AWESOME and we can hardly wait until the Divisional tournaments that begin on Wednesday. If you love basketball, you will be there waving your Longhorns towel donated by Missouri River Lumber. GO LONGHORNS.

By the way…, we wish the best to the Lady Longhorns too. Your games were awesome too but it just was not your year. The Lady Huskies from Belt seem to feel that it is their year. Some rumblings around the gym were that they were required to do Cross Country training so they would be faster and stronger than their opponents would. We could not verify that and perhaps it was just rumblings by Belt fans. GO LADY LONGHORNS.

Another highlight of the District Tournament was the Cheerleaders. Their half-time routine was A-l, first class, AWESOME, and perfection. I saw the dance routine at the last basketball game, and we sit in the balcony. My eyesight is not what it used to be, and as a result, I cannot see their faces clearly. At the District Tournament, we sat directly behind the Cheerleaders. What a revelation. They are very special young women and how they can learn and memorize all the movements is beyond me. I cannot even dance

Actually, let me explain I was the tallest girl in my class. Many of the boys had joined up and did not tell the truth about their ages in WWII. As a result, at dances, there were not enough boys and I would lead. Not good. I still want to lead but not in any other activities. I am a worker bee…not a queen.

I digress, so back to the Cheerleaders. I checked with the girls Coach, Diane Lehman, and Assistant Coach Lindsey Krause, about the hours that the Cheerleaders practice. They begin at the same time as the Football Team and end after the Basketball Tournaments.

My figures add up to approximately 25 weeks @ 5 days a week @ 2 hours a day equals 250 hours. That equates to 31.25 workdays @ 8 hours a day. That is a whole lot of practice. That does not count the hours spent at the games nor the travel time to and from games. That is a whole lot of dedication time and for the Fort Benton Cheerleaders, it makes them #1. I heard a woman sitting behind me say, “It was worth $8.00 just to watch the Cheerleaders dance.” GO CHEERLEADERS.

A moment of silence was asked for during half time to announce the death of a Centerville graduate of 2007, who was killed in Afganistan last Thursday. Jon Pilgeram was 22 years old. On Saturday, February 19th, the announcement was the headline of The Great Falls Tribune.

Jon was a rancher/farmer, hard working, and well-liked young man. Another quality that stood out, said the Tribune, was his loyalty to his friends, his school, and the military. He was excited to get into the military. The phone call about his death came during the 8C District basketball tournament.

He was the first alumni from Centerville to lose his life in the Afganistan conflict. Our condolences to his parents, family, friends, and Centerville High School.

The most enjoyed of the Chouteau County Performing Arts programs is only a few days away. See you there.

It is now Sunday afternoon and I have to send this View off tonight. We are going to Helena tomorrow. I am sitting next to my computer site window and the sun is shining. Early this morning when I awoke, the temperature was 9 degrees above zero. It is now 4:00 p.m. and the temperature is 10 degrees above zero. Oh well, we can look forward to the next two days when the temperature should reach 30 in Great Falls. Fort Benton should be a bit warmer. Then we plunge back to the 0 degrees and below. Come on Mother Nature. Give us a break.

In the past week, Fort Benton has lost two of the oldest citizens. Our condolences to Jim Trott’s and Phil Schoonover’s families. We will sorely miss them.

Please keep our Army, Air Corps, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy in your thoughts and prayers. Will we ever see peace in our lifetimes?