Tuesday, July 2, 2013

View From The Bridge 7/3/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Wasn’t that the most fun parade ever?  It was so well organized as to placement of the entrants.  We set up our chairs early and as a result had a front row view.  Then came the most fun of all.  My daughter, who became a senior citizen last year, began bartering with an 11 year old for pieces of candy.  (Note:  wasn’t the candy bountiful?)  The young man was Logan Dale Maxwell and he and Jennifer had a great time trading kinds of candy that they preferred.  Logan’s friend, Joshua Everette Allen Rollans was the wiser and did not get into the bartering.  A red sucker went to Nathan from Jennifer for some Tootsie Rolls.  A flowered necklace went from Nathan to Jennifer for three bead necklaces.  It went on and on until finally Nathan began to catch on and he began demanding heavier trading in pieces of candy.  It was the most fun we have ever had at a parade and we told the boys that we would see them the same time, same place, next year.  Nathan and Joshua are the kind of boys we admire here in Fort Benton.  You are true blue.

Another of the best events of Summer Celebration is the Class Reunions.  They look great in the Parade and have already gotten together to delve into what has happened in the last 5, 10, or 20 years.  With our large family, there is some kind of a reunion almost every year.  Perhaps someone can answer this question.  Where do the years go?

As I wrote about in last week’s River Press, the Lions Club did collect monies for the Fireworks Fund.  One Lion worked the Parade Route on his bicycle.  Several Lions walked up and down the Levee for about 2 hours before the Fireworks Show.  They were very successful and people were very generous.  The collection was almost what was spent on the fireworks.  If you were not able to contribute, you can still do so.  Take or send a check to the First Security Bank with Fireworks written on the front.  It will get to the right place.

I remember a long while back when $2,500.00 covered the fireworks show.  With prices rising the way they are, I can only guess-t-mate what they cost today.  Everyone was especially pleased with the Waterfall from the Bridge every year.  What a beautiful sight.  The finale was breath taking and the end of a perfect day.  (Well, perhaps it was a little too warm, but we are not complaining too much.  It was better than the year we had to cancel the Parade.) 

The City Crew will have quite a job this morning, (Monday,) as they usually have after Summer Celebration   I, and I know many others, really appreciate what you do to set up for this celebration.  How about, same time, same place next year?

Many questions are asked of volunteers at the Visitor Information Center.  When I first moved to Great Falls, Montana, I volunteered at Giant Springs Interpretive Center.  We went through a Volunteer Training Program and one of the things we concentrated on was how to answer questions.  They asked that we never say that we do not know.  We say, “I will find the answer for you.”  It may have meant that we would take their name and telephone number to contact them with an answer.

On Summer Celebration Sunday, I had a shift from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Wanita Stupy, visited the Center with her son, Arie, wife Vicky, granddaughter Lauryn aged 5, and grandson Kaleb aged 7.  Kaleb, the 7 year old, asked me if I knew how many boards were on The Old Bridge.  What?  How could I possibly know that?  I said to him that I would pay him if he would count the boards.  Kaleb said, “There are 843 board as I have already counted them.  I knew that I did not know more than a 5th Grader but now find that I do not know more than a 3rd grader.  Some days it does not pay to get up in the morning.

I rewarded him, with Rita’s help, to a coin from the Penny Machine.  You are a gem Kaleb, and I know that someday you will be an engineer, an architect, or even President of the United States.  I will keep track of you in East Helena.  Come back soon to visit Fort Benton, perhaps for the Chouteau County Fair.

If you have some “small world stories,” that happened during the Celebration, please let me know.  I like to hear them.  I did hear a few; however they are too lengthy to print here.  It is amazing to me to have someone come from miles away, (perhaps hundreds,) and have small world stories.  In our small populated Montana, it is not difficult to find someone who knows someone who knows you and/or is related to you.  I did not find that situation where I lived before I came to Montana.  There were too many people and they did not speak to each other like the friendly people of Montana.  Who knows?  I may be a queen or princess from Hungry if only my great grandparents or grandparents had communicated not just a little more but at all.  Actually, I would not fit into the character of a queen or princess.  Now if I were a descendant from some historical personage that would be a different story.