Tuesday, July 17, 2018

View From The Bridge 7/18/18

By Muncie

I am so happy that you are back. Your additional July 4th decorations around the hollow tree were such a surprise and now I know that you are alive and well. It takes a great deal of pressure from me because the terrain around that hollow tree is treacherous.

I want to say I am sorry again for horning in on your idea but also have another clue as to who you are. You must have been out of town for February’s Valentine’s Day and In March during St. Patty’s Day. So, from now on the rest is up to you. I will be removing   the red, white, and blue flags at the end of the month and it is now all up to you. I know you will come up with something spectacular for summer. Just a note here, at the end of the month I will put the rabbit and carrot back in the hollow tree. Please take them back home to wait for next Easter.

Last Saturday when I picked up my mail I received a card from Lee Smith of Bremerton, WA, who is the brother of Phyllis Smith of Fort Benton. The note was to let me know that he reads the View from the Bridge every week and likes my view of what is going on.                       

I have found many times that those former residents of our town still subscribe to the River Press.

A while back I mentioned the different states that I hear from and one of them is a family member who checks me carefully as to the creditability of my stories.

I have often said that I would really appreciate calls from local residents about their experiences but those are far and few between.

I try to keep you informed but it is usually after the fact. I still say that I am the last to know anything. I do not do Facebook nor do I hear from those who do. I know that I am missing a lot but I have a difficult time trying to keep up with e-mail. Now that I have the Windows 10 I am completely lost in the tech world. HELP! Just call me please because I am still able to answer the phone.

So those of you in WA, OH, MI, FL, CA, NM, PA, and other towns in MT, I send my gratitude and “love you more.”

The new deck behind the Center is coming along nicely. Last Tuesday during my shift from noon to 2:00 some of the top boards had been installed and stained. It is my hope that you will pack a lunch and some to the Center to sit on the deck and enjoy the Missouri River view while eating your lunch. It is supposed to be in the 90’s all this week but there is a lot of shade in that area. See you there.

It always starts out slow but there were many of the old faithful customers there. Our former elementary school principal Rusty Bower and his wife Hazel will be there soon with their oriental food. Congrats are in order for their Baby Girl born a week ago Monday. I cannot understand why Hazel wasn’t at the Farmers Market on Thursday. My joke of the week. I Hope to see you soon and bring that Baby along. There will be plenty of people who will be happy to hold her.

It looks as though the projected finish by the end of July will be a reality. A problem may occur this coming weekend when the Swim Meet brings many people to town. 

Only a short portion of Front Street is blocked off as of Monday the 16th. The Walking Trail has not been affected. Getting to the trail is difficult for me now because of lawns being watered during the day. I wait until the sprinkler goes in the other direction and then I scurry through. I have not gotten wet yet at the Bluffs but the Park is another story. I will just have to learn to not go to town on the days that they water or else I will not have to take a shower that day. Some of these 90 plus days I would just like to sit in those sprinkler areas with the cold water.

Last week B.J. Conn McIntosh’s ashes were returned to Fort Benton from Oregon to be buried in the Riverside Cemetery. I cannot remember when B.J. left Fort Benton but it was after a long stay during which time she took care of her parents Mary and Charlie Conn.

B.J. was instrumental in keeping great records for the Veterans Photo project. We volunteered at the Ag Center’s Research Center.

After her parents passed, B.J. had a stroke and she underwent physical therapy in the hospital in Great Falls.

She then returned to Oregon but did not return to good health. Since she was born and raised in Fort Benton, she wanted to be buried here. We often talked about her love of Fort Benton and Montana but her business and home called her back to Oregon.

My sympathies and understanding thoughts go out to all of you who have lost loved ones. I read the obituaries and wish I had known all of the people. It was amazing to find the interesting lives they all lived. I’m grateful that my life did cross with B.J’s. and I am grateful for the time I had with her and the many things she taught me about organization.


Parents…check the Community Calendar in the River Press and check out the great summer programs the BLM and the Library have planned.

The free golf lessons for kids are really a bonus and I wish I could go but I am a bit too old. The swimming pool is open every day and that should be a huge draw this coming hot week.

So, Parents check the schedules and remind your kids. I met a couple of youngsters riding their bikes who told me they had nothing to do. Really! That is hard to believe.

To the Kiddos, you only have a little over a month before school starts. Make the most of your vacation so you will have something to talk about when it gets cold and starts snowing. (Now those are ugly words.)