Tuesday, April 2, 2013

View From The Bridger 4/3/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

We surely cannot complain about the weather last week.  Even on Easter Sunday, when it was predicated rain and snow showers, it was a great day.  Our drive to Helena was the most pleasant ride.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for traveling.

April showers bring Mayflowers.  April brings on more than flowers.  It means Income Tax time, the beginning of the baseball season, Dump Days in Fort Benton, good fishing time, seeing a lot of green on lawns and hills, and budding of the trees by the end of the month.  I do not think that I have ever enjoyed a spring more than this year.  The feeling that winter is over seems to keep everyone moving along at a high rate of enthusiasm about the many projects thought about during those long dark winter nights   Good luck with all of those good deed thoughts.

On Tuesday the 26th on my way home from the Research Center, I enjoyed seeing a group of children playing on the playground equipment.  The next day, Wednesday, when I took my first walk of the season, I saw a blackened sky over Signal Point of geese that was accompanied by much honking.  I also saw a fishing motorboat, a man throwing a huge stick into the Missouri, and his dog retrieving it.  As I stood and watched, the dog brought the stick to my feet.  I so wanted to throw it into the river; however, the dog snatched it away before I could pick it up.  Smart dog…he knew I could not throw it very far.  It was fun just to watch for a while and wonder how he could even think about going into that cold water.

It is full speed ahead for the Adopt-a-Plot rejuvenating for spring.  The program will now be under the supervision of Karen Giles who is the Conservation Chairperson of the General Federation of Woman’s Club.

I worked on a report of the plots that needed the most care.  I found that many plots have been abandoned, need to be readopted, and need lots of T.L.C.  Please respond to this plea to help maintain the beauty of the Levee Walking Trail.  If you need help with your plot, please contact Karen.

Help me to solve a puzzle.  When Nancy and Howard Hanford had to give up their plot, someone offered to take it over.  Whoever it was, did a wonderful job last summer:  however, I cannot remember who it was.  Please identify yourself as quickly as you can at 899-1380.  In the meanwhile, I will call you the Mystery Woman.

The collection at the Fair Grounds on Saturday the 30th was another successful day.  One member of the committee reported there were times that there were vehicles lined up to be emptied of their recyclables.  I am grateful to those who are on the committee who take the time, (especially before a holiday,) to be at the Fairgrounds to collect.  It is a labor of love, care, and concern for the environment.   I know that you will keep up the good work and you all have my appreciation.  I will have a report next week as to the weight of the recyclables.  The committee decided not to have a meeting today, Monday the 1st, but will reconvene on Monday the 8th for reports. 

On Wednesday April 10th, The Alley Cats will be in Fort Benton sponsored by the Chouteau County Performing Arts, First Security Bank, First Security Insurance, and First Security Financial.  The group started in 1987 by four Cats at Disneyland.  They have appeared on TV, radio shows, Performing Arts Centers, fairs, festivals, schools, and U.S.O. shows welcoming troops home from Iraq.  The 80’s were busy years for me as I made drastic life changes.  I did not, “Get Around Much Anymore.”  I will enjoy catching up on music from that era. 

It is the last of the Performing Arts programs for the season.  Let us fill the auditorium to show the Committee our support of their hard work.  We can then look forward to next years Committee choices for the 2013/2014 season.  I expect it to be a blockbuster because of the talent they bring to the small town of Fort Benton.

The Piatigorsky Foundation sponsored by the Chouteau County Performing Arts and Grand Union Hotel will be held on Friday, April 12th at 8:00pm.  They will present soprano Katharine Dain and pianist Jeffrey Grossman.  If you love classical music, come and be inspired by this live concert.  You will gain an unparalleled understanding of classical pieces and composers.  It is the best one hour you could ever spend that day and an added bonus is that it is free of charge.  See you there.

Now that the “What Love Means to 4 to 8 year olds” is over, I have been trying to come up with a replacement.  Cindy Lenington always has very clever sayings on her newsletter for The Friends of the Library.  I am going to try sayings from “My Heavens to Betsy! & Other Curious Sayings” book by author Charles Funk.  Tell me if you like it.

“Right Up (or Down,) One’s Alley.”  There are several selections:  however, the one that I liked was the following.  “It has been suggested, learnedly, that these expressions may have originated from baseball.  The fact that “down the alley,” means that a ball so hit as to go between the fielders, usually good for a home run.”

A second explanation is that “alley, is merely a substitute for “street,” or the locality on which one lives.  It is the figuratively way of saying the place at which I am most at home.”  Therefore, I say it is right up my alley to live in Fort Benton.