Tuesday, January 22, 2019

View From The Bridge 1/23/18

By Muncie

This Saturday the annual Montana Performing Arts Consortium showcase will be at the Civic Center in Great Falls. The showcases begin at 9:00 a.m. and last all day. It is an amazing time of music and the best part is that it is FREE.

You will see acts that may be chosen to appear at the CCPA here in Fort Benton.  So, take the day off, enjoy the showcases, have lunch at the many choices you can find there, and go home humming many of your favorite songs. See you there!

On the 30th of January, The Sound Exchange, will be at the Elementary School. Please make an effort to be there. You will love this group and their performance. They are dazzling. When they were here in Fort Benton for Consortium in 2018 our local audiences gave them rave reviews. They insisted the CCPA Board invite them back.

Well, they will be here a week from Wednesday. See you there!

Last Friday’s basketball game with Big Sandy was a flurry of pink shirts. It was a fund raiser for the Cancer Support Group. That was the reason for the pink.

The same fun time was on at the Fort Benton vs. Big Sandy at Big Sandy a few weeks ago. Next year’s plans are to spread the word about the pink.

There are pink shirts for sale every other year and this was not the year. Hopefully the shirts are for sale a few weeks ahead so they can be worn to the “PINK” game.

You know the saying, “Location, location, location,” is important In real estate. Well, “Advertising, advertising, advertising,” is important in the every-day world. We will try to work a little harder to get information to get the word to you. However, you the readers must cooperate with the events that you are planning. It is more fun when many people are in on the project. I had one of the pink shirts but in my moving to the Sunset apartments, I cannot find it. I found an old Michigan pink shirt and so I turned it inside out. (No one even noticed.

Next Thursday the 24th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Community Bible Center will be another fundraiser.  Allie Wallace excels in the Track program and is raising money to go to compete in Australia

She and her Mom, Kellie, found a recipe for Sconcos and with many volunteers will work for hours to prepare these treats. They are delicious and you can either eat them at the Center or take a bag full home. They reheat very well, ask for direction, and enjoy. Also have Allie tell you her story. She is a delightful young woman and we are so proud of her and have a right to brag about her accomplishments. We wish her good luck and look forward to seeing how well she does competing with “Trackers” from all over the world.

On Saturday, the 19th, the Salvation Nation Band from Havre, was at Sunrise Bluffs to entertain everyone in Fort Benton. I wish more people, other than just the people who live at the Bluffs, had enjoyed their performance. I realize that the weather was not as pleasant as it has been. These bands that come to Fort Benton from Havre and Great Falls make an effort to visit us once a year. It is a great effort to pack up all their equipment and drive the 70 miles from Havre. But then again, you know how I feel about filling the auditorium for CCPA.

The Salvation Nation played songs that we could recognize and the “Leader of the Band” played a game with us. He gave us clues, with a free trip to Chester, if we could guess what the group would play next. Most songs were from movies and no one got the free trip to Chester. It was a fun afternoon and perhaps the next time they are here in Fort Benton, with a little more advertising, we will have a larger crowd.

Tuesday evenings, during the summer, in Havre, the Salvation Nation plays at the local park. We were invited to attend if we are in Havre next summer. What a wonderful idea. Do you suppose that Fort Benton could come up with a program like that?

I asked the leader of the band where they got their name. His answer was just what I thought it would be. Our Nation needs salvation especially today. It all ends up with the same old, same old, “Love Thy Neighbor.” Think about that. I have thought long and hard about what I can do to light one little candle. Can you do one small act of kindness every day? It may be the answer.

As a young boy said to me when I had to ask for a ride home from the Bluffs. When I got out of the vehicle, he said, “It sure makes you feel good when you can do something to help someone.”

Since some of us in Fort Benton have been shuffled around with insurance companies in the last several years, it is difficult to know in which direction to go. As far as I could find out the reason, it was because we are rural communities and we did not give them enough business. During this time my auto insurance company also cancelled me for the same reason.     

All this leads to an invitation from a young woman, named Jill, who will be at the Golden Age Senior Center on on Friday February 15th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to answer your questions. She will have treats and again begin bringing a birthday/anniversary cake for the Golden Age Senior Center the last Sunday of the month.

You are all invited so come on over ad enjoy a little time relaxing and visiting with friends and neighbors who may have the same questions that you have.

I will remind you again as the time gets closer but in the meanwhile put the date on your calendar.

I did not know Diane Walker as a personal friend but as one of the women I visited at the MRMC during all the holidays.

I loved visiting with her as she took me all over the world with her stories about her travels. I have done a little traveling myself but nothing as exciting as hers.

She said that she enjoyed my visits ad would call me often to ask how I was doing. I did not visit her for Thanksgiving or Christmas because it was a little too chilly to “GoGo” to the hospital. I did however get there the day before Diane passed away. She was in a very sound sleep and did not hear me. I knew it was not long for her. I was happy about the time I spent with her and wish she could tell me about her final journey.