Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie Morger

The fundraiser last Thursday at the Golden Age Senior Center for Shawn Giles was a tremendous success. Overheard several times was the comment that Fort Benton was the most generous community they had ever encountered. There was a very tasty spaghetti dinner and an abundance of brownies for dessert. There were many volunteers involved and they carried out their duties as planned. The duties included cooking the spaghetti, making the salad, baking the brownies, setting the tables and the special entertainment. It was certainly a special evening and we all want you, Shawn, to get well to be able to care of your five children. If you were unable to attend the fundraiser, you can still help by going to the First Security Bank with your donation.

Another worthwhile fundraiser had the Sunrise Bluffs “Rockin.” It was a “Rollin” success according to my sources. The Bluffs are a very important part of our community. Sometimes we older citizens bulk at leaving our sometimes life long homes and moving to the Bluffs. If only one could realize how much easier life would be and it would turn out a home away from home. Living alone is not only lonely but sometimes not the safest thing to do. At the Bluffs, there is always someone to check on you and the friendships are enduring. If you have any doubts about what to do if you have to make that decision…just do it. It is my opinion but I have had many who now reside there that it is the best thing they have ever done.

It was very disappointing when the public hearing was held a week ago Monday and only five (5) citizens of Fort Benton attended. The River Press editor, Tim, had a thorough report of the council meeting in last week’s edition, which told about the whole meeting. My view of the public hearing was that it did not include much of the public. I have urged several times before, that the council meetings should have some part of your life. You also could talk with your district councilperson and make them aware of your slant of various discussions concerning your city. For example,…a controversial topic is on the agenda. It seems as though, those who are for it are in the majority. Those that are against it rarely show up or voice their opinions. We should have a voice in all decisions concerning our city. O.K. that is enough of the lecture.

On the other hand, the forum the General Federation of Women’s Clubs who sponsored the program, considered it a success. There were about seventy-five (75) in attendance and about half a dozen people who asked questions. Editor, Tim, will have that report in this issue because the forum was held on Wednesday evening. All the candidates answered the questions and if you were not satisfied with the answers, you should contact them directly. I just wanted to make the point that there was a good attendance and that all that I talked with said it was a good and needed program.

Due to popular demand there were more Summer Celebration t-shirts ordered. There are three different designs in co-coordinating colors available in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large There are no xxx or xxxx large available. Please call Cathy Burtch on her cell 490-1180 to order and/or leave a message if she is not available.

It was surprising last Friday evening, how many fans of the football team attended the game despite the cold. The main story, I was told, was that the concession stand ran out of hot chocolate at half time. Someone did not check the larder. The Junior Varsity and the Freshmen teams had the opportunity to get more playing time which was valuable experience for them. Go Horns.

Your coach, Holly McAllister, has been writing about your games and I am not into statistics. I just want to say that watching your games is very enjoyable to the fans and Go Lady Longhorns.

There will be public interviews for a new county extension agent on Friday, October 16th. I received an e-mail with just that information on it and since it is on the 16th, I had to pass it on in this week’s column. That is all the information I have and I am not able to check it out because the View has to go to the River Press tonight (Sunday) as I will not be home on Monday. The original e-mail was from Corrine Protsman and her e-mail is If this concerns you, please contact her.

There will be another Flag Retirement Program on Veteran’s Day; November 11th sponsored by the Boy Scout Troop whose leader is Larry Garlic. If you have a flag that needs to be retired, please take it to the V.F.W. Club House, give it to a Boy Scout, to Troop Leader Larry Garlic or at my house in the entryway on Main Street. If you do not know where I live, please call me at 622-3217 after 1:00 pm. If none of these options is convenient for you, we will arrange a pickup. God bless America and our Flag. This ceremony is only held two times a year so take advantage of this opportunity.

We said so long to another long time friend, Mickey Allen. Every one has a story about Mickey but the most amazing thing about him was that he lived to be 106 years old. He was an honest, hard working man who danced his way through life. We will miss you old friend.

By the time you read this issue October will be half over. Day light savings time will be ending in another two weeks and we will be well into what I consider winter. In my internal calendar winter consists of November, December, January and February. We did not have a so-called “fall” and went directly into winter. Perhaps we will have an Indian summer. I certainly hope so because these short days are not my cup of tea. I like to be outdoors and most of us seniors do not handle this cold weather very well. I suppose with the holidays, the time will pass quickly but I will be looking forward to spring every day. God bless America.