Tuesday, August 13, 2019

View From The Bridge 8/14/19

By Muncie

I missed the Farmers Market, Taste of Fort Benton, and Shakespeare in the Park because company arrived at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday for a happy reunion.

I hear that it was a great success and a good time was had by all. Finally, I would have eaten supper in Old Fort Park. I also missed getting any cherries from the Young’s orchard. I now have to be satisfied with the hundreds of Sweet 100 tomatoes that I have been picking for two weeks from my plants.

The very hot weather helped ripen the tomatoes and I will still have hundreds more when it warms up again.

If you want to know why my tomatoes did so well, I have a secret. If you stop by and visit, I will tell you what it is. It really is quite simple.

Two weeks ago, I was able to go to the Farmer’s Market. I can take the Walking Trail from my apartment to the Market. I always enjoy seeing families picnicking on the Memorial Tables. I passed two such families and at the third one a man sat talking to a woman. I stopped to chat and the man said he was from Denver. The woman also said she was from Denver and then she continued her walk. I asked if they were together and he said no. She was just walking by and stopped to chat with him. What a happening that two strangers who were from the same city, would stop and talk to each other. Strange!

I told him that I would love to chat with him a while longer but I was already late for the market.

I parked myself by Randy’s table and very soon the man from Denver showed up. He came right over to the table and I was told that he had met Randy the day before at the Visitor’s Center.

I do not know the man’s name but I want to pass on what he said about Fort Benton. He loved our town and had purchased a pass to the museums and Old Fort Benton. He covered them thoroughly. His comments about them were that they were in a class with the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

This man is very well traveled according to the conversations Randy had with him the day before. He is 80 years old, travels in his SUV, stays in hotels/motels and of course eats out all the time. His goal is to visit as many places as he can. I envy his lifestyle but have reached the point that “there is no place like home”.

I asked him when he was going to move to Fort Benton and he said that was not a far-fetched idea. As I parted, he said he would be back soon. (Can you imagine that he compared our museums to the Smithsonian? Awesome!) 

Here we are in the middle of August and it is Chouteau County Fair time. I love the fair as much as Summer Celebration because it is a little more confined and you see more friends and neighbors. Be sure to have lunch or dinner with them.

I love the Fair because I can eat all the good junk food without feeling guilty. Yes, hamburgers, hot dogs, French tries, and fry bread are soooo good. Now I do not mean to demean these foods because there is a lot of protein and veggies to make it worthwhile. It is just that those foods are not always available so I take advantage of the time and place.

Be sure to check out all the buildings to see the great items put together by your friends, neighbors and family. Many hours are put into these projects and they deserve to be checked out and even voted on in many places. Just do it! It will be a year before it comes around again. See you there and be sure to say hello.


A reminder that the Catholic Booth at the Fair will be open at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. It offers an opportunity for persons entering items for the Fair that also begins on Thursday. Bon Appetite.

I did not get out much last week because of the hot weather. However, I did find the most beautiful rock on my driveway between my tomato plants. It is gold with the word “SMILE” on it. What a great way to start the day.

I had my nephew, David, and his wife, Karon, visit me on Thursday and Friday. I mention this because they walked all over town looking for a Fort Benton Rock. I had hoped that they would find one to take back to Florida. They did collect some rocks and intend to paint and hide them when they get back home. What fun!

Thank you little 5 -year old Olivia for starting this awesome project. It is amazing what comes from the mouths and minds of children.

The other purpose of this project is to spread “KINDNESS”. It is so much easier to be kind than to be mean. It is so much easier to love than to hate. So, join up with the Fort Benton Rocks and get frustrations out by painting and hiding. It will do wonders for you and for the one finding your rock.

A reminder that Randy Morger will be at the Farmers Market every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. He will be selling season tickets.

So, drop by his table to hot only to purchase your ticket but to support the CCPA. The program his year is outstanding and you won’t want to miss out. See you there!

The Lions Club would like the View to remind you again about their September the 15th (from 9:0 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) huge Garage Sale. I am sure that you have been saving up all your good stuff. After the Fair this coming weekend it will be a good time to do pickups.

Those Lions who do pick-ups are Don Foreman, Henry Shnackerberg, and Brian Evans.

Please check out the Lions ad in the River Press this week for all the proceeds are distributed. GO LIONS because you do so much for our community.

To those who could or should do something about whatever the subject. PLEASE…JUST DO IT.