Tuesday, December 14, 2010

View From The Bridge 12/15/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Can you believe what is going on with the weather? River Press readers tell me that the Almanac said the entire country would have a rough weather. Our friend, Fred Pfeiffer (Weather Reporter,) said we would get 1” of snow on Friday. Well, Great Falls had just a few flurries and Fort Benton’s surrounding area got dumped on…big time.

You must admit that it is beautiful when it is coming down covering everything with a soft white blanket. However, it is not very beautiful when you have to get out there to shovel when you have to be somewhere for an appointment. If you can stay inside, look out the window at the snow coming down, have a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book…that is the way to go. I hope that that works for you. My thoughts were with those who had to drive home from work, in actually what are considered dangerous conditions.

Most of us are thinking about what is to come. Will this cold, snowy weather continue for months? It makes for great conversations with the older generation about how it used to be like this every winter. Thank goodness, the snow is moving eastward. I spoke with my oldest son this evening (Sunday,) who lives near Cleveland, Ohio and his area has blizzard conditions up for Monday. Does anyone have any winter weather stories? I would love to hear and write about them.

Mary Conn’s daughter, Betty, is staying in Fort Benton until March. She and Mary share an apartment at the Sunrise Bluffs. Betty entertained us playing the piano at the spaghetti feed at the Bluffs a week ago. When I spoke with her, she volunteered to come to the Research Center on Tuesday and help me with the pictures. I had the photos in order on my dining room table and I transferred them to the Center. Betty and I spent the day washing the glass on frames, and preparing them for hanging. We finished about forty photos and on Tuesday the 14th will do about another sixty that Ken Robison scanned a couple of weeks ago.

Then will begin the checking out of the biographies of those who have not yet been able to get them to me. However, do not panic folks because everything is on hold until after the holidays. Everyone is running around, full speed ahead, with the shopping, baking, wrapping presents, writing cards, and in general preparing for the holidays. The honest fact is I do not want to think about photos just now. Enjoy doing what needs to be done and the photo project can wait until the New Year.

Saw some great games last Friday and Saturday. We are so happy with the schedule of playing the girls and boys on the same day. We were able to watch both teams and are looking forward to more great games.

The Lady Longhorns are strong and aggressive and won both their games against Denton and Chester. The Longhorns did not fare as well against Denton and lost to Chester by only one point. If anyone left the game at half time, they missed an exciting third and fourth quarter. The boys made up the deficit of about 10 points and kept a pace of basket after basket right to the end. I know it was a heart breaker for them, but it made for a very exciting game for the fans.

The Student Body across the way did a lot of hootin’ and hollarin’ and I am sure it helped boost the team to try harder. We appreciate two great evenings of the first games of the year and keep up the good work. You are #1 in our eyes.

Hey, Bo Sparks! You cannot take four months off to do trapping and not write for the River Press. We want to hear about the trapping and we are sure that some great stories will come from that endeavor. We have heard about some of Mike Nottingham’s trapping stories so how about some of yours.

Randy Morger told us a story today about his rabbit hunting a couple of weeks ago. He got a cottontail that had porcupine needles in his nose. Poor little thing. I try to picture this little rabbit trying to make friends with this porcupine and getting the surprise of his life.

We have a “thing” in the family, mostly the females that bunny rabbits are for pettin’, not for eatin’.

Remember that when you receive this edition of the River Press, the following Tuesday will be the 21st. It is the “Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve’s Eve.” Oh happy day…the days will be getting longer.

Remember your one good deed and be kind. I remember a saying from a long time ago. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Try to imagine living in someone else’s shoes.