Tuesday, December 20, 2011

View From The Bridge 12/21/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Without the benefit of checking data, I am going out on a limb with this statement. Montana must be the only state to have had three football teams in National Tournaments at the same time. Even though there were no National winners, Montana has to be proud. Whatever the stats, the fact remains that we all were disappointed. However, we did enjoyed exciting games. The Montana State University, the University of Montana, and Carroll College are our hero’s. Go Bobcats, Griz, and Saints. We look forward to next year and there is always a next year.

My favorite sport has begun again. We could just manage to make the trip to the Boy’s game last Saturday and arrived just before the game began. Lo and behold…not a parking spot within blocks of the school. Thank goodness, it was a beautiful evening for walking. There were many cheering on the Centerville side of the gym. I really enjoy close games and that certainly was the case that evening. Actually, at one point the Longhorns were 8 points behind and made up the difference. That is quite a difference to make up. Another interesting happening was the number of three pointers that were thrown. I do not remember ever seeing that many before. It was exciting and made for a pleasant evening of “small community entertainment.” We are looking forward to a great season once the Longhorns are warmed up and going strong. Go Horns!

The Lady Longhorns, we were told, also played a hard game. I did not have the opportunity to play any sports in high school simply because they did not have sports for girls in the dark ages. I cannot imagine the strenuous game of basketball as just watching makes me exhausted. I think I would have made a great scorekeeper. Go Lady Longhorns.

Nothing entertaining is going on around town that I have been informed about. The businesses are busy and shopping locally seems to have caught on. If you do not know what to buy someone…give him or her Levee Gold. Let them buy whatever they want. It is such a fun way to go.

I consulted with Police Chief John Turner this week about what is the procedure for running out of gas on the highway. I did not tell you that when I had that experience, I could not find my cell phone. When I got into the truck, it fell out of my jean pocket and went under the cushion I sit on. Chief Turner said never to leave your cell in your pocket. It should be in a spot, like a holder on your dash, so you can find it easily. You should remain in your vehicle, pull off the highway as far as you can, and put your emergency flashers on. (I did not want to tell him that I did not know where they were. I do now.) Never leave your vehicle unless you have someone trustworthy in it. Call 911 and know the approximate location of your vehicle. Be alert to the mile markers. If you have road service be sure you know their phone number and call them if you prefer. You may have a longer wait if you choose that route. Check your flashlight often, (perhaps every time you get gas,) so that your batteries are fresh. (I also forgot to tell you that the flashlight in my purse needed new batteries. I had used it two weeks before but when I needed it, it did not function. I also went to the back of the truck where I keep a flashlight that one has to shake. I could not find it in the dark.) The whole incident was a disaster but I surely learned a good lesson. You will never find me running out of gas ever again.

“Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.” How many times has that happened to you? I have not heard from anyone about writing his or her own Paraprosdokian. Here is another of mine. “To be in seventh heaven is ineffable bliss or delight but I just want to make it to the first one.” I’m on a roll folks.

Besides asking God to bless America, our Troops, Montana, and Chouteau County, I am asking for a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year for all of you. I, frankly, will be happy to see 2012 arrive. I have no reason to think it will be better than 2011 but somehow it has to be. It seems like a new beginning and I do pray that it brings some sort of peace to the world. The year 2011 was not kind to many people. The devastation of floods, tornados, and earthquakes was unmatched. We watched “60 Minutes” this evening and it was so horrendous to hear about people who walk away from their homes because they were repossessed. These homes are then gutted of everything, (like copper and aluminum,) that can be sold. It was very depressing to see houses being torn down so neighborhoods would not be destroyed by decay of the abandoned homes. Some stayed because they simply did not want to leave their homes but were paying on mortgages twice the amount that the houses were worth. Let us all count our blessings whatever they may be.