Tuesday, April 16, 2013

View From the Bridge 4/17/13

By Muncie

The largest count audience at the Elementary School auditorium last Wednesday evening, clapped, hooted, and sang-a-long, with these professional entertainers.  There were many laughs and enjoyable personal stories to fill the evening with memories of the 50’s and 60’s.  It was the last in the Chouteau County Performing Arts series for the 2012 and 2013 season.  We can look forward to 8 performances again next season.

Those who were not able to attend the meeting last week missed a very important opportunity to hear about Talking Books.  The reason being, to spread the word about the value and importance of the Talking Books program. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU OR A LOVED ONE WILL NEED THE SERVICE.  Our eyes are so precious a gift and if something goes wrong with them, there is the backup of Talking Books.  Books take you into another world and if you cannot read, you have an alternative.  If you know of someone who would like to have Talking Books, please contact the Library for information.  I know that Cindy would be happy to help you.

Many think that G.F.W.C. stands for Great Falls Woman’s Club.  Not so!  It is General Federation of Woman’s Clubs because this organization is a national club.  Last week as the monthly speaker, G.F.W.C. of Fort Benton had as their guests, the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Montana president Nancy Hanford and Adina Fox.  I told you about Adina’s role in the Talking Books project.  Nancy progressed from president of Fort Benton’s Club to president of Montana’s Clubs.  As President of Montana’s Clubs, Nancy had to choose a project to raise funds to help the organization in a period of two years. She chose Talking Books to improve their recording areas and to record more Montana books by Montana authors. 

Donna Albers donated one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.  Raffle tickets are being sold to raise the promised $10,000.00 for the Talking Books Library.  Ask any local member to purchase tickets.  The entire entire Woman’s Clubs in the state will sell these raffle tickets.  They have a little over a year remaining to raise the money and it would be wonderful if they raised even more than the dedicated amount.  

Wasn’t that the cutest presentation of The Secret Garden.  Those little ones, Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd Graders are so adorable, one just wants to hug them.  They did such a great job and I’ll bet they will remember those songs long into their lifetime.  It is just one of those things that are highlights in a child’s life.  That praise goes for the other grades too.  You actually keep the little ones going.  You are all awesome.  Go Missoula Children’s Theatre.

The BIG DAY is SATURDAY the 27th.  I know that everyone is writing about it, the directions where to go, what to bring, how to bring it, however it warrants repeating.  Put the flyer you received in the mail on your frig and refer to it.  When, where, and why are all there for you to see. 

The total so far is 5,300 lbs. of cardboard 6,160 lbs of newspaper for a grand total of 11,540 lbs. of recyclables kept out of the landfill.  How great is that?  

Next Friday is Pie Day.  It has been suggested that an ordinance be passed at the City Hall that everyone must attend Pie Day.  What do you think?  You cannot make that decision if you have never attended a Pie Day, (Who Cares About Calories Day?)  The fact is that I remove all of the calories before anyone arrives so how is that for an incentive.  All joking aside Folks, you will never taste a better piece of pie.  Come on uptown next Friday and join the regulars.  We are all nice people and sweet after having our pie.

This party goes on all day next Friday too.  Actually, you can go to the Pharmacy for a little snaky lunch and then to the Golden Age for your desert.  What could be better in Benton land?  We watched a 60 Minute program a few minutes ago and one segment was about a small town in Texas whose population is 2,000 residents.  The town was going under and a group of artists began a fresh start for the town.  The train does not stop there anymore and the nearest airport is 200 miles away.  They have one stop light and the next is 68 miles away, (if I remember correctly.)  The artists liked the wide open spaces and the isolation.  The town is now booming with tourists.  Everyone in town does their little bit to make it what it is.  Fort Benton has that potential.  Let’s go for it and help everyone to be successful.  What suggestions do you have?

I just learned, when I stopped at the Pharmacy to pick up prescriptions that Chris has arranged for a PIG ROAST.  Where else but in Fort Benton?  Our town is just amazing. 

Did you see the photo of the nine Student Council members who picked up butts around town, (mostly the Bars,) a week ago?  I want to congratulate them and tell them how proud I am of them.  They did a great job and I hope that it was not in vain. 

Please Smokers, do not throw your butts on the ground.  They are toxic.  Put them into a container that we think every business should have available.  At a wedding last summer, I spoke with one of the Bar owners.  He said that he had a place with table and chairs behind his Bar for smokers to sit.  Do they use the area, even after they are asked?  No!  They want to smoke on Front Street so they can watch the vehicles that are cruising. There is a container just inside the door and do they use it?  No!  They throw the butts on the sidewalk.

Come on now.  It doesn’t take much effort.  Those Student Council kids should not have to return to do that unpleasant job again.  If where you are, does not have a container, then make one up for that place.  Kids, continually remind your loved ones to stop smoking.  Remind them that three (3) Montanans die every day from cigarette smoking.  It’s a true story.  In addition, Kids, don’t ever start.  You will get additated to the nicotine and then the cigarette companies have you and your money.  There are so many aids these days to help them that were not available years ago. 
I was employed at the American Lung Association in 1987.  At that time, 75% of people smoked and 25% did not.  The Lung Association in the next few years, with the assistance of the Airline Stewardesses, worked to remove smoking from commercial airlines.  They also eliminated smoking from grocery stores in Michigan.  Who would have ever thought that just s short time later the statistics would be 75% of people did not smoke and 25% still were at it.

The Country Shoppe is beginning great classes for spring and summer.  A Basket Class begins this coming Saturday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  You can choose any basket you want to make.  (I like that as I can choose my own colors.)  What a great time to hold classes.  On Wednesday, they are displaying Middle and High School artwork.  From 6:00pm to 9:00pm, you can see what Fort Benton’s art future will be.  These events will take place at the Shoppe on Front St.  Watch for a Watercolor Class schedule that will be posted in The River Press by Brad Byland during Summer Celebration.

On June 27th and 28th will be the “Chalk Up Fort Benton” event.  It is a family event for artists young, old, and in-between.  There will be great prizes and it is a family event. Be sure to chalk it up on your calendar.  It will add to a busy Summer Celebration weekend.  See ya!

“To play cat and mouse,” was an expression that began in England in 1913 during the suffragette movement.  When arrested for disturbing the peace women resorted to hunger strikes.  Parliament passed an act called the Prisoners-Temporary-Discharge-Bill-for-Health Act.  It immediately became known as the “Cat and Mouse Act.”  (Have you ever watched a cat play with a mouse?  I do not know if I would have been brave enough to be a suffragette.)