Tuesday, May 17, 2016

View From The Bridge 5/18/16

By Muncie

I try to go every day to the Post Office on my Go-Go just to see the trees along the Levee on Front Street. What a glorious sight. I didn’t realize how much I missed the view this past winter.

I actually took two 2 gallon watering cans with fertilizer mixed into the water and poured them on what I call my cottonwoods trees. I had to make 2 trips because there are 4 trees that I had planted. Two are planted on the Levee bank. One is for my Uncle Charlie who passed 2 years ago. The other is for my Sweetheart Wally in memory from his grandson Morgan. In memory of my brother-in-law the third tree is near the Shep statue. The 4th tree is my memory of Wally given by Kids and it is right on the corner.

I am telling you this story for two reasons. The first one is a hearsay story about Mr. Brown who lived in the big white house on Main St. between 19th and 20th St. It was said that he went out each morning in his night clothes to water the trees in the Old Fort Park. I assumed he did it because he loved the trees. No!  Hearsay tells that his wife belonged to the Fort Benton Women’s Club and made him water the trees. Thank you Mrs. Brown.

The second reason is to remind you that since there are no longer a Memorial Bench and Table program, a wonderful memorial is to plant a tree and place a plaque for your loved one. A tree may be there for over a hundred years or more.  Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren should love knowing which tree was planted for their loved one. It is just a suggestion and I know that there are many other worthwhile organizations to donate but a tree is a beautiful thing.

The Center will be opening a week from Friday. That will be the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. It looks as though the weather is warming up to enjoy the Memorial Day events. Enjoy the Old Fort Park and the Levee Walking Trail. It is so beautiful at this time of year. Take your family and visitors to the Museums, the Old Fort, the Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center, and along the Levee Walking Trail’s historic signs and statues. It’s a great history lesson.

Check Fort Benton weather reports on the Fort Benton site. I find that is more accurate than the TV stations.

Last Friday late afternoon, I spent time with 9 other people at the Pot Luck and Campfire sponsored by the Fort Benton Cancer Support Group. We were a group of brave persons who faced a lower temperature than we had been used to. However, we were not cold as the campfire was well feed and we had hot chocolate that helped keep us warm.

I am always amazed whenever I attend a Pot-Luck supper. There was not one single repeat of menu foods. We had bbq beef, rolls, potato salad, coleslaw, broccoli salad, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and lemon bars. Yummy! I even had seconds of my favorite salad.

We were given a small cut piece of a log to write something on. We then threw it into the fire pit. I wrote “Hope” on mine in hopes that there would soon be a cure for cancer. I wish we had shared our writings. I really did not want to throw my piece of log into the fire and to make me happy; a member of the group gave me a piece to take home. I will add it to my collection of unusual rock collection on the dining room table. It is a precious keepsake.

The sun came out for a while and it was actually too warm because I had my long down coat on. Even after the sun was gone, it was wonderful just sitting around the campfire and everyone taking turns talking about whatever they felt like talking about. It was thoroughly relaxing.

This picnic event will now become an annual event. Hope to see you there next year.

This very special holiday is less than two weeks away. I have a special project I am working on. I am attaching a note to the wreath that is thrown from the Old Bridge to ask if someone finds it to call the River Press. I would like it to go all the way to New Orleans.  Only once, that I have heard of, someone found a wreath near Wood’s Bottom near Loma.  That story is not verified as to when but if the someone who found it would call the River Press to verify, it would be exciting to me.

This story is a very personal one and comes to me from Caroleen Willets. This happened a couple of months ago. She and her husband Jim were on vacation in Yuma, AZ. They crossed the border to Los Algodnoes, Mexico for lunch with friends. As they were leaving the restaurant another couple also was leaving. Jim had on his Griz hat and so did the other man. They started chatting and sharing information.  When Caroleen said they were from Fort Benton the other man asked if they knew Muncie Morger. This really boggles my mind.

There was another connection with the couple. Bill Miller a brother to John Miller, Lisa Morger Miller husband. Bill and his wife live in Libby and the Miller family will be visiting Fort Benton on or about July 10th.

When I first moved to Montana, I was very envious that you could not talk to anyone without finding you were related or that they knew someone that you knew. I came from an area of about 4 million people.

Raffle tickets were ordered and will arrive Wednesday. Be on the lookout to purchase your ticket to support Summer Celebration.

These two popular events will be this coming Saturday. Be sure to sign up for the Derby.  If you do not fish, then just come on down to the Levee and watch the fun. Actually you can watch all along the Missouri. It is the thrill of a lifetime for the young fisher persons when there is that wiggle on the line and they pull in their catch. It is fun to watch too.

Remember to take your plants or any other items that have to do with plants, flowers, seeds, and containers to the Levee early Saturday morning. Every one that I ever talked to about this event loved it. Thanks to all those who do the organization of these events. It means a lot of telephoning again and again.

If this event sounds like something you would like to get your hands dirty for, volunteer.  It will make you SMILE.

We used to get several invitations to Fort Benton Graduations every year for years. As the classes grew smaller, the invites became less and less. The last two years I did not get a single one. This year I received Hannah’s and was amazed at the decorations and set ups for about 6 graduates at the Ag Center. It was an interesting and informative afternoon.

On one of the displays, the one that caught my eye was a sign that said “I’m Outta Here.”  I understand that perfectly but just wanted to say that you will be only too happy to get back here. There may be a few of you would will like the bright lights of the city. To others the hustle, bustle, noise, crowds, traffic, higher cost of living, and lack of family, may make you longing for home. My greatest wish is that there were jobs enough to keep you here if you wanted the Fort Benton life style.
Whatever your choice, the main things is to be happy.  Do not stress and smile a lot.

“Sit in silence for 10 minutes every day.”