Tuesday, August 31, 2010

View From The Bridge 9/1/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Now that the cooler weather is approaching, and you will not be spending much time outdoors, would you search your photo books (or boxes you keep pictures in,) for pictures of every man and woman who has spent time serving our country. The requirement is a 5 x 7 photo in a 5 x 7 black frame. It can be black and white or colored. If you would have a photo of any Veteran from WWI, it would be a real plus. That would mean parents of people who are now great-grandparents. That goes back a long way

I have been looking for the pictures that I took in a restaurant in Chinook for several weeks. The display on their walls was the pattern I wanted to copy. I found them yesterday (Sunday) and took them today to the Sunrise Bluffs. Karla Ayers, who is the manager, newly, appointed, was very thrilled to provide the wall space to put the display. Karla said that when the project is completed, she would have an open house to celebrate the occasion. Now all we need is the photos. Will you please make it a priority? Karla also suggested that any special awards, accommodations, or memorabilia would go well with the display.

Pam Schoonover has volunteered to make the labels (in gold) with the name, rank and branch of service on them for the front of the photo. On the back will be a white label with more detailed info about the person (basic facts.) The Research Center has also provided the project with a file drawer to keep the pictures until needed and it is marked, “Veterans Photos." There are about 8 photos there now. (On the Fort Benton web site, you can see a picture of one of the displays at the Chinook restaurant.) You can take them to the office at the Ag Center (open from 8:00 a.m. to noon every day Monday through Friday.) You can also drop them at the Visitors Information Center during the month of September from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A third location for drop off would be the Sunrise Bluffs. Do whatever is convenient for you and but just do it.

One of the great rewards of volunteering at the Visitor’s Information Center in the Old Fire Hall is greeting and meeting the Visitors. Beverly Grass, who moved to Fort Benton from Box Elder four and a half years ago, was fulfilling her shift at the Center last Friday. She is a faithful volunteer and likes to be at the Center. She also belongs to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Fort Benton and she and her committee fed the Rocky Mountain International European Tour Guides last spring.

A couple came in from Kalispell and Beverly said that she had an aunt who had lived there. Her aunt, Eunice Chapin, was a schoolteacher and the man exclaimed that she was his 6th grade teacher and the best teacher he ever had. It warmed Beverly’s heart to hear this, as do others who have small world experiences.

The second small world story involves Edna McSweeney who had a friend come to the Center inquiring about her. The friend was Theo Carrie and their friendship grew when they were nurses here in Fort Benton’s St. Clare Hospital. They had not seen each other for about 10 years.

They had conversation about how they were in training for surgical procedures, the OB department, and Central Supply. That last department did all the sterilizing for the entire hospital. They worked long hours at very physical labor. Many of you readers who are Senior Citizens probably remember the team.

If the Information Center had not been there, they may have never found each other again. If the person on duty had not known Edna or how to get in touch with her, they may have never found each other. It warms your heart doesn’t it?

No. 2 “PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. One hundred years ago, 99.9% of people got by without cars. They took the bus, train, and lived near their workplaces…and they walked. Using fuel-efficient cars is important, but we can save even more fuel by simply driving less.”

There are many people, youngsters and children seen riding bikes around town. Good for you because it also affords great exercise and good fresh air in your lungs. You are doing your part in making a healthier U.S.A.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September7th because of the holiday on Monday. Please try to attend and get involved with your City government. Do not rely on your Mayor and Councilpersons to make all your decisions for you. If you cannot attend the meetings then at least contact your district councilperson and let them know how you feel.

The remodeling is coming along nicely. If you have never been to the old building…it was a disaster. The walls were crumbling and the restroom…well; I do not know how to describe it. We will be very proud to show off the New City Hall and Police Station to our visitors.

Virginia will be sorely missed with her “always on her face smile,” her kindness and helpfulness. She was the oldest member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Fort Benton. It was a record 63 years. She and Toni Molinario handled the Woman’s Club Pie Auction for years and as a team sold more tickets than anyone else on all the Fund Raising projects. They would go up and down Front Street selling tickets and would get to everyone before any of the other members could. Virginia also invited more women to join Woman’s Club than anyone else.

When I moved to Fort Benton and started on the Mail Route with Wally, Virginia was one of our delivery mailboxes. Connie Jenkins (my neighbor) invited me to join the Club but I told her that I had already been invited. Virginia had come out to the mailbox to ask me. It was so like her to be considerate to a newcomer.

One delivery day, we had a package for her and we took it to her door. The farm wife that she was…she had just made chicken soup with homemade noodles. It was the best chicken soup I have ever eaten and was exactly like my grandmother’s. What a wonderful memory I have of her and will remember her always.

Congrats on your win Saturday. The Great Falls Tribune said that the Longhorns looked the most like winning the Conference. (They also mentioned Chinook but I have no doubt about who was #1. However, Chinook did pound into the ground the Centerville team. We should give them some credit for that, as it ended Centerville’s long winning streak.) The Longhorns play Chinook at their field on September 17th. Fans will want to make that game. Go Horns.

Enjoy the starting of all your organization meetings. Contribute what you can, enjoy every minute of every day, do a good deed, and just be happy.