Tuesday, August 23, 2011

View From The Bridge 8/24/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Last week I said that it was all about the Fair. Well, this week it is also all about the Fair. I had great time. I loved the way it started out with a bang bringing in the Ringling Five (Seven) from Wilsall, MT on Wednesday evening. (See story below about my trip there.) Events around town had been getting a bit few and far between. What a group the “Seven” were. It was a laugh with every comment and their singing was sensational to boot.

There were so many songs that were enjoyable but I especially appreciated that we all sang, “God Bless America.” You all know how I feel about patriotism and that was the ultimate way to express it.

I also enjoyed the political song, “Don’t Screw with Montana.” I have the recording and as soon as possible, I am going to listen to and write the lyrics. What I did hear, hit me right in my conservational mind. Environmental issues are a priority for me and I feel for they should be for everyone. Are they? It is not a subject that comes up at the dinner table or in a group of friends. Perhaps it should be and it only takes one person to make a difference. Will it be you?

On Thursday evening was the new event of the brisket cooking. We enjoyed the bbq very much and of all the entries we per-chance picked the winners brisket. Charlie Good did a very good job and he can come and cook for me anytime he feels he has nothing better to do. All kiddin’ aside Charlie, you did a fabulous job. Actually, the whole idea was fabulous and everyone who attended had a great time. I have no idea how many people attended but the line certainly was a long one but well worth waiting for.

Then we come to Friday evening and the Pig Wrestling Contest. What in the world could be funnier? It was a most entertaining evening and all I can say is, “Woman Power.”

I was not able to attend the Rodeo but I was told that the Clown that performed was most entertaining. I hope that he is back next year because I will not miss it again.

Sunday night’s Demolition Derby was very exciting right to the end if you know what I mean. I do not like to see people leave an event early. I have seen them leave, for instance a football game, and have our team win in the last few seconds. On the other hand, they leave a baseball game if it goes into extra innings and the team behind now hits a home run with men on and they win the game. It was the same with the Derby. You missed a bang up ending.

I have not even begun to touch on all the other events that went on for five days. I did not want it to end. I enjoyed the Motorcyclist, (but kept my eyes covered some of the time,) the Illusionist, the food, the displays in Family Living, and all the 4-H activities. I appreciate the painting of the area under the Grand Stands and the great looks of the fairgrounds. I could go on and on but I think you get the general idea that I think it was the best Fair ever.

I have been to Wilsall, MT several times. I do not know how many years ago but it was my birthday and we were going to visit Red Lodge for the weekend. How many of you remember Francis O’Hara? He used to walk by our home often and would stop and chat. When we told him that we were going to make the trip, he said that we had to stop in Wilsall, and visit a rock shop there. (We are rock hounds.) Francis said there was a little old lady who owned the shop and she would be happy to meet us.

We did stop; quickly found the Rock Shop and the sweetest little old lady you would ever want to meet. She said that she had traveled all over the world to collect rocks. She had a trip planned to go to Africa the next week but her gentleman friend/companion, had just had massive heart attack at the local bank entry door when they went to get money for the trip. She was broken hearted and began to cry. I wanted so to comfort her but there was not much I could say or do. I kept in touch for a while but as often happens, we lost contact.

A few years later, we happened in that direction again and tried to find the Rock Shop. It was gone. We talked with a man on the street and he said that she had passed away from a broken heart. I will always remember that sweet love story and the lady who owned the Rock Shop.

Well, I certainly drifted a long way from the Ringling Five but their appearance brought back many memories.

We have had several Shep stories lately and today I have a rattlesnake story. On Saturday evening, Connie Jenkins and her family were celebrating Ashley’s engagement with a dinner on the Grand Union patio. After dinner, the younger folks retired to the area just off the patio on the north side between the parking lot and the Levee Walking Trail. One of the young men almost stepped on a rattlesnake before it made its presence known.

They followed the correct procedure and called 911. A police officer came over immediately and took care of the problem. What amazes the partygoers was the fact that many people walked past that area all evening.

Connie presented me with the trophy…the rattle. There were 9 parts and so there is my lucky number again.

Snakes have been seen in that area many times in the past. The land juts out at that point and a snake swimming in the river will come up on the levee with ease. Please do the right thing if you see a snake along the levee or along the trail. Call 911 and let them take care of the problem. Try to keep an eye on the snake to see where it goes. One person has told me that they saw a snake on the trail but that it quickly disappeared before she could call for help.

This story also reminds everyone who walks along the Levee to be on guard. I just spoke with Police Chief John Turner to ask if there have been any other snake sightings. The good news is there has not been even one this summer.

The schedules and tickets are around town and on sale for the next Chouteau County Performing Arts program. There is a show every month except December and the C.C.P.A. Committee is working on a Christmas program.

Get your seasons tickets at a discounted price as soon as you can. There will be ads in The River Press with phone numbers for your information questions. It really looks like an exciting season. Support is the key word so see you there. You can check out the 2011-2012 schedule at http://www.fortbenton.com/arts .

I have decided to leave the next section for next week. I have quite enough rambling for this week.