Wednesday, January 4, 2017

View From The Bridge 1/4/17

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

If there is something else to talk about besides the weather, please let me know. It is shortly about noon on Monday and I just checked the Fort Benton site for the weather forecast. It reported that the temperature was 9.1 degrees. I have a weather station that is controlled by the satellite and it reads 13 degrees. So in serious discussion...what does it matter if it is 9 or 13 degrees?

The Fort Benton site also predicted that there would be snow for the next four days. We will have to wait and see on that one but what I do know is that I am not going outside until spring comes. If the VIEW shows up here and in the River Press you will know that I am surviving. Thank goodness for Meals on Wheels. My only regret is that I will miss basketball games and feeling sorry for the youngsters having to return to school on Tuesday. The only thing to look forward to is that perhaps after this cold spell is over, it will warm up a bit. Actually I don’t want to talk about it.

I love a parade and today’s was really special. There was a lot of description about the entries and an explanation about why the parade was held today instead of yesterday. My opinion was that the “BIG” football games were first in line. No, that was not the answer. I am relating this because I talked to several people who also did not know the correct answer.

I didn’t quite understand if it has always been this way or if it just started this year. Because New Year’s Day was on Sunday, the Rose Bowl Parade did not want in interfere with Church going folks. I have watched the parade for years and I just do not remember. If I had a Smart phone I could check it out. Perhaps one of you will remember or check your phones. Let me know as I always have to know the reason for everything I do not understand.

I hope your New Year starts off with a bang and stays that way. There is a lot to look forward to in our town. Life is what you make of it and may you have more ups than downs.

Please make one of your priorities to volunteer. Even an hour a week would make a difference.  If you need a volunteer let me know and I will try to find someone for you. Maybe I am biting off more than I can chew but I see the need. For instance, did you clean some ones snow that cannot do it themselves? It has to be done quickly because if it is walked on it freezes like ice.  Then it is hard to remove.

There is a Snow Blower Angel in the block where I used to live and no one knows who it is. They used a snow blower on the sidewalks around the whole block. The identity of the Angel, who wasn’t seen, remains a mystery. Whoever you are there are a lot of good wishes for you and to let you know how helpful that was for several who could not do it themselves.

Here is a good place to mention that there were 80,000 volunteer hours for the Rose Bowl Parade. I wonder if all of our organizations added up the hours for work done in the Chouteau County area, what would the total be? It would be an interesting story to work on.

What a wonderful program Pat Goldhahn brought to the Fort Benton students. I want you to know Pat that since that fateful day in August, I have put my seatbelt on even if I am going around the corner. I have not driven out of Fort Benton for 2 ½ years and I always wore my seat belt. However, I did not wear it in town. My grandson, Grayson, used to remind me whenever we were in a vehicle but he moved away a long while ago.

When I heard about your daughter’s accident, from her great aunt Mary, I immediately began making it a habit to put it on. The problem is that it is always that one time that you forget that a tragedy occurs.

Thank you Pat for coming to Fort Benton with your message. I hope that it made a lasting impression on all the students.

If you cannot make it to Highwood this coming Saturday for the fund raiser for Caleb Oriet, please send a donation. The rehab part of the insurance, as I have heard, is not covering it well enough. This young boy’s life changed drastically in a short period of time and he deserves to have it back again. Do what you can for him and what goes around comes around. You will get it back a hundred fold in satisfaction. All our best wish and prayers are going out to you Caleb.

Hello 8th grader Abigail Clark. What a great job you did with your essay. You touched on subjects that I have thought about but never could put into words.  Now you go on to state and then national levels to let the U. S. of A. know what an 8th grader from Montana loves about her country.

The best part of this whole thing is the fact that you, Gracelyn, and Emerson entered this contest. It showed courage and determinism that are the character shaping of future leaders. Keep up the writing and write about everything that comes into your mind. I will look forward to keeping track of your future.

“We judge ourselves of what we are capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” Longfellow